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Attend ppt template_for_sales_20120601


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Attend Tech Company Introduction

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Attend ppt template_for_sales_20120601

  1. 1. Presenter: KenCompany Introduction Date: 2012/05/22
  2. 2. ContentPart I Part II Part III Part IVWho is Attend Why Attend Product Introduction Business StrategyAbout Attend Value Proposition Connector Industry Analysis & ApplicationVision / Mission / Culture Business Model Cable Target MarketEvolution Organization & Team Hot Product Product DistributionLogo Introduction Our Clients Our Worldwide Distributors Recognition Resources
  3. 3. Who are we?
  4. 4. About Attend Connectivity Solution Provider Attend, founded in 2002, has been singularly committed to providing the total connectivity solution to customers around the globe. Our specialized major product lines cover various connector and cable offering including memory card socket, PCB card socket, I/O connector and cable assembly. We pro-actively participate in our clients’ business and offer our innovative connectivity solutions that enables them develop innovative products and gain a competitive edge in the market.
  5. 5. About AttendVision Mission CultureTo provide world-class connectivity To be your most reliable connectivity To be attentive in the relationshipsolutions and create new networking partner in networking solutions with our partners; to create newinnovations in the digital age. service value upon reliability and integrity.
  6. 6. Evolution 2011 參加外貿協會品牌輔導計畫 2009 ISO 9001-2008 Implementation 2007 RoHS Implementation 2006 I/O Connector Product Line Launched 2005 Cable Assembly Product Line Launched 2004 Memory Card Socket Product Line Launched 2003 Established the Memory Card Adapter product line 2002 Attend Technology Inc. Founded
  7. 7. Logo IntroductionWe are Attend, everything we do starts with our corevalue: “Innovation”.Attend makes an important step to collaborate andbuild reliable partnerships, and to keep movingforward with our faith.As we enter a new decade of growth & prosperity, wewill keep our principle of being “Attentive” and deliverour promise through a whole new “Attend’s Way”.
  8. 8. Why Attend
  9. 9. Connect to Your Success Attend is your most trustworthy partner and your first choice for innovative connectivity solutions Attend is dedicated to provide world-class connectivity solutions. Our value proposition is built upon on the core principle of “Connect to Your Success”. This is a common goal we share with our customers. This guiding principle drives us to develop integrated service innovations, which enables us to win in every promising market, and to connect every success in the networking business.
  10. 10. Your Success is ourResponsibility Service Competiveness Quality Integrity
  11. 11. Organization & Team
  12. 12. Business Model
  13. 13. Major Clients in the World• Europe: Freebox, SAGEMCOM, COFIDUR EMS LAKS, Parrot, Sepure, Microtik, Datel, TARGA,Quanta• USA: SONOS, Motorola• Asia: Samsung, IAC, Jabil, ASUS, Gemtek, SMT, Kingmax, PQI, A-Data, Barun• India: Linkwell ,LampexKTwo ,SCM ,Ordyn, Linkwell
  14. 14. Client Case Study - PNYPNYLocation : USA baseOperation: 27 yearsMain Product Line: Storage DeviceRecognition from PNY: “Quality & Design-in Value”
  15. 15. Client Case Study - SonosSonosLocation : USA baseOperation: 5 yearsMain Product Line: Home AudioRecognition from Sonos: “Reliable”
  16. 16. Client Case Study - FreeboxFreeboxLocation : Frence baseMain Product Line: Telecom SystemRecognition from Freebox: “Professional”ConnectorCable
  17. 17. Work with UsWe are happy to share the latest market trend and new products with oursupplying partners to create valuable product lines in the market together.Reasonable profit:We adjust the cost according to the changing market for our vendors.Solution providing:We are attentive to identify the potential issues and find the best solutions withour supplying partners before it happens.Marketing Promotion:We have professional world-wide marketing and promotion programs tocommunicate with our global clients.
