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10 Characteristics of a great primary connector


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Traditional networking is not the problem. The problem is making your 'net'work. Making your 'net'work means finding your hidden connections that will help you to better build your business; and faster.

The science of Dunbar's Number says you can only keep tabs with 150 people at any given time. How do you build and nurture a network of 150 people that really matters?

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10 Characteristics of a great primary connector

  1. It’s time …. to light up your network
  2. To build better business faster And to….
  3. ….put the colours back into your business
  4. Time to make your network WORK
  5. Business is slow
  6. Numerous barricades …. …. are being erected
  7. Your business still has to deal with … THE FUTURE !
  8. Top Future Internet Trends: 2020 The Internet will be an immersive experience. Top Future Internet Trends: 2020
  9. Top Future Internet Trends: 2020 …. will trade on the Internet. 3 billion people …. Top Future Internet Trends: 2020
  10. Top Future Internet Trends: 2020 will drive trade and demand will be driven by entrepreneurs who know how to collaborate. Collaboration …. Top Future Internet Trends: 2020
  11. How to collaborate; to find and create customers in the Internet era? The challenge
  12. Traditional networking experience
  13. Your needs falling on deaf ears
  14. Elevator (speech) not working I say, my 30 seconds is not up yet
  15. Plenty of results found for business cards like this Lack of referrals
  16. Networking ……… is not the problem
  17. The problem is making your ‘net’ work
  18. Connections! It’s not how many
  19. It’s which one
  20. Right connection
  21. Right connection
  22. Right connection
  23. The right primary connections Matter.
  24. Do your primary connections tick all these 10 boxes?
  25. 1. Have a wide variety of connections
  26. 2. Are observant of people and environment
  27. 3. Have a talent for staying in touch
  28. 4. Are outwardly focused
  29. 5. Are sensitive to other’s needs
  30. 6. Have access to different information
  31. FRED STEIN Children Reading Newspaper, Paris 1936 7. Have a natural talent for helping
  32. Image Credit - 8. Are focused on diversity
  33. 9. Are spiritually, intellectually and emotionally balanced
  34. 10. Are influencers to a broad base
  35. How many great primary connections have you got?
  36. Finding great primary connections Developing your network to find great connections is both an art and a science
  37. Build trust
  38. Nurture meaningful connections
  39. Collaborate And grow mutually beneficial relationships to achieve expansive goals even faster?
  40. Photo Credit: Leona. Dunbar’s Number connections maximum Science says
  41. Impossible to FULLY engaged with your network How do you find the hidden connections that matter the most? So near yet so far
  42. Mushroom your world ….of business connections in weeks and not months.
  43. Cut your marketing and sales costs by upwards of 50%.
  44. Increase favourable introductions
  45. “It works!” Larry Mohl Ex-Vice President Centre of Excellence
  46. Yale UniversityThousands benefited
  47. Yale University licensed for use through respected graduate business school
  48. “WOW - the power of Networlding is extraordinary! From virtually the moment I signed on, my world of innovative and relevant business connections has mushroomed. The chemical reaction created by like-minded people toward a common aim has immense potential to bring about real change in the market”. Frank Hone Executive Vice President Global Business Group
  49. “In the increasing competitive technology market where senior executives have much more at risk in spending resources to solve business problems, the value of Networlding is even more essential to success than ever before. At the end of the day, executives will buy from strategic partners they can trust and who have the confidence of others and a record success. This to me is the power of networlding - relying on relationships to introduce you to others who have similar business problems and can enjoy and share in the success you have delivered before. Thank you for engaging with SPSS.” Brian Zanghi CEO at Kadient Ex-CEO at SPSS (an IBM Company)
  50. Meet our Founder
  51. Find a local Networlding Circle near you CHECK IT OUT Master the art and science of connecting Presentation created by Kwai Yu Lead Networlding Ambassador Europe