Pinpoint, Prepare, and Perform with Social Media Analytics


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November 14, 2012, Social Media Pittsburgh Seminar with Katie Vojtko:

Understand how to prepare, act, and measure in social media. Overview of appropriate metrics to both understand your network and report on your activity. Know what data to look for and when to tweak your posts for maximum effectiveness.

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Pinpoint, Prepare, and Perform with Social Media Analytics

  1. 1. Pinpoint, Prepare, & PerformWith Social Media Analytics and Measurement @katievojtko | |
  2. 2. Over the Next 45 Minutes, Well Cover:Insights -- How you can better plan and tailoryour activity for the audience youre attemptingto reach.Content Development -- Strategize yourcontent and voice to meet your audienceMeasurement -- Identifying tools andresources to help you measure your reach andimprove
  3. 3. Social Media gChat
  4. 4. Pinpoint -- #1 Dont Be Blind.1. Understand your audience2. Familiarize yourself with the culture andstandards of the network: ○ Information based vs Opinion/Thought based ○ Regular "RTs" ○ Conversational tone? ○ Mentions, credit, and #FF?3. Know the influential people within yournetwork
  5. 5. Pinpoint -- #2 Identify Your Platforms You Cant Do It All :-)
  6. 6. Pinpoint -- #3 Know Your Voice
  7. 7. Pinpoint -- #3 Know Your Voice My Advice: Identify the main themes and topics that you plan to consistently talk about. Of those topics, 80% of your social media activity should convey YOUR BRAND.
  8. 8. Tools to Help Pinpoint -- SocialBro
  9. 9. Tools to Help Pinpoint -- SocialMention
  10. 10. Preparation......isnt a one-time deal.It takes continued awareness and mindfulness about the voice, content, and personality that youre sharing with the world.
  11. 11. Preparation -- #1 Plan Ahead
  12. 12. Preparation -- #2 Keep Lists
  13. 13. Preparation --#3 Organize andDiscoverUse tools like: Twitter Lists Google+ Circles Facebook Privacy Lists
  14. 14. Preparation -- #4 Educate YourselfDont be left in the dust by not knowingwhats happening the world. Use email,blogs, news sites, journalists, and authoritativeaccounts to keep up with news in your industry.
  15. 15. Part III -- Perform
  16. 16. Perform -- Tip #1Provide useful information thats related to yourbrand, company, work, expertise, interests, etc. Dont diverge too much - your followers maybecome confused or frustrated by your clutter.
  17. 17. Perform -- Tip #2 Post Regularly.Decide whats right for you and your audience. DO NOT: Post irregularly or rarely (less than once a week).
  18. 18. Perform -- Tip #3 Remember, everyone likes a laugh.
  19. 19. Perform -- Tip #4 Get people thinking. Provide insight.Spark a conversation. Make people feel good. See it in action: Emily Levenson (@emilylevenson) does a fantastic job with this technique.
  20. 20. Perform -- Tip #5Be helpful and responsive This tip applies to both individuals and companies - reply to mentions, answer questions -- BE SOCIAL
  21. 21. Putting It All Together -- How toDetermine Your Success Want to stay relevant? Trusted? Useful? Use the following metrics to ensure that you stay on track:
  22. 22. Heres the data that I care about...● Click Count● Mention & RT Count● What links and topics are most engaging● If day/time affected engagement● Time spent on website● Influencers who follow/mention/RT
  23. 23. Buffer (website & plugin/extension)
  24. 24. Buffer (Again)
  25. 25. Hootsuite
  26. 26. Google Analytics -- Social
  27. 27. Facebook Insights
  28. 28. Bitly (website & plugin/extension)
  29. 29. RECAP:Start : Understand your goals and purpose onsocial media. Know what platforms make sense(you cant do them all!).Make it Happen : Develop a voice, followinfluential accounts, plan for regular posting.Measure : Know whats working and what isnt.Tweak and adjust (youll have to often).
  30. 30. @katievojtko | |