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Digital IR Communications


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Trends, opportunities and JSE performance, as presented by KW Digital at the 2013 South African Depositary Receipt Issuers' Seminar in Johannesburg

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Digital IR Communications

  1. 1. Digital IR communicationsTrends, opportunities andJSE performanceRick Sellers
  2. 2. Who we corporatecommunicationspecialistsOffices in London,Stockholm & Dubai• Corporate websites• Online reporting• Social media• Research & consultancy
  3. 3. Conference iPad App• Detailed agenda• Speakerpresentations• Backgroundinformation• Feedback form
  4. 4. Online corporate commsa changing landscapeThe what, why and whotrends and audience needsSouth African corporate siteshow do they compare?
  5. 5. South African corporate siteshow do they compare?
  6. 6. Online corporate commsa changing landscapeThe what, why and whotrends and audience needsSouth African corporate siteshow do they compare?
  7. 7. Corporate websites: increasingly the focal point…• Sharp increase in corporate websiteuse over past 10 years• Number and type of visitors• Geographical reach• Consumption of information• Demand for timely information• Loyalty• First port of call+114%more visits/monththan in 2009X3.2visits on key is first place for info
  8. 8. Not just a financial reporting exerciseGovernment Job seekersGeneral interestShareholdersEmployeesSuppliersInvestorsAnalystsConsumersCSR interestThen…Now…Journalists
  9. 9. An internal shift• C-suite involvement• Strategic influence andsign-off• Personal involvement• Demonstrates theimportance of .com$160kav. corp site build in 201241%site owners increasedbudget in 2013
  10. 10. Mobile revolution2010 2013DesktopMobile / tablet
  11. 11. Other factors?BroadbandpenetrationSpeed of commsexpectationsLegal & regulatorychangesEnvironmentalInvestment community’sgeographic focus
  12. 12. A challenge… and an opportunity• Where you build and maintainreputation…• Everything you do and say online• can help protect, enhance andbuild your reputation• influence all your stakeholders• Brand, tone of voice, transparency, depth of content,website uptime, timeliness, user experience, and so on= your most important communication channel?
  13. 13. Online corporate commsa changing landscapeThe what, why and whotrends and audience needsSouth African corporate siteshow do they compare?
  14. 14. Social mediaGovernanceMobile &tabletsManagementFinancial reportingTransparencyInvestment caseDepth ofcontentCrisis communicationsAnalyticsEditorialplanningRolling reporting &storytelling
  15. 15. Key trends1. Content is King2. Real impact3. Size matters4. #socialIR
  16. 16. Key trends1. Content is King2. Real impact3. Size matters4. #socialIR
  17. 17. Capital market quotesToo often sites can have thedata I want, it is just put inplaces that are not obviousor do not make sense to me.Make sure you can get to allthe data investors typicallylook for (financial pressreleases, presentations, etc.)from the investor relationspage.Don’t make me pieceeverything togetherMake things easy– data files, realcontacts, updatedinfo… not allhidden in a reportsomewhereGive me more. Easysoundbites or factsbut also the detailAnd… what aboutgoing forward?Objectives, targets?
  18. 18. Depth of content• Not just a base archiveof information• Future outlook• Market trends andgrowth drivers• Debt information• Evidence strategy
  19. 19. Investment propositionPotashCorp• Easy-to-understand,simple approach• The strengths of thebusiness and industry• Constructs a coherent,clear case
  20. 20. Investment propositionWolseley• Fast facts for quick read• Further levels of detail• Evidenced through casestudies and multimedia
  21. 21. Management focus• Increasing focus oncompany management• A hub of information• Videos, interviews,presentations, images
  22. 22. Bring events to lifeSABMiller• Use the medium tomake your eventsaccessible to all• Timely information• Live updates – video,Twitter
