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How to Turn Engaged Buyers into New Opportunities using Kwanzoo's Sales Insight Report


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See how to use Kwanzoo's sales insights reports to identify engaged buyers from target accounts, and turn those accounts into sales pipeline.

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How to Turn Engaged Buyers into New Opportunities using Kwanzoo's Sales Insight Report

  1. 1. This how-to guide is designed for SDR/BDR and Inside Sales teams. It explains how they can start with Kwanzoo’s Sales Insights Reports, identify engaged buyers from their target accounts, and turn them into new opportunities in the sales pipeline. Here are the steps and sequence of tasks to be performed: HOW TO TURN ENGAGED BUYERS INTO NEW OPPORTUNITIES USING KWANZOO’S SALES INSIGHT REPORT STEPS TO TURN ENGAGED BUYERS INTO NEW OPPORTUNITIES INTRODUCTION STEP 1: Identify Buyer Personas Identify the Buyer Personas. These can be found directly in the SIR report, or provided by the marketing team to the sales team. These are the list of personas being targeted with account- targeted display ads. 1 Identify the account names and geo location details of individual buyers. Sales will find these inside the SIR report. 2 Source contacts (emails, phone numbers) of each engaged buyer using Contact Sourcing tools (LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, other). 3 Craft personalized emails for sales outreach using information in the SIR reports, especially around the buyer’s Product/Solution of interest. 4 Secure higher response rates and questions from prospects. Drive this engagement to more scheduled meetings and appointments. 5 Convert your live meetings and appointments to new opportunities.6
  2. 2. STEP 2: Identify Account Names and Buyer Geo Locations STEP 1: Identify Buyer Personas (continued) Here you can pull: - Account Names with Highest # Engaged Buyers - Geo-Location of Buyers - Content of Interest to Buyers (Ad Creative or Website page) With these insights, you can source contact information on your Engaged Buyers using ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, DiscoverOrg/RainKing, and more. Here you can pull: --Job Levels (Manager, VP, Director) of Engaged Buyers --Job Functions (Purchasing, IT, Finance, HR) of Engaged Buyers --Products / Solutions of Interest (Tax Manager, Recurring Payments, Subscription Billing) to Engaged Buyers The Persona mix may be directly available in your SIR as doughnut charts. Note that we provide this in the SIR when there are 3 or more engaged buyers from a specific account. Alternately, the marketing team will provide the persona mix to sales.
  3. 3. STEP 3: Source Contacts for Engaged Buyers Here’s an example from LinkedIn Sales Navigator: From the Persona Mix, the Job Function and Level filters were sourced and applied here (Finance, IT ; VP, Director, Manager). From the Visitor Journey Table, the Account Name and Geo Location of Buyer were applied here (Intel, New York). Here’s an example for Zoominfo: Again, the same filters were applied here, using information learned from the Kwanzoo Sales Insights Report.
  4. 4. STEP 4: Formulate Personalized Sales Touch Emails Kwanzoo ( provides the industry’s first adaptive account-based marketing (ABM) platform. Using Kwanzoo, B2B enterprises easily adapt their current marketing & sales process, data and programs to ABM, while protecting their existing technology investment. Kwanzoo’s best-in- class ABM advertising & retargeting delivers global account reach and coverage with better targeting and deeper ABM reporting, to generate more top-of-funnel leads and new sales opportunities; ABM website analytics identifies more accounts and buyers, from behavioral, first and third party data; the ABM sales insights solution delivers engaged B2B buyers to SDR/BDR teams to drive the pipeline. Kwanzoo is an Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) value-added solutions partner, Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) and Marketo technology partner, a Google-certified rich media ad platform, and supports a broad range of real-time bidding (RTB) platforms, ad networks & exchanges. Our customers include Infosys, Equinix, Amdocs, Hitachi, HP Enterprise, and others. Our data partners include Oracle | Bluekai, Bombora, D&B and Kickfire. For more information, visit us at, or reach out to us with any questions at Once you have sourced relevant Contact Information on your Engaged Buyers, you can use data from the Sales Insight Report to frame your Sales Touch Emails. Example: “Hello <Name of Engaged Buyer>, My name is John Doe from AcmeB2B Corp. We have seen 4 of your colleagues from Microsoft review content recently on our Recurring Payments solution. It does look like you might be interested as well. Here is why leading brands are using the AcmeB2B Recurring Payments solution. One-Sheeter: <link to one-sheeter> Case Study: <link to case study> If you would like to chat further, or have questions, please drop me a note. Sincerely, <SDR/BDR/ISR Name> <SDR/BDR/ISR Phone #> ABOUT KWANZOO