Pinning and Posting to Propel Your Brand


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A guide to using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

To see the source of Pinterest statistics and trends, head here:

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Katie Vojtko & Sarah Sudar

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  • Whole Foods does a killer job of expressing their values of caring about the community and the environment, promoting healthy eating, and selling high quality organic foods. To make a lasting connection, their goal is not to promote the shampoos, strawberries, and steaks that are sold in the actual stores but to communicate the lifestyle that the Whole Foods team aspires to. Pinterest helps them express and share these values. By creating digital inspiration boards of inspirational lifestyles, Whole Foods can convert casual pinners into brand enthusiasts and, hopefully, customers.Pinterest allows Whole Foods to carefully develop pin boards to capture these values in a visually stunning user interface. You might look at Pinterest and think it’s really simple, but that’s exactly what makes it a great platform.
  • AKA an online diary.
  • I always think of a blog as YOUR online Magazine. Think about newsworthy and exciting things happen that you want people to learn more about. That is what you should blog about.
  • Voice: Make sure you blog has a unified voice and personality. Consider having one/few people control the blog to keep voice consistent.200- 250 word count rule; scroll down screen, loose interest.
  • I always think of a blog as YOUR online Magazine. Think about newsworthy and exciting things happen that you want people to learn more about. That is what you should blog about.
  • On the flip side. If you don’t have or want to start a blog, you can reach out to influential bloggers to help promote your product/service.
  • Pinning and Posting to Propel Your Brand

    1. 1. Pinning and Blogging to Propel Your Brand Sarah Sudar Katie Vojtko
    2. 2. Whole Foods“Pinterest allows us to curate images from across the web that really speak to who we are as a company, images that reflect our core values and essentially communicate the essence of who we are.”- Michael Bepko, Global Online Community Manager for Whole Foods(Mashable:
    3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA Website about coffee Blog“I Like Coffee” Here’s a funky photo of my coffeeI’m drinking a coffee Here I am drinking coffee This is where I drink coffeeHere’s how I make my coffee I have a coffee-lovers circleMy skills include drinking coffee Every social media platform you utilize should highlight and support traffic to your blog (and website)
    4. 4. So, How Can Pinterest Propel My Blog? Inspire: Gain ideas for your blog posts – a cure for Writer’s Block! Inform: Share your content, videos, and blog posts to a huge audience Influence: Connect with a larger network and see who (and what!) is trending in your niche
    5. 5. What is a blog?“A Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer” (Merriam-Webster, 2012).
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Blog vs. Website Blog:  Website:  Interactive  Static  Two-way  One-way communication communication  Keeps consumers  Landing page for engaged; keep coming consumers., sometimes back for more. only a one time stop to  More personal, informal another piece of writing style. information.  Professional writing style.
    8. 8. “Websites are the centralcommunication hubs forbusinesses today, and blogs arewhere visitors go to find out if theorganization has a pulse.” -Chuck Sink New Hampshire Business Review April 4, 2012
    9. 9. Why create a blog? Provide an inside “look” at your business. Allows customers to go “behind the scenes” with your company; develop a “relationship” with them. Adds a voice and images to your online presence. You can control what is “said” about your business and “how” it is said.
    10. 10. “Think beyond the press release.Rather than assemble the facts inhopes of inspiring journalists to tellyour story, tell it yourself in aninteresting, compelling way. Figure outhow to tell it in a way that will appeal toyour key audience.” Schwartzman, E. (2005). Dos and don’ts of blogging. Public Relations Quarterly, 50(3): 33.
    11. 11. How to blog? First, create a communications plan.  Set measureable goals, objectives.  Define target audience.  Determine what you want to “say” via your blog.  What is the purpose of having a blog?
    12. 12. Sarah’s blogging tips! Post regularly- create a schedule. Photos are a MUST. Consider video. Always be honest and transparent. Voice: Use first-person POV. Make sure to engage with readers via comments.  Often, ask questions at the end of a post. Keep posts interesting, short and informative.
    13. 13. What to blog about? Talk about more than just your product/service. Examples of “blog” posts:  Interviews/profiles: Q & A’s with employees, visitors, customers, etc.  Special events and happenings.  “Behind the Scenes” Photos/Videos  Anything newsworthy and/or exciting you want people to learn more about!!  Your POV on current industry news/trends.  Testimonials.  Contests.
    14. 14. Newsworthy Post
    15. 15. Event Post
    16. 16. Interview Post
    17. 17. Reaching out to Bloggers Get “influencers” talking about your company. Relatively inexpensive.  Reward bloggers for talking about you? Make sure you reach out to bloggers who talk about products/lifestyle similar to your business. Be personal when pitching to them.
    18. 18. Example Pitch to Bloggers
    19. 19. Example Sponsored Blogs
    20. 20. Pinterest – The WhatPinterest lets you:• Organize and share all the interesting and visually attractive things you find on the web.• Plan weddings, decorate homes, find new recipes, and share fashion inspiration (just to name a few).• Browse pin boards of your friends and discover new things and gain inspiration from people who share your interests.•
    21. 21. Whole FoodsPinterest Boards
    22. 22. Pinterest – The Who Third most popular social networking site Fastest social networking site ever to reach 10+ million users About 80% of active users are women 43% of Active Users Earn Between $50,000 to $ 149,999 80% Active Users are Between 25-54 y/o
    23. 23. Pinterest – The HowPin: An image or video added to Pinterest.
    24. 24. Pinterest – The HowBoard: A board is a set of pins. A board can be created on any topic.
    25. 25. Pinterest – The HowRepin: When a pin is shared on another’s board.
    26. 26. Pinterest – The HowFollowing: Pins from those you follow will be shown to you in real-time
    27. 27. Pinterest – The How “Pin It” Button: Once installed on your browser, the “Pin It” button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pin boards.
    28. 28. Pinterest Trends & Top ContentTop 5 Categories:• Home• Arts & Crafts/DIY• Style/Fashion• Food• Inspiration/Education
    29. 29. Pinterest Controversy• The big question: “Who Owns What?”• How to Avoid Issues: Only post what your company/blog has rights to. Treat that pin board as you would your company website.
    30. 30. Katie’s Pinning Tips Segment and define your boards Complete your Pinterest bio Find and follow your audience Use #hashtags and @username to increase the chances of your pins being found Watermark pins with your address Be descriptive Have fun!
    31. 31. Example 1Lawrenceville CorporationBlog Post: An “Behind theScenes Look” at the 2012 Art AllNight Event
    32. 32. Example 1, Part 2 Lawrenceville CorporationBlog Post: Upcoming Blossom Tour
    33. 33. Example 1, Part 3 Lawrenceville CorporationBlog Post: Come Visit Our Neighborhood!
    34. 34. Example 2 Bike PGHBlog Post: Talk Up Event with a Recap from LastYear!
    35. 35. Example 2, part 2 Bike PGHBlog Post: Share advice for safe biking on withthe bus routes
    36. 36. Example 2, Part 3 Bike PGHBlog Post: Bike Trails Around Pittsburgh
    37. 37. Example 3 The Fairmont PittsburghBlog Post: Highlight wedding accommodations andstunning photography from past weddings.
    38. 38. Example 3, Part 2The Fairmont PittsburghBlog Post: Cooking classes and diningoptions at the hotel
    39. 39. Example 3, Part 3 Fairmont PittsburghBlog Post: Brunch Specials
    40. 40. Example 4 Pavement PittsburghBlog Post: Asneak peak at NewArrivals
    41. 41. Example 4, Part 2 Pavement PittsburghBlog Post:Information onupcoming big sale
    42. 42. Example 4, Part 3 Pavement PittsburghBlog Post: Q & A with Designers
    43. 43. Example 5 DinetteBlog Post:New MenuItems
    44. 44. Example 5, Part 2 Dinette Blog Post: Progress and news on rooftop vegetable and herb garden
    45. 45. Example 5, Part 3 DinetteBlog Post: BestRestaurants Party
    46. 46. Katie Vojtko Sarah SudarMarketing Specialist, Blogger, & TowerCare Technologies @sarahsudar@katievojtko