  23. 23. Offer a tailored experienceTurk Telecom• Allow users to tailor thesite• Removes unwantedcontent• Helping your visitors
  24. 24. Key trends1. Content is King2. Real impact3. Size matters4. #socialIR
  25. 25. Capital market quotesI would recommend allwebsites to have videoclips by managementtalking about theirbusinesses, background,what they do, keydrivers, current tradingetc.Let’s see the whites of theireyesIt’s sometimes hard to believeor get enthused by copystraight from the PR office.Let’s hear from real people atall levels – more authentic andengaging
  26. 26. Use the medium – bring things to life• Video increases siteengagement• Ensure clear message• Raise managementprofile
  27. 27. Use a real voice• Authentic employeecommunication• Real and powerful• Video, blogs, live webchats
  28. 28. Key trends1. Content is King2. Real impact3. Size matters4. #socialIR
  29. 29. The desktop is dying?• The way users access all websites ischanging• Corporate sites are no different• Smartphones, tablets, touchscreen• Apple dominatesJust look around anyresults presentation –everyone is on their iPad© Gaia Insight 2013
  30. 30. The issues & challenges• Usability on smallest screens verypoor – text size, navigation• Functionality does not work ontouchscreens• Out-dated technology broken onApple devices – from video to sharetools to animation= users are left with a negativeimpression… of the website & company
  31. 31. The best possible experience – for all• Responsive Web Design• The latest approach to web development• Adjusts layout, text size, content to suitthe size of screen and/or device• One website – not separate mobile ortablet versions
  32. 32. VimpelCom – responsive design
  33. 33. And Apps?• Valued additions to IRcommunications• Targeted at key stakeholders• News, share information, results,reports, presentations, calendars,contacts etc• Offline accessibility, pushnotifications, GPS• Also, special event Apps for A&Idays, results etc
  34. 34. Key trends1. Content is King2. Real impact3. Size matters4. #socialIR
  35. 35. Social media for IR• Corporate social media has seen huge growth• Seen as ‘just another channel’• IR more cautious, but some pioneers• Recent developments in the US have put spotlight on Twitter• Terminals pull-in Twitter feeds• Integrated with investmentworkflows• Tweets by company, asset classetc• Clickable stock symbols• See conversation about acompany• SEC now allow distribution ofnews, results etc• Encouraging companies to seekout new form of comms to betterconnect with shareholders
  36. 36. Who and how?Listen EngageIntegrate• Push information• Embed in .com• Feeds + native content• Full commitment• Actively engageDedicated staff• Secure accounts• Monitor activity• ReportExamples• BASF@basf_ir• PotashCorp@PotashCorp• Deutsche Telecom@DT_IR• SAP@SAPinvestor
  37. 37. Key trendsOh… and don’t be in the darkMake sure you know what’s going on!• Who’s coming?What are they doing?Where are they going?Are they coming back?• What are others doing?• What’s global best practice?
  38. 38. Online corporate commsa changing landscapeThe what, why and whotrends and audience needsSouth African corporate siteshow do they compare?
  39. 39. KWD Webranking• Oldest & most respectedrankings of corporate websitesglobally• Driven by the market, not ourpersonal opinion• Surveys analysts, investors,business journalists, SRIanalysts etc• Press coverage in nationalpublications
  40. 40. And the JSE?• Not currently part of the annual Webranking• Bespoke assessment carried out for this event• Analysed JSE top-40 companies• Based on the 2012 criteria to allow comparison withglobal companiesSo… what did we find out?
  41. 41. Trend #1JSE top-40 websites performance is ‘average’• A consistency in standards• Very few poor sites• But also no leading, bestpractice examples• Top site would be around84th in global list
  42. 42. Trend #2Companies with dual listing out-perform• Non-JSE primary listedcompanies have 30% higheroverall scores• What drives this?• regulatory requirements?• social factors?• Investment audience /geography?• (consultancy / advice /competition?)
