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Kv library guidelines

  1. 1. Library GuidelinesStudents are welcome to visit the Library Monday-Friday from 7:50 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Librarian willbe available to assist Students with any work or project, including reading, studying, and researchingduring the school day. Library Assistants are available to provide some guidance in these efforts as wellduring Library hours.When a Student wishes to use the Library during MPP, he/she must obtain a pass from the Libraryduring homeroom on that day. The Librarian will limit availability at her discretion. Students areresponsible for notifying the Library of any need to cancel his/her pass (e.g. a classroom Teacher is usingMPP to assist the student; the student has a commitment to Band/Chorus on that day). The Library Staffwill collect passes at the beginning of each MPP. Students using the Library during MPP will not beadmitted if they arrive more than 10 minutes into the MPP. Use of computers is on a first-come, first-served basis for schoolwork, but the Librarian may use her discretion to delegate priority usage.Students may come to the Library during class time only by obtaining permission and a pass from theirclassroom Teacher.Teachers may bring entire classes to the Library when prior arrangements have been made. Teachersmay sign up for use of the Library classroom in the Library Scheduling Book. At the start of the schoolyear all 6th grade Students will attend Library Orientation through their Language Arts classes. Any 7th or8th grade Teacher may arrange a refresher Library session as well. Library expectations, policies, andresources will be presented in both the Orientation and Refresher sessions. At any time throughout thecourse of the school year Teachers may schedule class use of the Library classroom for a specific projector assignment. The classroom Teacher works with the Librarian to co-teach information skills/researchand/or to conduct lessons in the Library. The Librarian will provide print and online resources andresource instruction based on the objectives of the activity/project. Students are expected to behaveappropriately when their classes come to the Library.The Library website may be accessed at http://www.hatboro-horsham.org/kvLibrary. There are manygreat resources including research sites, databases, and tools available on the Library website throughany internet-enabled device. The Librarian provides instruction on these tools and encourages Studentsto make use of their remote access. Additional resources including Library updates are available on theKV Library blog at http://kvlibrary.com.The Librarian may be contacted at lquinn@hatboro-horsham.org.
  2. 2. Circulation ProceduresBooks for general use may be checked out for two weeks. A renewal period is permitted for most items,unless hold requests have been placed on the book. The book must be scanned for renewal in theLibrary. If there is a great demand for a specific item, renewals may be limited or the Librarian mayrequest that the item(s) be returned to be placed on reserve. Items placed on reserve will be re-shelved after 5 days. Recalls are made when another student needs Library material that is checked out.All patrons are expected to respond to recalls of materials. If the recall is for material to be placed onreserve for a teacher or class, the material is expected to be returned at once. Otherwise, a recall maygo into effect when a student has had an item for two weeks (the most popular/newest titles are mostoften subject to recall). Exceptions to recall are at the discretion of the Librarian.Students are permitted to borrow up to 4 books at a time. The Library offers a wide variety of titles andreading levels to accommodate our diverse learning community. Students must have a CustodialConsent form on file in the library before they will be permitted to check out titles with a YA (youngadult) sticker. Such books are provided to challenge advanced readers and to provide titles and subjectsof interest to more mature students. Forms will be mailed home at the start of each school year, andthey will be available upon request in the Main Office. Questions or concerns may be addressed by Mrs.Quinn, the Librarian.Reference books and magazines circulate overnight only, and at the Librarian’s discretion. Overnightmaterials other than magazines may not be borrowed before 3:00 p.m., however, Students may reservethese materials at any time during the day to be picked up at 3:00 p.m. that day. They are due thefollowing day before homeroom.Overdue MaterialsReturning Library materials on time is important so that other Students may use them. At checkout, duedates are stamped in the back of each book. Students may also access their patron accounts online,*using their school network username and password. The Library Staff encourages Students to writebook due dates in their agenda books.*Online Access: Students may access Keith Valley Library’s OPAC through the following website:http://destiny.hatboro-horsham.orgClick on Keith Valley Middle School and log in to search the Catalog or to view your patron account(choose the My Info tab in the Catalog).
