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Email Retargeting 101: Nurture Beyond the Inbox [PPT]


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Increase nurture touches from 2x per month via email to 30x per month via display ads. Re-engage inactive and unsubscribed users on your email lists. Reach new prospects sourced through 3rd party email lists and engage them with display ads.

In this brief, yet informative webinar, learn:

-Email Retargeting Basics
--What is email retargeting?
--When and why use email retargeting?
--What does it cost?
-Best practices to maximize email retargeting campaign performance.
-Email retargeting case studies with real results
-Tools for budgeting and planning your 2015 retargeting programs.

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Email Retargeting 101: Nurture Beyond the Inbox [PPT]

  1. 1. Email Retargeting 101: Nurture Beyond the Inbox Presented by: Mani Iyer, Kwanzoo CEO and Rachel Rocker, Kwanzoo Customer Success May 7, 2015
  2. 2. Kwanzoo’s Cloud Based Platform Automate AllYour Outbound Marketing Programs  Boost top-of- funnel leads  Improve nurture programs using display  Accelerate the pipeline
  3. 3. Webinar Objective & Agenda Primary Objective: Introduce and explore the benefits of email retargeting programs for lead generation, enhancing nurture programs, and expanding reach. Agenda for today’s webinar: I. Retargeting 101: A Quick Intro to Retargeting II. Email Retargeting Basics: I. What is Email Retargeting? II. When and why use Email Retargeting? III. What does it cost to run Email Retargeting? IV. Email Retargeting vs Other Outbound Marketing programs III. Best Practices to Maximize Campaign Performance IV. Email Retargeting in Action: Case Study Overview V. Intro toTools for Budgeting & Planning VI. Summary/Q & A
  4. 4. Retargeting 101 A Quick Intro to Retargeting
  5. 5. What is Retargeting?Why Does it Matter? Retargeting is…  Serving ads to site visitors & email users across the web  A solution to connect to prospects and leads outside of your email nurture programs and website(s)  An effective and efficient way to nourish prospects at all stages of the funnel Over 95% of your website visitors are not converting… Over 80% of your email list users are not opening your emails… You are missing out on a lot of potential leads!
  6. 6. [Where it began]What is Site Retargeting? • kkkk • Hello kittyOrganic Search Email Social PPC & Display RetargetedAds (Convert more site visitors) Your Website: Visitors tracked for retargeting Ad Networks: Ads served to visitors across web
  7. 7. Email Retargeting Basics An introduction to email retargeting, what it is, how it works, & more
  8. 8. What is Email Retargeting? • kkkk • Hello kitty RetargetedAds (Convert more site visitors) List Match Rate: For B2B match rates usually 30 to 40% Ad Networks: Ads served to email list users across web Target and serve ads to prospects based on their email address
  9. 9. How Does Email RetargetingWork? 1. Upload in-house or 3rd party email lists 2. Email lists matched to users on the web 3. Ads served to email users across the web with pre-set caps on number of ads served per user 4. Users engage with marketing content/offers and visit company website
  10. 10. When Use Email Retargeting? When use email retargeting? When you have: 1. A sizeable in-house email list(s) - 40K or more users per segment 2. A clearly defined group of users outside your in-house email list(s) - via 3rd party email lists of 40K or more users - you want to reach and nurture across the web Ways to use email retargeting: • Campaign-based • Evergreen (or year-round) campaigns
  11. 11. Why Use Email Retargeting? Why use email retargeting?  Generate more MQLs every month and enhance nurture programs by engaging users on your email lists  Re-engage inactive and unsubscribed users on your in-house email lists  Increase top-of-funnel leads by serving ads to targeted 3rd party email lists  Reach users at target accounts by using email retargeting for ABM Increase nurture touches from 2x per month to 30x per month. [EmailOnly] [DisplayAds]
  12. 12. What Does Email Retargeting Cost? Pricing for Email Retargeting programs starts at $18,000. This includes:  3 months of ad serving: - 14,000 users reached and approx. 1.26 million ad impressions served - 30 ads/users/month What’s included: - 3 ads designed and set up [both in-banner form and smart banner formats] - Email list (40K users) uploaded and matched - Ad serving via an RTB/DSP - 6 months access to Kwanzoo platform
  13. 13. Where Can I Run Email Retargeting? Currently email retargeting is available in the following North American countries: • United States • Canada