  43. 43. Trend #3Financial reporting is very strong• SA average 33% higherthan global scores• Primary JSE-listedoutperform primary UK-listed companiesOnline financialreportsReporting comms insocial mediaReports archiveFinancialpresentationsKPIsData in ExcelFinancialcalendar
  44. 44. Trend #4Depth of other IR-related content needs improving• Share information and investorrelations are relatively weak• Corporate governance –emphasisgiven to it, but lack of depth• Majority of the content exists – but ishidden in reports, presentations,announcements14%average ‘Investor relations’scoreInvestmentpropositionFinancial targets &achievementsDebt IRManagement profiling& experienceGrowth driversDividend policy
  45. 45. Trend #5Mobile and tablets not catered for• 23% of sites useflash – for video,animation, share price tools• 46% of interactiveshare tools do not work= a big opportunity to caterfor audience needs anddifferentiate
  46. 46. Trend #5Mobile and tablet not catered for• 2sites built withResponsive Design• 3mobile sites= a big opportunity to caterfor audience needs anddifferentiate
  47. 47. What does it all mean?There’s real opportunity for companies to:1. Cater for the needs of a growing, changing audience –expectations, devices, location2. Differentiate from peers through content andtechnology3. Communicate in new channels for maximumengagement4. Help maintain and build reputation
  48. 48. The top performers
  49. 49. The top performersMTN GroupHighlights:• Strong press and careerssections• Site functionality is good• URL:
  50. 50. The top performersImpala Platinum HoldingsHighlights:• Comprehensive companyinformation• Including wider marketcontext and detailedbusiness profiles• URL:
  51. 51. The top performersNedbank GroupHighlights:• Excellent IR content• Including investmentproposition, future targets,debt IR• Strong governance and CR• URL:
  52. 52. Want to know more?You?• Summary assessment, including peer comparison• Find me afterwards… I won’t bite or charge!or rick.sellers@kw-digital.comComing soon• Web management report (Autumn)• 2013 Webranking (late 2013)
  53. 53. KW DigitalAbout us
  54. 54. About KW Digital• 40 employees at offices in London and Stockholm• Partner offices in Milan, Lisbon and Dubai• Part of King Worldwide – sister agencies with e.g.Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, M: Communications, Capital Precision.We are digitalcorporatecommunicationsspecialists• Corporate websites• Digital corporate reporting• Corporate social media• Research (KWD Webranking and bespoke research)What we do• Through research, strategy and implementationHow we do it
  55. 55. Digital corporate communications specialists –main pillarsResearch• KWD Webranking• Focus groups• Peer benchmarking• Web analyticsStrategy• Advice & consultancy• Strategic planning• Design, IA & usability• Roadmaps for online• Social mediaImplementation• Corporate websites• Corporate reporting• Intranets• Content management and sitemaintenance
  56. 56. Our people – 40 across London, Stockholm, DubaiPhil Marchant – Managing Director, UK15 years experience advising on award-winning corporate websitesCentrica, Visa Europe, Aviva, Kingfisher, Rexam, National ExpressStaffan Lindgren – Managing Director, International15 years experience of global corporate websites, Webranking co-founderBBVA, Telecom Italia, Eni, Prada, Swedbank, SEB, WSP Group, Swedish PostRick Sellers – Director of Strategy10 years experience advising and managing award-winning corporate websitesAviva, Barclays, British Land, Centrica, Dana Petroleum, ENRC, Imperial Tobacco,VimpelComDamon Sutton – Head of Design20 years experience designing FTSE corporate websites and brandingMorrisons, National Grid, BSkyB, EON, British American Tobacco, British Land
  57. 57. Our people – 40 across London, Stockholm, DubaiPhil Marchant – Managing Director, UK15 years experience advising on award-winning corporate websitesCentrica, Visa Europe, Aviva, Kingfisher, Rexam, National Express, VimpelComRick Sellers – Director of Strategy10 years experience advising and managing award-winning corporate websitesAviva, British Land, Centrica, Dana Petroleum, ENRC, Imperial Tobacco, VimpelComBest FTSE100 website• 2008: Imperial Tobacco• 2009: Imperial Tobacco• 2011: British Land• Both have been regular speakers at industry eventsand taught at IRS courses• Recent speakers at the IRS seminar on Corporates &Social Media• Both have a long history of success in leadingindustry awards including the Digital Impact Awards,SmithsRatings and IR Best Practice
  58. 58. Why we’re differentOur thinking is backed up by evidence• KWD Webranking• Oldest & most respected rankings of corporate websites in the world• 130 criteria• Driven by the market, not our personal opinion• We combine our experience, data from usage and Webranking
  59. 59. Corporate websites• Strategy• Design• Content• Build• Hosting• Multi-language• Maintenance & CMS• Event support
  60. 60. Digital consultancy• Strategy driven by KWDWebranking data• Peer group benchmarking• Roadmaps for online• Usage analysis and reports
  61. 61. Corporate reporting• Based on Best practice andusability studies• Built in our reportingplatform based on MS Wordfor easy handling of content• Userfriendly design• Smooth production process
  62. 62. Digital Corporate CommunicationsRecent work
  63. 63. BBVA – IR centre
  64. 64. Dana Petroleum – corporate website
  65. 65. SCA websites – 25 corporate, product and country websites
  66. 66. Website showcaseBillerud corporate website Sintez corporate websiteLocal World corporate website SEB Group corporate website
  67. 67. Website showcaseMelrose corporate website SCA corporate websiteNational Express Group corporate website Wermuth Asset Management
  68. 68. Website showcaseSharjah Holdings Postnord corporate websiteReal Estate Credit Investments Swedish Match corporate website
  69. 69. Corporate reporting showcaseTelecom Italia – financial Volvo Group – SustainabilityBBVA – financial and sustainability Trelleborg – financial