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It's all about Information Technology Infrastructure Library.It comprised of all the guidelines.

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ITIL Handbook

  1. 1. ITIL Handbook ITIL for those who do not have Time Author: Dr. Sanjay Prakash Sahoo Designation: Vice President (Operations)
  2. 2. t ITIL Handbook What You Can Expect? The goal of this presentation is to help you understand ITIL in ITIL is for small, medium and large companies It’s true! c the right spirit without getting lost in the buzzwords. Just to anyone can implement ITIL. However, it makes sense when keep you on your feet, I’ll start with ITIL basics however focus the size of your helpdesk team is more than 45. ITIL is not from a single company or a person ITIL is not more on ITIL implementation. backed by a single company or a person. There is no profit Don’t worry if you are just getting started with ITIL, it is motive or personal promotion. u written simple enough for anyone with a basic understanding of IT. ITIL is not about Complicated Process Maps ITIL is not about complicated strict process maps. You CSM’s Approach to ITIL should not follow someone else’s process or the processes d Most ITIL solutions in the market are too complicated. Let’s defined in some book. When you learn ITIL, don’t start take an example where a customer wants to implement an drawing detailed process maps for all the modules, taking it to consultants to ask whether they are in line with the ITIL ITIL solution. First, customers have to get ITIL consulting to specifications. The Truth is that consultants cannot help define ITIL processes and align it with business goals. The you without understanding how your support works. o next task is to buy ITIL software; most ITIL solutions offer incident, problem, and change management as different ITIL Service Support will be our focus modules. Even after choosing the software it takes months for product consultants to implement the process. Today, IT Helpdesk is the lifeline of any business from small to large, and most IT managers and helpdesk managers are r The cost and time factor to implement an ITIL solution drives struggling to have an efficient and productive helpdesk. We SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) away. CSM’s mission is will focus on this problem here. As ITIL Service Support to make ITIL simple so that every business can benefit from it. offers the best practices framework for IT helpdesk, let us CSM automates ITIL Service Support, without expensive see how ITIL can help helpdesk managers and IT managers. t consultants or shelling out on customization. When you ITIL’s IT Service Support Module offers best practices to install the products, you will get the ITIL Service Support make sure IT Services are highly available. CSM Service- framework with Incident, Problem, Change and Release Desk Plus Enterprise Edition implements these IT Service Support modules. Management framework built over a Configuration In Management Database (CMDB). You can get started from day • Incident Management one, with minimal configurations to suit your needs. • Problem Management • Change Management What is ITIL? Facts and not History • Release Management A little history is essential here. ITIL is a framework of best • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) practices to manage IT operations and services defined in the • Service-Desk (function) mid-1980s by the Government of Commerce, UK. ITIL’s main objective is to align business and Information Technology, allowing organizations to implement what is relevant to their business. ITIL is just a documented common sense from years of learning from helpdesk managers around the world. Here is what you really need to know ITIL is not a standard Consider it a good advice from IT Managers who have been there. It is up to you to take it or leave it. You can implement ITIL the way it works best for you. You cannot get your company ITIL-certified If you are targeting certification, you must get ISO 20000 and BS 15000 standards, based on ITIL. Page|2
  3. 3. e ITIL Handbook Incident Management in your typical work day g a n a An incident is a disruption of normal service that affects • Record Basic User Details • Is the user reporting an outage or asking for a new service the user and the business. The goal of Incident • If he is asking for new service – New Service Request Management is to restore IT services to the normal state • Train your helpdesk analysts to get back to users M who ask for new services as soon as possible with workarounds or solutions to make • Train them to record details of requests with sure that it does not affect business. urgency and priority An incident is an event that is not part of the standard • Train the helpdesk team to look for new service plans and milestones t operation; it is an event that you don’t want to happen, • Train them on where should they look for answers to FAQs however it eventually happens. In simple words, Incident • If he is reporting about outage or disruption—Incident Management is a process to manage disruptions in critical • Determine whether it is an Incident or not with basic n IT services and restore them ASAP. diagnosis • Check whether you can help with a resolution from It may sound like a sugar-coated sophisticated trouble the knowledge base ticketing system. However, Incident Management tells you • Assign Incident to Specialist Support Group e how to implement an IT Helpdesk that understands and • Work closely with Specialist Support Group to provide resolution to the user works to meet business priorities. • Close the incident with user confirmation d Incident Management outlines the need to have a process to restore services. Service-Desk function is the glue that binds the Service Support modules together with a Single i Point of Contact to the user and ensures that IT Services stay focused on business. Inc Page|3
  4. 4. m ITIL Handbook Here’s a sample Incident Management workflow. Consider this as a basic e format and make changes wherever required. g a n a M t n e d Inci Page|4
