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Kate Walling's Portfolio


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Published in: Technology
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Kate Walling's Portfolio

  1. 1. KATE WALLING Portfolio
  2. 2. Founder/CEOSecret Ingredients was oneof the first “make your owncookbook” websites. • 42,000 user-generated recipes • acquired customers in 49 US states
  3. 3. Secret Ingredients sold two lines of family cookbooks, Heirloom and Keepsake. Heirloom Cookbooks were launched in2005 as an initial product offering and started at $195. Keepsake Cookbooks launched as a more affordable line in time for the holiday season in 2005, followed by Wedding Keepsakes in spring of 2007. Keepsake Cookbooks started at $29.95.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Back-End
  6. 6. MediaTV• ABC13 WLOS (Asheville, NC)• ABC7 WLS (Chicago, IL)• ABC9 KGUN (Tucson, AZ)• DayTime (SouthEast)Magazine• Skirt Magazine (December 2006)• Quick & Simple (December 2006, May 2007)• Womanʼs World (April 2007)• Modern Bride (June/July 2007)Radio• KMIX/KRES (St. Louis, MO)• KWYR (Winner, SD)• WFON (Fond Du Lac, WI)• KKZZ (Ventura, CA)• GCN Radio Network (Syndicated)• KWRE (St Louis, MO)• WACK (Newark, NY)• The Good Live (Sirius Satellite Radio)• WLRQ (Melbourne, FL)• KGNO (Dodge City, KS)Newspaper• Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC)• Bristol Herald Courier (Bristol, VA/TN)• Sunday News (Lancaster, PA)• Times (Georgetown, SC)• Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA)
  7. 7. Founder/CEOScrappy Face is a one-stop consultingagency for small businesses and fundedstartups. We are best known for buildingcommunities of raving fans for brandsthrough social media. • consulting on all aspects of branding, marketing, social media, website/SaaS solutions, and entrepreneurship • building and managing a team of 20+ consultants
  8. 8. Scrappy Face supports businesses at every turn,including product development, positioning, brandand website development, and launch and post-launch marketing strategy. We work with a rangeof clients including law firms, doctors, rising starsin the entertainment industry, breweries, cardealerships, retail shops, pilates studios, staffingfirms, product and technology companies, largenon-profits and more. Relationships are key to this business. Our brand and services were built to empathize with small business and startup culture.
  9. 9. Brand Development
  10. 10. Media Scrappy Face appeared in Power Culture Magazine in May 2012.
  11. 11. Scrappy Face Custom Content
  12. 12. Due to confidentiality, Scrappy Face client materials are available for in-person meetings.