  3. 3. Library Charges: 1. Charges for overdue materials are $0.10/school day. Charges for overnight materials are $0.25/day. Days with excused absences are not fined. The maximum fine charged per item is $5.00. 2. In all cases, the Library prefers the return of the original book to payment for a replacement copy. However, the book must be returned in good condition, with only a reasonable amount of wear. The Librarian will decide whether a damaged book requires full replacement or repair, and the actual cost of either option will be charged to the patron. 3. Lost book charges are determined by the current replacement cost of the book. When a lost book is paid for, no additional fines are charged.Student ExpectationsStudents are expected to be respectful at all times. They will be respectful of one another, Teachers andStaff, and the physical holdings and structures of the Library. The Library does not permit food, drink, orgum chewing. Trash and recycling containers are available at the door and by the printers. Studentsshould leave the Library in the same or better condition than they found it, which means that all chairsshould be pushed in and no papers, pencils, wrappers, etc should be left behind on the tables,workstations, floors, or at the printers/copier. Students must return borrowed writing implements,rulers, calculators, scissors, etc. to the circulation desk so that another Student may borrow them.Books used in-Library should be placed in the book return: Students are not to re-shelve materials.Students should use paper and printers conservatively, printing only what they really need, and onlyafter proofreading their work on-screen.Patron Obligation NotificationStudents are responsible for their behavior while using the Library and its media. Therefore, Studentsare responsible for the return of borrowed materials by the due date.Students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are able to monitor their own patron accounts by logging in toDestiny. This service is available via any internet connection: http://destiny.hatboro-horsham.orgStudents are responsible for returning borrowed materials on or before the due date. All overduematerials and fines assessed are considered Library Obligations. Obligation notices are issued on aweekly basis. Upon receiving a notice in homeroom, Students are required to report to the Library.The Library will issue three notices for Obligations. Students are encouraged to includeparent(s)/guardian(s) and share issued notices at home in order to procure money for Libraryobligations. Once the Final Notice is issued, the student’s name will be submitted to the grade levelPrincipal. Consequences for continued student Library obligations may include: 1. Mandatory locker clean out during MPP 2. Participation in mandatory Library Appreciation Sessions during lunch at the Librarian’s discretion
  4. 4. 3. Participation in after-school Library Improvement Activities 4. Inclusion of Library obligation on student eligibility list for participation in extra-curricular athletic or musical performance 5. Access to the school computer network suspended 6. Exclusion from school/team/grade level activities 7. Lunch or after school detentionsThe Library Staff reviews each patron’s status on an individual basis: 1. If a book is overdue, the Student is reminded to locate and return the book. 2. If a book was returned late, the Student is told the overdue fine amount due. 3. Library privileges will be suspended until obligations have been met. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances at the Librarian’s discretion.Failure to Return Library MaterialsLibrary use is a privilege issued to all Keith Valley Students. Students are expected to behaverespectfully and responsibly at all times. Failure to return overdue materials or pay Library fines willresult in the suspension or restriction of Library privileges. Unaddressed Library Obligations will result ina student conference with a grade level Principal.Lost Book ProceduresIn all cases it is preferable to have the original borrowed book returned to the Library. Students willalways be encouraged by Library Staff to find the book rather than to pay for its replacement. If aStudent and his/her parent/guardian deem the book truly lost, the following will occur: 1. The Student will be issued a lost book letter to be taken home. Library Staff will make a photocopy of this completed form letter. The letter will include the title, author, ISBN, designation for paperback/hardcover, and cost of replacement. This letter must be returned to the Librarian, signed and dated by the parent/guardian in order to fulfill the lost book obligation. 2. The Library will keep a copy of the lost book letter on file. 3. The Student and his/her parent/guardian may choose to either replace the book with the exact copy (same title, author, ISBN, and a hardback must be replaced by a hardback) /OR/ The Student and his/her parent/guardian may choose to pay the amount indicated in the letter for a replacement copy. The money must be provided in a sealed envelope.
