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More psychopaths in suits than you think


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Published in: Business, Technology
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More psychopaths in suits than you think

  1. 1. Why there’s more psychopaths in suits than you think! Why you are 4 times more likely to meet apsychopath in the workplace than on the street
  2. 2. TROUBLING findings by the BBCHorizon research team horizon Are You Good or Evil?
  3. 3. Research shows our moraleinstinct is already present by the time we reach our first birthday We feel distressed when someone is in pain.
  4. 4. Technology and genetic research cannow identify people who are born with psychopathic tendencies. HOW?
  5. 5. Prof. James Fallon identified the abnormal signature of brain profile of psychopaths. “But why are brains of psychopaths different?” Prof. James Fallon University of California, Irvine
  6. 6. The MISSING (genetic) LINK “Psychopaths were missing the MAOA gene (The Warrior Gene).“If you were born with apsychopath brain profile and have the missinggene, you are born with killer tendencies “
  7. 7. James Fallon is born with KILLER TENDENCIES When he examined himself, James Fallon discovered he had a psychopath brain profile and he also did not have The Warrior Gene His family history has murderous psychopaths. WHY HAD HE NOT BECOME A KILLER?
  8. 8. “There are 4 times the number ofpsychopaths in business than in the normalpopulation!” Dr. Paul Babiak
  9. 9. “Just becauseyou have killer tendencydoesn’t meanyou can’t get a job and be successful.” Dr. Paul Babiak
  10. 10. “The very things welook for in our leaders, the psychopath canmimic. They turn their lack of emotions to their advantage. They can intellectualise what you’re thinking but not feel what you feel.” Dr. Paul Babiak
  11. 11. “The higher the psychopathy, the more charismatic they are. But their performance isabysmal. Corporateculture seems idealfor the psychopath. Thrill seekers and easily bored” Dr. Paul Babiak
  12. 12. It seems we are born to be good or evil. http:Research also shows whether we become goodor evil depends on the environment in which you were brought up (Prof James Fallon did not become a killer) Image:
  13. 13. As you don’t chose how you were born nor your upbringing environment … http:Can you really choose corporate GOOD or EVIL? (of course, this is a metaphor) Image:
  14. 14. Don’t kill your company with abysmal results.Change how you lead can lift your performance. Your past doesn’t dictate your future. Your environment doesn’t control you.
  15. 15. Time to experience a different way of leading KnowingDoingWinningPurpose · Passion · Hope · Curiosity · Courage · Tenacity www.knowingdoingwinning.comIf you would like a copy of this presentation email: