Online strategy Telecom Italia 2012-11-29


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Alessandro Bastoni explains how Telecom Italia works with their online strategy. At KWD Webranking Forum London 2012.

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Online strategy Telecom Italia 2012-11-29

  1. 1. KWD Webranking Forum 2012London, November 29th
  2. 2. TELECOM ITALIA GROUPNovember 2012 Telecom Italia online strategy and stakeholder engagement Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities
  3. 3. Telecom Italia online strategy2008-2012 Evolution roadmap 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 20 ► The corporate website ► Life Network ► Launch of the new Group ► Group Web Style Guide ► Growing integration focuses on Innovation, website: a HUB towards between web and social Sustainability and the Telecom Italia web media communication Digital Culture ► Web System properties ► The corporate website Redesign domain switches from to .com ► The corporate website ► Twitter Team for social becomes responsive ► Launch of caring consumer and it suits avoicomunicare ► Launch of Telecom Italia automatically to official pages on different devices Facebook and Twitter (desktop, tablet, smartphone) ► Increase in use of infographics, videos and interactive tools Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities
  4. 4. Telecom Italia online strategy Website of Corporate EventsTelecom Italia Web System PappanoinWeb Lugliosuonaweb Social Librinellarete Responsibility and Websites Intranet Culture Festivaletteratura on corporate topics ►Archivio storico Mantova ►Fondazione TI Biennale Architettura ►Bilanci interattivi ►Navigare Insieme ►Relazioni finanziarie Telecom Italia Group ►Navigare Sicuri Metamondi&Digitalife ►Relazioni finanziarie webcast ►Itali@mbiente ►TIalwaysON ►Avoicomunicare Meetintown ►Organo di vigilanza MAXXIinweb ►TelecomItaliaHub Innovation Venicesession ►WorkingCapital Relationships with ►NEXT Italiansession suppliers, Public ►FutureLab Administration and ►futurecentre RomaEuropaWebFactory other regulatory ►blog futurecentre Festival delle scienze entities ►Cloudpeople ►GPP Italiax10 ►Voices ►VendorsHub ►Eraclito ►WholeSales Nuovi Italians ►MyCompany CULTURE Group companies SUSTAINABILITY’ SSC operating in Italy TLC Products, Services INNOVATION CC and Solutions for ►Olivetti consumer and business International La7 Products, Services presence ► ►TelecontactCenter ►MTV Italia Telecom Italia and Digital ►TI Sparkle ►PAthNet ► ►TIM contents under TI ►TIM Brasil ►ITTelecom brand ►Telecom Argentina ►Impresa Semplice Cubovision ►Telecom Italia Media ► ►Personal ►Nuvola italiana ►Cubomusica ►Mednautilus ►Cubolibri ►Lanautilus ►IP TV Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities
  5. 5. Telecom Italia online strategy2013-2015 Vision A change in the communication framework to improve Telecom Italia online brand reputation through ► Aggregation and valorization of the Group online initiatives and properties ► Engagement of new audiences and loyalty building ► Improvement of the conversational sentiment regarding Telecom Italia issues Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities
  6. 6. Telecom Italia online strategyGrowing synergies between web and social properties Websites 1. Shared goals 2. Unique editorial plan 3. Content seeding and distribution 4. Digital monitoring and shared KPIs Social Media channels Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities – documento riservato 37
  7. 7. Telecom Italia online strategySome ideas and benchmarks► TED – “Ideas that are worth spreading”► Flipboard – “Your Social Magazine”► Infomous – “An exciting new way to navigate online information”► The Boston Globe – best practice in Responsive Web Design Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities
  8. 8. Telecom Italia online strategyTrends in digital communicationContent is king► New ways to approach websitesFrom a rational use of the browser to interactive formats (multidevice)►Tone of voicesUse of Storytelling to engage and involve users (human touch)► Innovative editorial formatsBroadcast of contents in a more engaging way (infographics, videos)► Content CurationGrowing synergies with social networks and personalization of contents according todifferent means of communication (content strategy) Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities
  9. 9. Telecom Italia online strategyTargets Contents and Audience’s size rate Audience features Public in general – end usersSpecialized public – professionals Products and Services Websites Corporate Communication – Digital Identity & Web Activities