  14. 14. How Can Email Retargeting Be Used for ABM? 1. Identify target mid-market and enterprise level accounts 2. Email lists for users at target accounts are compiled using 3rd party data 3. Run email retargeting programs using the 3rd party email lists containing users at target accounts 4. Users from target accounts engage with your display ads, visit your website, download your content and more
  15. 15. Email Retargeting vs Other Outbound Marketing Programs Outbound marketing via display is constantly evolving and includes the 6 current primary types: 1. Site Retargeting 2. Email Retargeting (the topic of today’s presentation) 3. CRM (or Direct Mail) Retargeting 4. Persona-based Retargeting 5. Predictive Retargeting 6. Account-Based Advertising (ABM) Outbound Marketing Programs & Benefits Engagement (Nurture) In-Banner Form Conversion Increase SiteVisits Onsite Form Conversion Reach Target Accounts Site Retargeting Email Retargeting CRM Retargeting Persona-based Retargeting Predictive Retargeting Account-Based Advertising Primary Benefit Secondary Benefit Account-specific lists N/A
  16. 16. Email Retargeting Best Practices Best practices to maximize campaign performance
  17. 17. Best Practice #1: Set Up Retargeting Segments There are two ways to segment your email users: 1. Identify remarketing lists for each segment (separate email lists with at least 40k users per list) 2. Segment via MAP data for users with active MAP cookies Identify specific content & offers for each segment and deliver highly targeted display ads (via the matched remarketing lists or MAP cookie). SegmentA Segment B Segment C
  18. 18. Best Practice #2: Test DifferentAd Sizes & Creative Identify what resonates with your audience by testing the following: 1. Multiple Ad Sizes [728 x 90, 160 x 600, 300 x 250] 2. In-banner FormAds vs Smart Banner Ads 3. Different Creatives & Offers/OfferTypes Test different ad sizes and A/B test multiple creatives within each ad size to refine the ads served and optimize campaign performance. In-Banner FormAd [300 x 250] 300 x 250 728 x 90 Smart Banner Ads [Recommended to run in 3 sizes]
  19. 19. Best Practice #3: Measure Click-through-Rate Be sure to measure the engagement for your ads. In order to efficiently optimize the campaign, always measure and track the CTR (click-through rate). Be sure to measure CTR for each: 1. Offer/Offer type in the campaign 2. Version of ad copy 3. Ad size and AdType (In-Banner FormAds and Smart Banner Ads) Measure the click activity for each campaign creative being served to your email list(s) in the campaign and optimize to maximize engagement. DOWNLOAD NOW
  20. 20. Best Practice #4: Apply Frequency Capping Optimize your email retargeting campaign by applying frequency capping (per month/day/time of day): 1. Specify the number of ads to serve per user/per month (e.g. for B2B campaigns: 30 ads/user/month recommended) 2. Consider serving ads during daytime hours 3. Consider serving ads during the business week Apply frequency capping to reach your audience during the time(s) you want and to prevent overserving of ads to each individual user.
  21. 21. Best Practice #5: Apply Site Block Lists Apply site block lists (that are reasonable in size): 1. Block ads from being served on specific undesirable sites or domains 2. Many companies (including Kwanzoo) have a default list of blocked website categories.These categories include mature content, gambling, firearms, etc. Specify the websites where you do not want your ads served. Make sure your block list is not so large that it will prevent you from reaching your audience.
  22. 22. Best Practice #6: MeasureView-throughs Measure view-through activity resulting from your display campaign: 1. View-through site visits: website visits that result from your exposure to your display ads 2. View-through conversions: Landing page conversions (on your website) that occur as a result of your display campaign 3. Assess campaign performance by measuring the # or % of landing page visitors that converted Measure view-through site visits and conversions that result from your display campaign (Note: view-through pixels must be in place to measure this data).
  23. 23. Best Practice #7: BoostYour Cookie Pool Get the most out of your email retargeting campaign by boosting your cookie pool: 1. Send an email blast to your email list(s) with a cookie in it 2. The users on a web-based email server will be cookie’d when they open your email 3. Your list match rate will increase (B2B match rates generally increase by 2 to 3%) 4. More of your contacts will be served ads and nurture across the web by your retargeting campaign Send an email blast containing a cookie to your email list prior to launch to boost your list match rate for your email retargeting campaign.
