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SCAs online approach KWD Webranking Forum 2012


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Gabriella Ekelund, VP Internal and External Communications, SCA, shares her experiences of how SCA works with their digital communications.

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SCAs online approach KWD Webranking Forum 2012

  1. 1. SCA’s onlineapproachShowing the world how SCA createsessentials for everyday life
  2. 2. SCA at a glance  Net sales of SEK 91bn*  37,000 employees  Sales in more than 100 countries  #1 or #2 positions in close to 80 countries  Europe’s largest private forest owner and second-largest sawmill company  Many of world’s most prestigious sustainability awards* 2011 sales adjusted for closed transactions 2
  3. 3. Overview of SCA’s online presence • Runs on EpiServer-CMS Social media • About 90 000 visits per month • About 10 000 pages (incl. SCA-branded sites) • One editor and two supporting SCA-branded sites (20+) Brand-sites (100+)3
  4. 4. The history of 1996 2000 - 2006 2007 2008 - 20104
  5. 5. Rank in KWD WebrankingLast 10 years5
  6. 6. Things we do… Meetings every Wednesday to go through ongoing web projects Update content from the annual report directly after publishing the report Work with the KWD Webranking protocol as a checklist Arrange webinars Stick to our governing documents and guidelines6
  7. 7. Key success factors1. Website considered an important communications channel2. All internal stakeholders are involved in the process3. Online communications manager evangelist4. Close co-operation with business representatives5. Routines for re-occuring events7
  8. 8. Focus going forwardUnify and connect On Global approach Through our brands8
  9. 9. Unify and connect onlineUsing header/top bar to connect9
  10. 10. Social media matrix10
  11. 11. to strengthen messageNew design launch February 201311
  12. 12. to strengthen messageResponsive design 12
  13. 13. Things to come…Translations for push out of common contentSpecific stakeholder statisticsFurther stakeholder engagementQuality assurance13