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Neville Brody Power Point

  1. 1. {Born April. 23, 1957-Now} {Neville Brody} {56 Years Old} {Designer, Creator, Innovator, Award winner, Company starter, Dean, and Mentor}
  2. 2. Level A art is where an artist discovers identity. Teaches student different mediums, and thinking for the client and themselves. Michenden School Fine art is described as aesthetic art. Forms include: painting, sculpture, drawi ng , printmaking. This type of art is visual and applied. And is on real world mediums. 1976 Punk influenced Neville to explore and try new and even controversial avenues of his artistic ability The Queens face sideways on a stamp was the main the culprit for almost getting expelled
  3. 3. Became the art director for face magazine 1980 The Face continued until 2004 Brody stayed with the magazine until 1986
  4. 4. Started working with Fetish Records “Das ah Riot/Boom Album Cover by Suck Me The Bongos the Zebra Club Album Cover He designed their 3 Crepuscule Tracks Cover
  5. 5. He also Designed the Just Can’t Get Enough Album Cover For DepacheEdge cover for Mode The Razors Defunkt Continued Making Album Covers!!
  6. 6. Neville continued to do albums covers. Cabaret Voltaire the artist continued to be a main client. Crackdown Album Cover and Just Fascination for him 1983 And the Elephant Talk Album Cover
  7. 7. 1 9 8 6 1 9 8 5 1 9 8 4 Again Cabaret Voltaire asked Neville to create another album cover "The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord” The James Brown Cover and Microphonies
  8. 8. Neville Brody’s career changed this year. 1987 He continued to do a few album covers. Arena was a Men’s Magazine that features fitness, sex, food , and overall trends for men. He started working for the magazine Arena as their art director Neville worked for arena until 1990
  9. 9. 1990 Neville Brody helped create Fontshop Their slogan: “World’s Best Fonts” The fonts range from cursive to print, and Simple to intricate Here are a few examples He became the Director
  10. 10. If your with Jon Wozencroft , Neville helped create the FUSE Conference Along interested: This conference for anyone any aspiring designers and even people who have been in the design world for a long time. If you cannot afford this conference you can buy the fuse book and get some of the same information 1 9 9 1 FUSE is a design conferences Top people in design and a wide range of industries speak at FUSE giving their wisdom, and Insight for all the fields of design. This conference is slightly pricey
  11. 11. He started Research Studios Over the years Research Designs has grown substantially and now have studios in: With his friend Fwa Richards New York Their studio were known for their ground breaking packaging, branding, websites, and creation of languages Barcelona of the companies Research These are only a few Studios has done work for In London For Converse 1994
  12. 12. From there Neville has gone on to do amazing works of art and has continually supported and Dean for: He not only became the helped the design community. As well this year he won the D&AD Presidents Award 2011 This is only some of Neville’s Work and amazing resume.
  13. 13. Neville changed the face of design!! And has done everything and anything that involves design. He is creative, and innovative. Not only did he evolve the idea and the boundaries of design but also is a Dean. In which he mentors and gives insight to the next generation of designers. He changes the way people look at things. And continues to bring new and fresh ideas to design. His company, book/Fuse, and all his old work have and continually change and influence design on an astronomical level. Overall Neville Brody has set the bar high for now and future designers. Teaching them subconsciously that to be successful you have to push the boundaries, you have to try new things. Detail and effort is exponentially important. There is no such thing as a small project.
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