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Kwanzoo GDPR One Sheeter


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Understand GDPR and how it will affect ABM Display Advertising in the EU and UK.

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Kwanzoo GDPR One Sheeter

  1. 1. Kwanzoo ( provides the leading platform for mid-to-large B2B enterprises to easily deploy global account-based (ABM) advertising & retargeting programs. Achieve more account reach and coverage, with better targeting and deeper ABM reporting; engage new accounts and contacts who have never visited your website; personalize the ad experience; and deliver engaged B2B buyers to your SDR/BDR teams to drive the pipeline. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a set of consumer data protection regulations that apply to all advertisers, technology and solution providers that engage with the 500 million+ citizens across the 28 countries in the European Union (EU) and the UK. GDPR expands the scope and jurisdiction of prior data protection laws, replacing the EU 1995 Data Protection Directive, and supersedes all national laws that implemented the 1995 Directive in the EU and EEA Member States. These changes to existing privacy law will have a significant impact on display and other advertising programs that target users that are located across these countries. ABM ADVERTISING IN THE WORLD OF GDPR WHAT IS GDPR? Controller: Determines the purpose and the manner in which any user’s personal data is processed. INTRODUCING ROLE OF ADVERTISERS, DATA PROVIDERS, AND KWANZOO UNDER THE GDPR GDPR QUICK FACTS Signed: April 27, 2016 Enforced as of: May 25, 2018 Regions affected: EU, UK Population affected: 500+ million citizens of the EU and UK. The GDPR defines key roles for Controllers, Processors, and Joint Controllers: Processor: Processes user data on behalf of the controller. Joint Controller: Jointly determines the purposes and means of processing users’ personal data with a Controller.
  2. 2. HOW WILL GDPR AFFECT ABM ADVERTISING? Once the GDPR goes into effect, advertisers will not be able to use Kwanzoo's ABM display platform to run ABM with Job Title Targeting programs directed at prospects located in the UK or EU countries. Kwanzoo will stop serving ABM JTT (cookie-targeted) ads in the UK prior to the GDPR deadline of May 25th, 2018. After that date, only ABM IP targeting will be available for the UK and EU markets. HOW WILL GDPR AFFECT ABM REPORTING? GDPR regulates what information can be captured and used by both advertisers and ABM technology providers, and what insights on buyers and accounts can be delivered to the advertiser’s internal sales teams. For ABM programs in the US, under GDPR, Kwanzoo will provide only aggregate buyer insights from cookie-targeted ads (e.g. XX% of buyers reached from YY accounts were Director Level, and YY% of buyers reached were in Finance). Advertisers will need explicit consent from individual site visitors or users who engage with their ads in order to capture other buyer attributes (e.g. the Job Level and Job Function of a specific buyer). The buyer insights provided to advertisers for UK and EU ABM programs would strictly be the engagement from target accounts, in terms of products/solutions of interest, ad messages that resonate, and the geolocation of the buyer. Other buyer attributes (e.g. Job Level, Job Function) will not be provided without explicit user consent.
  3. 3. SAMPLE BUYER INSIGHT REPORTS UNDER GDPR Buyer Insights in the US under GDPR (sample report): Buyer Insights in the EU/UK under GDPR (sample report): CONTACT KWANZOO 408 216 7025