  24. 24. Best Practice #8: Track Ad Activity into MAP & CRM 1. Capture ad activity for known and anonymous users for the ads served in your email retargeting campaign. 2. Ad activity and lead data flows into your MAP. 3. MAP pushes data into CRM for your sales team. 4. As a result, leads can be properly nurtured and more MQLs are provided to your sales team. Track ad activity data for known and anonymous users directly into your MAP and CRM to enhance nurture and produce more MQLs for sales.
  25. 25. Best Practice #9: Practice Good Analytics I Measure your email retargeting campaign success by examining all key metrics – not just click-through rates and number of leads generated! Be sure you are tracking and analyzing: 1. Budget & Spend:Track spend in real-time acrossALL campaigns including cost- per-lead (CPL) metrics. 2. Ad Activity Data: Capture known prospect interactions and anonymous user engagements with your ads directly in your MAP/CRM. (Recall Best Practice #8). 3. View-through SiteVisits & Conversions: Measure the impact your campaign has on your website traffic and onsite form fills. (Recall Best Practice #6). Good analytics include measuring budget and spend, ad engagement data, and view-through data for each campaign from launch to completion.
  26. 26. Best Practice #10: Practice Good Analytics II Be sure you are tracking and analyzing: 1. Viewability of Ads: Are your ads being served in the top or immediately viewable area of the browser window?Track where your ads are being served – ideally at least 13% to 15% of your ads should be “viewable” ads. 2. Campaign Analytics by Creative: Make sure your analytics can be broken down by creative for proper tracking, optimization, and attribution of your campaign. Good analytics include tracking viewability of ads and campaign analytics for each campaign broken down by individual creative.
  27. 27. Best Practice #11: Practice Good Analytics III Be sure you are tracking and analyzing: 1. Attribution of Captured Leads: track leads back into your MAP/CRM. Use fields such as Lead Source, Salesforce Campaign ID, etc. to keep track of your retargeting leads and to identify which leads convert downstream. 2. Lead Staging: Mark and eliminate junk leads, append additional data (e.g. geo data), and edit leads before posting into your MAP/CRM. Good analytics include ensuring proper attribution of leads captured by your campaigns and staging of captured leads to append data and eliminate junk.
  28. 28. Summary of Email Retargeting Best Practices #1 Set up Retargeting Segments #6 MeasureView-throughs #2Test Different Ad Sizes & Creative #7 BoostYour Cookie Pool #3 MeasureClick-through Rate #8Track Ad Activity into MAP/CRM #4 Apply Frequency Capping #9 Practice Good Analytics #5 Apply Site Block Lists Measure,Track, & Optimize for Best Campaign Results!
  29. 29. Email Retargeting in Action Case study overview
  30. 30. Email Retargeting Case Study • Company Description: Global financial software company • OfferTypes: - Webinar - White Paper - Both offers were presented with in-banner form ads and smart banner ads that clicked through to landing page signup • Geographic Region for Campaign Ad Serving: United States • Email List Size: 128,000 • Number of Users Served Ads: Approx. 38,000 matched email list users • Total Ads Served: Approx. 3.5 Million
  31. 31. Email Retargeting Case Study Campaign Results • Webinar ads generated the highest level of engagement and most leads for this company’s email retargeting campaign [Note: this varies by specific audience – for some audiences checklists, white papers, etc. may outperform webinars – important to A/B test!] Prospect Nurture: • % NurtureTouches / Impressions: 0.13% • % NurtureTouches /Viewable Impressions: 1.19% Value of NurtureTouches Generated* $128,000 Media Costs $23,000 Email Retargeting ROI 550% *Based on $50 value per nurture touch
  32. 32. Intro toTools for Budgeting & Planning Planning your email retargeting campaign budget
  33. 33. PlanningYour Email Retargeting Budget  Calculate budget & estimated ROI for a single campaign or multiple campaigns  Retargeting: - Site retargeting - Email / CRM retargeting  Persona-based Ads Click to Download Budget Modeler Now
  34. 34. Summary,Wrap-Up, & Questions? Review of what we’ve covered, Q & A, and where to find helpful resources
  35. 35. Summary During this webinar we covered: I. A basic introduction to retargeting – what it is and how it works. II. An introduction to email retargeting, what it takes to launch and run an email retargeting campaign, and how much it costs. III. How you can combine Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Email Retargeting to generate more MQLs. IV. Best practices to run your email retargeting campaigns, continuously refine the ads you serve, and optimize performance. V. A real world case study of an email retargeting campaign. VI. How to quickly budget and deploy an email retargeting campaign.
