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Benchmarking to help shape corp website development Nina Björn Skanska 2012 11-29


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Nina Björn, Group External Digital Communications Manager, presents how to use stakeholders and benchmarking to help shape corporate website development. At KWD Webranking Forum London 2012.

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Benchmarking to help shape corp website development Nina Björn Skanska 2012 11-29

  1. 1. KWD Webranking Forum 2012London, November 29th
  2. 2. Nina Björn
  3. 3.
  4. 4. One of the world’s leading project development and construction groups4
  5. 5. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden
  6. 6. 55,000 employees6
  7. 7. Revenue in 2011SEK 123 billion
  8. 8. More than 10,000 ongoing projects
  9. 9. Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange
  10. 10. R. F. Berg(1846-1907)ChemicalengineerManagingDirector ofcement producerin 1873Founder ofSkånskaCementgjuterietin 1887Co-founder of ÅFand Sydkraft(E.ON)Builder of society
  11. 11. Nina BjörnGroup External DigitalCommunications Managerat Skanska since 2010Working with digitalcommunications since 1997Specialized in corporatecommunications, digitalstrategy, contents, usability
  12. 12. …this is what peopleusually mean
  13. 13. Focus on core business:project development & construction Schools Roads Offices Hospitals Bridges Homes TunnelsCommunications key factor instrengthening the Skanska brandincreasing value of the company“Striving to be in the frontlinewithin digital communications”
  14. 14. Meetings BriefsDigital strategy Testing Requirements MeetingsMeetings Social media Design Content Meetings Guidelines SEO SEM Training Goals Meetings Development Planning Specifications Domain addresses Anchoring Analysis Follow-up Policy Apps Seminars Meetings Mobility Usability Measurement Statistics Meetings Accessibility Meetings
  15. 15. 1. Presenting KWD Webranking to target group owners of Skanska Group website Katarina Grönwall Pontus Winqvist Veronica Rörsgård Edvard Lind SVP Communications SVP Investor Relations EVP Human Resources Group Press Officer Noel Morrin Maria Lomholt Neil Moore Ann-Marie Hedbeck SVP Sustainability Head of Group SVP Safety SVP Legal Affairs & Brand Communications General Counsel
  16. 16. 2. Setting up organization to move forward Skanska’s digital positioning Group website Globally Steering Group Digital (SVPs) Development Board (Communications & IT) Editorial Council Global Web (Group Staff Unit members) Council (National digital managers)
  17. 17. 3. Rationalizing cooperation and processes in web organization − Skanska HQ − Digital Communications Team − Group External Digital Communications Manager − Group Functional Manager − Skanska IT − Web development team − Technical Project Manager − GUI and System Developers − Design and stand-alone digital solutions purchased
  18. 18. 4. Prioritizing KWD Webranking actions with Steering Group & Editorial Council − One-to-one meetings with Steering Group and Editorial Council members to prioritize KWD Webranking actions for each content section − Prioritized actions inserted in draft plan for next year − Plan approved by global communications organization (Global Web Council and Heads of Communications & Marketing)
  19. 19. KWD Webranking value because basedon target group representatives answers Journalists Investors Young professionals Analysts
  20. 20. KWD Webranking – accumulated bestpractice and trends
  21. 21. KWD Webranking – improving allSkanska corporate websites
  22. 22. Acknowledgement & quality label− Quality label for digital corporate communications− Measurement: Benchmarking, user studies, statistics
  23. 23. KWD Webranking – part of our web yearOct. – Dec. Jan. – Mar. Apr. – May Jun. – Aug. Revision Digital strategyPlan for next year KWD Performing prioritized KWD WR WR actionsresults Content 80% & Development 20% Continuous content workDevelopment Development Development Development
  24. 24.