  5. 5. g ITIL Handbook CSM Technologies provides skilled and experienced mgmt resources that have faced the challenges a of Oracle implementation and upgrade projects. For development, implementation and deployment, we along with our partners can help you architect the right solutions and select, install and customize Oracle applications including ERP, SCM, HCM and CRM taking full advantage of the new self-service and Web-based features. n a M Record the Problem and Match with Known Error Analyze the problem to determine the root cause Database When the problem is classified, it gives a clear picture to A problem can be raised directly or by combining one or the problem technicians as to where they should start. more Incidents. Once the problem is recorded, Depending on whether the problem is in the users’ theproblem technicians will check if it has been machine, or in the proxy server or in the firewall, m reported before and if there is a known workaround or solution. technicians may use various tools to diagnose and resolve it. The technician records all symptoms and the root causes along with a workaround or a solution. Problems that have Workaround/Solution: Known e Error If the reported problem has a workaround or solution, it Provide Resolution or Initiate a Request for Change Technicians can get back to users if there is a resolution is a Known Error. The Helpdesk technician can get back readily available. If the problem requires a few changes to the user with the workaround/solution. The in the system, they can provide a workaround and l technician needs to note that the problem has occurred and increase the problem count to measure the initiate a Request for Change. frequency of the problem. Closing the Problem Although the Problem technicians close the problem, it b Classify the Problem to Determine the Right Priority is the responsibility of helpdesk engineers or frontline It is important to classify the problem with support staff to update users about all the activities. • Category, Sub Category and Item When users have a single point of contact, they don’t • Business impact and urgency have to repeat themselves to different technicians. Pro The classification helps technicians determine the Also, the frontline staff who have logged the call ensure priority of the problem. that the solution meets the users’ needs exactly. Page|5
  6. 6. e ITIL Handbook g a n a M m e l b Pro Page|6
  7. 7. e ITIL Handbook m e g a The change management process helps you co-ordinate changes with minimal disruptions and n accepted risk. a M Most small businesses feel that Change Management is too When we checked, we found that our helpdesk staff had controlling and that it is not possible to implement change applied the latest security patch in the system and it failed quickly when you have a long-drawn process. Change to start. It turned out that it was not completely their fault Management will not be complicated unless you plan to as they had a policy to ensure that the latest security patch complicate it. It is about having a simple plan and organizing was applied on all servers. e yourself so that you don’t have surprises downtime. Every organization needs change management. It helps IT It was a simple communication gap, but a big loss of face. Managers and IT staff to keep executives and stake holders Lesson: informed when important changes happen. When everyone We did not have a method to communicate to the HR g from executives to IT staff is involved from decision-making to implementation it leaves no space for unwanted surprises. department about the system update. If informed, they could have scheduled the test later and if it was an important test, the upgrade could have done later that Why did we adopt Change Management? night. n Our recruitment process for a fresher includes two parts: aptitude tests and personal interviews. Users have to log on to Result: our testing platform - Zoho Challenge. Zoho Challenge was We got Change Management in place. Implement a Change hosted on a Windows server. The candidates were all seated Training Solutions Management System without complications; get a a and going through the regular test preparation brief. Everything meaningful system in place that helps people. was supposed to go as planned. The server crashed and our With our deep experience in successful Oracle projects, CSM provides training solutions based on scenarios using Oracle testing application went down with it. After all the pep talk Applications. Whether you are implementing a new system, about the productivity and efficiency, it was a real upgrading to Oracle ERP 11i or 12, or need a specific training Ch embarrassment to go back and say that the server crashed and solution, CSM meets your training needs. Our training and everyone had to wait till we resolved the situation. education solutions include: Database Administration • Instructor-led Training • eLearning Library of Online • Courseware • Project Team Training • Job Specific (Role Based) Training CSM is an Alliance Partner of Oracle Page|7
  8. 8. e ITIL Handbook m Here’s a simple and effective change management process that maps a common sense plan to ITIL. e g a n a M e g n a Ch Page|8
  9. 9. g ITIL Handbook A simple workflow based on these questions will help you design an effective change management process a n a M e g n a Ch Page|9
  10. 10. n ITIL Handbook a m Release Management is about how you package and From the perspective of IT, Release Management helps deliver the message you smoothly roll out changes to your IT without any disruptions. The goal of Release Management is to plan, educate e users and implement changes smoothly Release Management works closely with Change • A Release plan with information about what to deploy, how to deploy and specifications in Management. Change Management is responsible which it will work for planning and Release Management for • The Build/change to the deployed is thoroughly s execution/implementation. Let’s take an example from our daily lives. tested in a sandbox conditions similar to the live conditions Whenever there is an important sewage pipe repair • Record baseline value configuration value on a busy road, traffic cannot be stopped before the change is applied. a immediately. City officials inform commuters • • Release and distribute as planned Verify and test if the changes requested are met through news paper ads and local TV news that the road will be closed on a particular day and e alternative routes are given. Commuters are able to plan things in advance so that there is no disappointment and changes are done smoothly. l That’s Release Management in action. Re P a g e | 10