  36. 36. Resources Guides • The Complete Guide to Retargeting [2015 Edition]: • The Business Case for Retargeting: One Sheeters and Solution Sheets • Kwanzoo One Sheeter: • Email Retargeting Solution Sheet: • Account-Based Marketing Solution Sheet:
  37. 37. Questions? For more information, please contact us: • Phone: +1.408.216.7025 • Email: • Website: • Find us on Social Media:  Follow us onTwitter - @kwanzoo and @iyermani  Connect with us on LinkedIn • [Mani Iyer, CEO] • [Rachel Rocker, Customer Success]  Access more resources (including past webinars) on SlideShare Visit Our Website
  38. 38. Thank you for your time!
  39. 39. Campaign Budget & Spend Reporting Sort Campaigns by: • NurtureTouches • Leads • Average CPL Real-time insights into campaign budget, spend to-date & ROI
  40. 40. Drill down by individual creative – daily and periodic reports. Separate “Managed Campaigns” view for Agency Partners Campaign Performance Reporting Real-time Campaign Performance Metrics Real-time performance data broken out by Known MAP Contacts & Anonymous Users
  41. 41. Ad ActivityTracking Deliver ad activity by Known MAP Contacts to your SalesTeam directly in your CRM platform
  42. 42. Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 By 3rd Party IP-based data (named account) By 1st Party MAP data (e.g. job title, lead score, etc.) Default content with lead form By Key Value Parameters in the Referrer URL (e.g. text ad offer copy, geo for live event) Rule 4 Persona-based Advertising with Kwanzoo
  43. 43. Campaign Budget & ROI Modeling: A Case Study Kwanzoo has built out a very useful ROI and Budget Modeler tool that we use to help our clients plan retargeting campaigns. The modeler is downloadable here: To show how the modeler works, let us look at a quick case study. A prospective client comes to us with the following scenario: - A business that is primarily B2B - 35,000 users on the in-house email list & 10,000 users on 3rd party list - Wants to run a 3 month pilot of email retargeting and ABM serving persona-based ads to assess programs and extend if “seeing results” (quality leads incoming) - Kwanzoo will be responsible for buying the media
  44. 44. 1. Email Retargeting 2. Persona-based Advertising 3. Account-based Marketing [ABM] CASE STUDY – ChooseYour CampaignType In the first tab of the ROI and Budget Modeler, select campaign solution types. Campaign type(s) that will be run: Email retargeting, Persona-based Advertising, & Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  45. 45. CASE STUDY – Email Retargeting Campaign Email Retargeting List Specifics: - 25,000 users on in-house email lists - 15,000 users on 3rd party email lists - Serve 30 ads/user/month - Initial campaign run for 3 months The Modeler Shows: 1)Total Site Retargeting Budget for Campaign: $10,872 [$3,624/month] 2) Projected Retargeted Ad Impressions Served: 1.26 M 3) Estimated Leads: (low) 64 to (high) 126
  46. 46. CASE STUDY – Account-based Marketing [ABM] Account-based Marketing [ABM]Target Account Specifics: - Segment 1 (e.g. SMB) # ofTarget Accounts: 500 Employees per Account (Segment 1): 20 - Segment 2 (e.g. Mid-Market) # ofTarget Accounts: 50 Employees per Account (Segment 2): 150 - Segment 3 (e.g. Enterprise) # ofTarget Accounts: 2 Employees per Account (Segment 3): 1000 - Serve 15 ABM ads per employee per month - Initial campaign run for 3 months The Modeler Shows: 1) Total Site Retargeting Budget for Campaign: $14,262 2) Projected Retargeted Ad Impressions Served: 877,500 3) Estimated Leads: (low) 33 to (high) 66
  47. 47. CASE STUDY – Campaign Budget Summary The “Budget Summary” tab provides a high-level breakdown of display campaign costs across all campaign types being run. For our case study, this shows the combined budget for the 3 month email retargeting, persona-based advertising, and ABM campaigns.