  18. 18. Work with Us立威不僅與供應商合作,更視供應商成長為己任,一同分享市場最新趨勢與產品情報,共同建立產品線之市場價值,同一陣線面對世界競爭對手。合理利潤:因應市場調整成本,合理利潤共同成長。提供解決方案:我們積極在問題發生之前找出潛在因素,並提供給供應商夥伴最好的解決方案。專業行銷:立威擁有專業的行銷團隊及溝通之競爭能力來面對全球客戶。
  19. 19. Resources and SupportDownloads and ToolsLook no further for detailed product information, marketing tools downloads and othersupporting materials that will help you excel in the market as our distribution partner.They are updated constantly and prove to be invaluable resources for the connectivityfield professionals. Brochure DMPlease visit our web site for more information
  20. 20. Resources and SupportLogistics & CRM ManagementOur service innovation consist of an instant project status notification system whichenables accurate and timely order fulfillment, as well as on-time delivery. We connectthe supply chain seamlessly to reduce costs and add value for our partners. Shipment Notice Order ConfirmationPlease visit our web site for more information
  21. 21. Resources and Support下載與工具:我們的經銷商夥伴們,不需再為資訊煩惱,下載立威的行銷工具及輔助資訊幫助您在市場上勝出,所有資料將持續更新,提供您在連通領域內無價的專業資源。 Brochure DM欲獲得更多資訊,請上立威官網:
  22. 22. Resources and Support後勤與CRM管理系統:我們的創新服務模式由即時專案狀態回覆系統所建構,讓每一張訂單及支援服務正確且及時地交付,立威的無接縫式串聯系統成功地為我們的夥伴縮減成本,更同時提升雙方價值。 Shipment Notice Order Confirmation欲獲得更多資訊,請上立威官網:
  23. 23. Product Introduction
  24. 24. Connector Products• Connector As a professional connectivity solutions provider, Attend is your one-stop total solution provider with our complete range of connector products for various applications. Our specialty is in networking and consumer applications, in which we are able to provide not only high quality products in a timely manner, but also new professional service models that makes us your most reliable partner. Memory Card Socket I/O Connector PCB Card Socket FPC ConnectorPlease visit our web site for more information
  25. 25. Connector Products • Connector 立威是專業的連接領域解決方案提供者,擁有高品質及完整產品線,提供給您量大、多種類、一 站購足的整合服務,同時立威擁有創新專業的服務模式及交期準的即時服務,讓我們成為您最信 賴的合作夥伴。 Memory Card Socket I/O Connector PCB Card Socket FPC Connector欲獲得更多資訊,請上立威官網:
  26. 26. Connector ProductsCF Card Socket Smart Card Socket USB Connector RJ-45 Connector FPC ConnectorSIM Card Socket HDMI Connector Mini USB Connector Micro USB ConnectorPlease visit our web site for more information
  27. 27. Cable Solutions• Cable Assembly Our cable assembly solutions provides the advantage of customization service and design-in research & development which enables early involvement + higher success rate for your innovative projects. In addition, Attend is also equipped with advanced tooling technology & state of the art manufacturing facilities which enables the realization of innovative products and help our customers gain a competitive edge in the market. HDMI Cable USB Cable SATA Cable Ethernet Cable FFC CablePlease visit our web site for more information
  28. 28. Cable Solutions• Cable Assembly 立威擁有針對客戶量身打造的客製化服務及Design-in的R&D技術,以及先進的模具科技及 製造設備,並以優秀的市場分析能力提供完整的統包設計製造服務,協助客戶成功開發出創 新產品,藉此贏得市場先機。 HDMI Cable USB Cable SATA Cable Ethernet Cable FFC CablePlease visit our web site for more information
  29. 29. Cable SolutionsHDMI Cable USB Cable SATA Cable Ethernet CablePlease visit our web site for more information
  30. 30. Business Strategy
  31. 31. Industrial Intro & Analysis Game / Security / Tab PC / GPS 5% 25% Networking Consumer Application Others IP Router / IP STB / ADSL 70%
  32. 32. Target Market• Consumer Electronic Products Application: Digital Photo Frame, GPS, MP3, PMP, Smart Phone , HDTV, DV, Digital Camera, Gaming…..• Networking Device Application: ADSL Modem/Router, GSM/GPRS Modem, IP Camera, IP STB, HUB……
  33. 33. Product Distribution Connector 36% Cable 64%
  34. 34. World-wide Distributors Poland South Germany Korea Romania France Italy Turkey Taiwan Attend India Vietnam