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Simon Thresh, SABMiller talks about how he works with benchmarking to improve SABMiller's corporate website. At KWD Webranking Forum London 2012.

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Benchmarking SABMiller Simon Thresh_2012-11-29

  1. 1. KWD Webranking Forum 2012London, November 29th
  2. 2. SABMiller - Benchmarking andengagement to drive performanceSimon Thresh,Senior Manager Digital Strategy29 November 2012
  3. 3. Overview  Re-launched in 2008 with site build and maintenance provided by The Group.  Annually: – 4.8m page views – 825,000 visitors – 6,204 spent days on the site.  Most popular sections: About Us, followed by Careers, Brands, Investors  Complemented by social profiles on: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.© SABMiller plc 2012 KWD Webranking Forum 2012 3© SABMiller plc 2005
  4. 4. Social profiles Total video views: 240,000 Followers: 5,900 Likes: 1,900 Followers: 21,100© SABMiller plc 2012 KWD Webranking Forum 2012 4© SABMiller plc 2005
  5. 5. Benchmarking to drive performance Business in the Environment Index  (Over) simplification of a complex topic  Facilitated communication – Publicly – In the Boardroom  Drove behaviours  Risk of over dependency© SABMiller plc 2012 KWD Webranking Forum 2012 5Internal Use / Confidential / Secret
  6. 6. Benchmarking to drive performance Questions  Where do we spend the enhancement budget?  Can we measure performance in a meaningful and repeatable manner?  What do stakeholders really think about the site?  How do we compare to peers/best in class?© SABMiller plc 2012 KWD Webranking Forum 2012 6Internal Use / Confidential / Secret
  7. 7. Benchmarking to drive performance Overall “The website gives you a really good and interesting picture of the UK brands positioning” Corporate responsibility “Overall they give a nice overview of issues and not too much of a contradiction to their business interests. Not just a whitewash of propaganda” “I have introduced several colleagues to the company through the website, including those who work with NGOs – …the site shows how SAB do a lot of great things. On two separate occasions it has clearly changed someone’s perception” News and views “It’s all SAB people – hardly a debate” “Why would anyone read a corporate blog that is written in corporate speak. I don’t. Write it like a blog not a release.” Social media “As they hadn’t followed me I didn’t follow their Twitter feed although I knew that they must have one” Careers “I would like to see the option of a customised entry form which is interactive and useful rather than gimmicky”© SABMiller plc 2012 KWD Webranking Forum 2012
  8. 8. Benchmarking to drive performance Outcomes Considerations  Enabled focus on particular  Changes to WEBranking elements of the site for methodology a challenge attention  Focus on website rather than  Uncovered unexpected web presence a weakness insights and opportunities – offers to write content  Positive interactions with a selection of key users – signed up to social channels  Valuable input into decision to rebuild/refresh web site  Potential for annual benchmarking© SABMiller plc 2012 KWD Webranking Forum 2012 8Internal Use / Confidential / Secret