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KWD Webranking webinar 2012 06-12

This is a presentation from the webinar on June 12, 2012 where we presented an update regarding this year's KWD Webranking. During the webinar we present key dates, highlights from the background research as well as some major updates to the scoring criteria. We have also introduced a new classification of companies into industries which is based on the ICB super sectors, which will be used to create industry lists that cuts across countries.

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KWD Webranking webinar 2012 06-12

  1. 1. Welcome toKWDWebranking 2012-2013 updateJune 12, 2012Staffan LindgrenManaging Director, International
  2. 2. Before we start• This presentation will be available on demand on our website• All participant audio is muted• If you have a question, please use the chat function to send the question to us
  3. 3. Key dates 2012-2013 edition June 1 Aug 17 Nov 1 Ranking Ranking Reports are commence closed released to pre-order clients Oct 15 Nov 29 Jan 2013 Publishing of KWD Global 100 results Webranking published commence Forum London TBD TBD Milan Stockholm TBD Middle East
  4. 4. Background researchHighlights
  5. 5. Extensive background research leads to which criteria is important Step 1 Step 3 Feedback from Survey to the Step 5 companies through capital market & Ranking Web manager survey job seekers Step 2 Interviews with Step 4 experts in different Creation of the fields: IR, CSR etc criteria Jan-Mar Mar-May Summer Oct
  6. 6. KWDWeb managers survey 2012 highlights
  7. 7. KWDWeb managers survey 2012 highlights• 61% will have same or increased budget• Focus areas for improvement • Investor Relations section • Corporate Governance section• Social media • 60% unsatisfied with social media strategy and actions • 67% will prioritise working with social media • 21% will spend more budget on social media
  8. 8. KWDCapital market survey 2012Almost 300 responses from Europe, Most requested information onAsia, North and South America corporate websites• Business Journalists 11% • Market share and• Institutional investors 18% competitor statistics 65%• Sell side 35% • Financial presentations 65%• Buy side 17% • Latest financial report in pdf 64% • Financial targets 61% • Business operations 60%How do you access the corporatewebsite? Only 1 out of Europe top 100• 30% uses iPad or tablet websites by market cap uses responsive design• 31% uses smart phones April 2012, researched by KWD
  9. 9. Analysts and investors about corporate websites Large organizations with lots of data Too often sites can have the I would recommend all pool should include a live chat to data I want, it is just put in websites to have video clips provide info as required by the user. places that are not obvious or by management talking about do not make sense to me. their businesses, background, what they do, key drivers, Make sure you can get to all current trading etc. the data investors typically look for (financial press It may be somewhat of a releases, presentations, etc.) hassle for them, but will save from the investor relations the CEO and CFO a lot of Ease of navigation around the site to page. time as the basics will havefind financial and operating data is most important been covered beforehand. Search functions are often not very good on corporate websites - that could be improved Responses from our Capital market survey
  10. 10. KWDCareer survey 2012160 responses, primarily researched through socialnetworks groups• Median age group: 25-34 (59% of responses)• Education level: Bachelor or higher (Master, PhD, etc) 89%• 79% use corporate website as source when looking for job opportunities44% actively look for information about the companyin social media Information searching Job opportunities 1. Linkedin 42% 1. Linkedin 52% 2. Wikipedia 23% 2. Facebook 21% 3. Twitter 14%
  11. 11. The criteriaKWD Webranking 2012-2013 edition
  12. 12. Major updates to the structure of the criteriaWhy change?• Social media has become increasingly important for the distribution of messages and content• We want to improve the value for companies through more detailed criteria definitions and measurements • From “you need to link to LinkedIn” to “this is what you must have on LinkedIn”• Weighting of each criteria is solidly connected with background research
  13. 13. How much do we change?• 30% of the criteria are new and all criteria have been restructured• Weighting is updated for all criteria based on target group feedback and New research 30% Same Gone 60% 10%
  14. 14. How much do we change?• 30% of the criteria are new and all Social media measurement points criteria have been restructured 60• Weighting is updated for all criteria based on target group feedback and 50 research• Social media measurement is changed 40 from “we are there” to measure deep integration and activity 30• Number of social media measurement points grow from 5 to 48 20• Context based measurement 10 0 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013
  15. 15. 2012-2013 criteria100 criteria in 10 sectionsA Startpage F Investor RelationsB About us/corporate profile G Corporate GovernanceC Press H Corporate responsibilityD Financial reporting I CareersE The Share J Functions and stakeholder dialogueFor each criteria scoring can be on the website, in search or in social media
  16. 16. 2012-2013 criteria• 323 measurements in the 100 criteria• 20% related to channels outside the corporate website• Investor Relations-focused criteria updated on detailed level in a new structure for easier benchmarking • Debt information • Share information• Media requirements mainly in how the content and integration is handled
  17. 17. Included companies and lists
  18. 18. How we select companies to include• Companies are selected based on market cap• We start with the 100 largest companies in the world and the 500 largest companies in Europe• For select markets we add companies to create more extensive country lists• For companies outside of public lists we provide “On Demand” reportsSelection to public lists is always based on market cap
  19. 19. Different listsGlobal 100 Selected in Q4-2012Europe 500 As per publishing in FTMiddle East Selected companies published in September19 Industry lists ICB super sectors~ 40 Country lists Austria Finland Lebanon Saudi Arabia Bahrain France Luxembourg Spain Belgium Germany Netherlands Sweden Brazil Greece Norway Switzerland China Hong Kong Oman Turkey Croatia Hungary Poland UK Czech Republic Ireland Portugal United Arab Emirates Denmark Italy Qatar USA Egypt Kuwait Russia
  20. 20. New industry classificationICB super sectors used for industry classificationOil and gas Travel and LeisureChemicals TelecommunicationsBasic resources UtilitiesConstruction and materials BanksIndustrial goods and services InsuranceAutomobile and parts Real EstatePersonal and household goods Financial ServicesHealth Care Equity/Non-Equity Investment InstrumentsRetail TechnologyMedia More about ICB
  21. 21. The reports
  22. 22. KWD Webranking 2012-2013 reportsBackground research Yes Yes Yes YesDetailed data from backgroundresearch surveysBest practice examples Yes Yes Yes YesCriteria Yes Yes Yes YesDefinitions and weightEvaluation of your Yes Yes Yes YeswebsiteBenchmark analysis Yes Yes OptionalYour website compared withselected peers and industryQualitative comparison Yes Optionaland extended reviewPresentation Yes OptionalVideo or on locationPrice 3 900 € 4 900 € 9 500 € On request
  23. 23. Questions