  11. 11. i ITIL Handbook t a r u g The goal of CMDB is to build and maintain an asset database of hardware, software, associated documents and their relationships. The main idea behind CMDB is to build an asset repository that can be uniquely identified, controlled and managed. i Have a Baseline Configuration What will the CMDB have? Baseline configuration is a snapshot of CMDB. In every IT CMDB should contain information on all the critical f environment there are so many systems with different components of the business. configurations, software, memory, processors and what not. • People: User name, departments they belong to, When you have so many variables, you have to make sure that location...and so on any change you make supports all versions. Otherwise, it is n • Assets: All assets that are part of business such as workstation, desktop, routers, printers simply inviting trouble. IT managers have to plan and reduce the number of variables so that you have them under control. • Software: All commercially licensed software o installed in your IT environment The assets and components in the CMDB are known and Now you can generate the list of users who meet the standards and fall below the standard and you have a program Configured Items (CIs). to move users below the baseline to meet the baseline so that C Understand the Spirit of CMDB issues and fixes can be applicable to all. Also, remember that the goal of CMDB is to build an asset Selecting the Right ITIL Solution ( repository with all the information about the assets. An Now that you have understood ITIL Service Support, it is time asset repository can be logical and distributed. Building a for you to choose the right ITIL solution that helps you to CMDB does not mean trying to have everything in one big realize the value to ITIL. Never go with yesterday’s leader physical database. because someone flew in to give you a fantastic sales presentation. Remember: marketing and sales presentations A Definitive Software Library (DSL) is essential with software are bound to be impressive, and sales guys will be gone once releases every quarter and security patches every week, it is you buy. Try to evaluate at least four or five different products B important to include the copies of software in a live from the leader to the new players. Run it in your environment. If one of your important servers’ crashes and environment, check out how easy it is to deploy, customize, you have the version number of the software, but not a and maintain. Work out how much you are going to pay and D copy of the exact same version with you, you could land leave no room for surprises. Put it through the test of fire, in yourself in a big problem. every way. Before you make your decision, do your homework! M C P a g e | 11
  12. 12. i t ITIL Handbook Where should I Start? The first thing you need to implement a CMDB is a plan. Here are a few process guidelines that can help you draft a good plan. a r u g i f n o C ( B D M C P a g e | 12
  13. 13. t ITIL Handbook S Summary: ITIL was meant for businesses of all sizes-small, medium and large. Today, ITIL is not given a fair chance in SMB market place, Mostly dismissed for being complicated and expensive. The CSM presentation is an initiative that hopes to change the general perspective and help IT Managers and staff understand ITIL in the right Spirit. The whitepaper presents a practical approach to ITIL. Get started with practical ITIL processes and workflows that worked for most businesses worldwide. Implement an ITIL solution in a day; you have to try it to believe it. t About CSM Since its inception in 1998, CSM Technologies has rapidly become the de-facto name proffering Smart e- Governance and ERP solutions for Government, Public and Private enterprises. CSM currently ISO:9001:2008 I certified and is currently undergoing evaluations for CMMI Level 3 certification. CSM invests a lot into enhancing quality of job for customer satisfaction, through Knowledge Management. Its recognition sprouts from an expertise in providing Enterprise–wide integrated solutions to Corporate and Government sector indigenously as well as in the IT Savvy states of North America, Europe. Middle East & African continent. However, the role of CSM goes beyond software solutions. It acts as catalyst in business Process Re-engineering and building a competitive advantage in today’s e-World. schedules with a high degree of time and cost predictability. t Achievements: • The NASSCOM Award for Social Innovations 2010 for e-Despatch. e • The MANTHAN Award 2009 for Providing G2C information services using cross media application for Sanjog Helpline. • The Web Ratna Award 2009 in the field of Public Participation Initiative for its G innovative & successful implementation of “SANJOG HELPLINE”. • Orissa. IT@ Award for Best e-Governance Project in 2008 • World Summit Award for Best Multilingual e-Content Application from a nomination of 160 counties in Venice 2007 • The Consultancy Development Centre, India presents the First prize of the s National Awards for Excellence, 2007 • The Child Tracking System designed for Orissa Primary Education Program ’ Authority (OPEPA), “PROJECT E-SISHU” has received the Prime Minister's Award for excellence in Public Administration for the year 2006-2007. • The Government of India presented the National Award for e-Governance to Orissa Primary Education Program Authority (OPEPA) for the Best t India CSM Technologies CSM Complex, STPI, CRPF Square, Le Bhubaneswar- 751012,India Phone : +91-674-2561462 Sudan Fax : +91-674-2560261 Kenya URL : ITC CSM Micro House Technologies Ltd. Email : Khartoum-3 Mediheal Plaza South Goarshy Park Opp- Agha Khan Hospital PO.BOX- 15085 Parkland, Nairobi, Kenya Amarat bost office 12217 Mobile : +254 72227785 Sudan Fax : +254 53 2060144 +249 9123 77941 Email: Email: P a g e | 13