  5. 5. ILL/Access PA ProceduresKeith Valley Middle School Library is an Access PA member Library. We abide by the agreement terms,and actively process requests submitted through the system, and we generate requests for our ownpatrons. Additionally, all Hatboro-Horsham School District libraries support one another by lendingbooks via inter-district mail.Patrons may place a book request through Destiny for a book in one of the HHSD libraries, or patronsmay ask the Library Staff to place the request for them. Titles not available through HHSD libraries maybe requested through the Access PA system by the Librarian.The Librarian will manage the ILL system. When a request is made of our Library, the item should bechecked out in Destiny to Patron Name: Access PA, ILL. All items have a 2 week circulation period.When check-out is complete, the item should be mailed via USPS to the requesting Library. Upon returnof the item, it must be checked in from patron Access PA, ILL.The Librarian will provide a print-out from the ILL service with the Title, Call Number, and requestingLibrary address. The Staff member performing the check-out, mailing, and check-in of the item willnotify the Librarian when each event occurs (check-out, mailing, check-in). The Librarian will maintainthe ILL service notifications.Online ResourcesThe Keith Valley Middle School Library provides Students with print and electronic media resources.Students and Staff have access to the following on-line resources:KV Library OfferingsCitation Maker Grolier OnlineFactCite (Lincoln Library eBooks) IntelligencerGale’s Student Resource Center - Gold NoodleToolsGale Virtual Reference Library (eBooks) WorldBook OnlineAccess PA POWER Library OfferingsABI/INFORM Trade & Industry OmniFile SelectAccess Pennsylvania Database Readers’ Guide SelectAP Images Science Full Text SelectAuto Repair Reference Center SIRS DiscovererConsumer Health Complete Teacher Reference CenterContemporary AuthorsGreenFILEInfoTrac NewsstandLISTAnetLibraryOmniFile Mega
  6. 6. Periodical Holdings 1. Subscriptions to Intelligencer, Inquirer, and Public Spirit a. Print copies are available for in-library use b. Digital subscriptions are available via library website 2. Purchase Order generated for annual EBSCO magazine subscriptions (new subscriptions take effect in January; orders are placed in June) 3. Magazines are checked in and stamped when received 4. Current copies kept jacketed in magazine rack, older copies placed in back storage room. Professional magazines given to Librarian for Staff notification.2011-2012 KEITH VALLEY MAGAZINE LIST TITLE BEGINNING YR FREQUENCY Biography Today: Regular Series 1990 Triannual *Booklinks 2004 Bimonthly *Booklist 2009 Bimonthly Boy’s Life 2006 Monthly Career World (Grades 7-12) 2010 Monthly Cobblestone 1985 Monthly Code One (gift) 2006 Monthly Dig 2000 Bimonthly Dirt Bike 2005 Monthly Downbeat (gift) 2008 Monthly *English Journal 2009-2011 Bimonthly Faces 2011 *Gifted Child Today 2010 Quarterly Girls’ Life 2006 Bimonthly Poder 2010 Monthly Kids’ Discover 2006 Monthly *Language Arts 2009 Monthly
  7. 7. *Library Media Connection 2009 Monthly *Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 2003 Bimonthly *Multimedia & Internet@Schools 2004 Monthly National Geographic 1918 Monthly National Science Teachers’ Association Newsweek 1961 Weekly PA Angler & Boater 2006 Bimonthly *Professional School Counseling 2010 Bimonthly *Reading Teacher (IRAssoc) 2003 Monthly *Reading Today (IRA) 2010 Monthly *Scholastic Art 3 subscriptions 2010 Bimonthly *School Arts 2010 Monthly *School Library Journal 2006 Monthly *Science Scope & NSTA Reporter 2004 Monthly Smithsonian (gift) 2005 Monthly Sports Illustrated for Kids 2005 Monthly Time Magazine 1980 Weekly The Writer 2011Please note: Magazines with an * are professional journals for Teacher use only.
  8. 8. Keith Valley Staff Policies & ProceduresSchool District personnel may borrow Library materials for an extended period of time.Classes may be scheduled with the Librarian for research sessions, information literacy instruction, MLAcitation instruction, online resource instruction, and NoodleTools instruction. Classes may also bescheduled for booktalks and special Reading or Language Arts needs.Teaching Staff may request materials specific to a unit of study for use as a temporary classroomresource. The Library requests advance notice of at least 2 days. Pertinent materials will be checkedout to the requesting Teacher and put on a bookcart based on the Resource List designated by theLibrarian in Destiny. The Library Staff will note the bookcart, Teacher’s name, and correspondingResource List on the chart. The Teacher will be notified for pickup.Library Scheduling Procedures 1. A scheduling book is kept on the main circulation counter. An online version is available for read-only purposes at http://hatboro-horsham.org/kvlibrary . It will be updated each Friday to reflect the upcoming week’s schedule. 2. Teachers may sign in classes for ½ block periods upon approval from Librarian or Staff; a copy of the lesson plan, project rubric, class handouts, or meeting description/agenda is required so that appropriate resources are prepared. If book borrowing will present a conflict for the Teacher, advance notice of this is required. 3. Classes may schedule book borrowing upon approval from Librarian or Staff. Sixth grade Language Arts classes have an established, regular independent book borrowing reservation.DVD/VHS Broadcasting and SchedulingSchool-wide video/TV controls are housed in the Library. The Keith Valley Middle School PublicPerformance Site License is on file in the Library. Teachers/Staff may utilize broadcasting for a singleclass, team, grade level, or across all grade levels. The assistance of Library Staff is not guaranteed (butsomeone will provide assistance if available). 1. Broadcast Channel Assignments: Grade 6 outputs to Channel 6, Grade 7 outputs to Channel 7, Grade 8 outputs to Channel 8, and CAR/PE/Other outputs to Channel 9. 2. Teachers/Staff may provide their own video or use a video from the Library. If a Library video is selected, it must be checked out to the requesting Teacher with an advance request. 3. Teachers/Staff are responsible for their own broadcasting, on a first-come, first-served basis.