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MindSweep 2.0 - Part I - Answers


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KQA MindSweep 2.0 Answers

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MindSweep 2.0 - Part I - Answers

  1. 1. Karnataka Quiz Association Presents MindSweep 2012 Part I – The Arts, Literature, Cinema, Music, Sports and Leisure PLEASE OPEN THIS BOOKLET ONLY WHEN YOUR PROCTOR SAYS “START”. PLEASE FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH THESE DETAILS BEFORE THE START.This BOOKLET contains 100 questions, divided into 5 topics. It comprises Part I of the contest. Your cumulative score across the tentopics will determine your ranking.Rules: 1. You have 60 minutes to answer as many of these questions as possible. 2. Each section ends with a 2-pointer. The maximum total score in each section is 21. 3. Papers will be swapped with another player for marking at the end of 60 minutes. 4. Unless stated in the question, last names will suffice. However, if you give the wrong first name, your answer will be incorrect! 5. Phonetically correct answers will be accepted. 6. After the five topics have been marked, you will get your paper back and you have 5 minutes to check you agree with the marking. Disputes must be referred to the coordinator in this time. Please indicate which answer(s) you are querying with a large ―?‖ question mark. 7. At the end of marking, your checker should copy your scores into the table on this sheet. If you agree with their marking, sign next to the score(s) to confirm this. Your complete script should then be handed in (it will be returned to you later). Once this has been done, no further discussions will be entered into about your score. The score signed for will be considered to be correct. 8. The overall highest scoring player from all participating venues will be the KQA MindSweep Champion 2012. 9. In the event of a tie, your lowest scores will be compared and the person with a higher score there will win. 10. In the event of any unprecedented occurrence or unforeseen circumstances arising in the course of the quiz, your proctor‘s decision shall be final and binding. KQA will adjudicate if the proctor refers the matter to us. 11. Your commencing to answer the questions indicates your acceptance of these rules.Thank you.Arul Mani, Dibyendu Das, Kiran Vijayakumar and Navin Rajaram, KQAContestant‟s Name  # Topic Marks 1 The Arts Sign here  2 Literature 3 Cinema 4 Music 5 Sports and Leisure Total @kqaquizzes
  2. 2. MindSweep 2012 The Arts 1. Designed by Jean Nouvel, this project is under construction on Saadiyat 1. Louvre Abu Dhabi. Island and is expected to complete in 2014. A petition signed by more than 4650 experts, archaeologists and art historians has accused the UAE‘s European partner in this project of behaving like a corporation with profit maximisation in mind. What project? 2. (Visual) Created by Gerhard Richter, this cycle of photograph paintings is 2. Baader-Meinhof. also called October 18, 1977. The paintings, created from black-and-white newspaper and police photos, are based on the lives and of four left-wing terrorists, three of whom died in custody, perhaps due to torture. What is the more popular name of the series? 3. The wall began to crumble shortly after the work was completed. Some 3. The Last Supper at Santa Maria friars cut a door in the wall knocking off the feet of one of the principal della Grazie, Milan. characters. Over time the chamber (housing the work) stopped being a refectory and became in turn a stable, a storage-room, a prison and barracks. Which famous work? 4. Consisting of display galleries with names such as Living Network, Oceans 4. Panama City. Divided and The Bridge, the Biodiversity Museum is the only creation of Frank Gehry in Latin America. Near which city is it located? 5. In a 1985 Tonight Show appearance, when Johnny Carson asked Michael 5. Mort Drucker (of MAD). J. Fox ―When did you really know you‘d made it in show business?‖, Fox replied, ―When ____ drew my head.‖ Fill up the blank with a caricaturist famous for his takes on films and film stars. 6. Isidore of Miletus, a physicist, and Anthemius of Tralles, a mathematician, 6. Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya. served as architects for this structure. It was so richly and artistically decorated that Justinian I, in his infinite wisdom, exclaimed, ―Solomon, I have outdone thee!‖ Identify. 7. Modelled on Angela del Moro, a Venetian courtesan and a known dining 7. Titian‘s Venus of Urbino. companion of the artist, this painting was commissioned by Guidobaldo II della Rovere, the Duke of a sovereign state in northern Italy, possibly to celebrate his 1534 marriage. In his 1880 travelogue A Tramp Abroad, Mark Twain called it ―the foulest, the vilest, the obscenest picture the world possesses‖. Identify the painting which hangs in the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence. 8. What „cute‟ nickname was given by the French poet Fernand Divoire in 8. The Isadorables. 1909 to a group of six girls who danced under the instruction of Isadora Duncan – Anna Denzler, Maria-Theresa Kruger, Irma Erich-Grimme, Elizabeth Milker, Margot Jehl, and Erica Lohmann? 9. James Marshall twisted his friend‘s first name around a bit to call him 9. Maurice Sendak. ―Morose‖ ____. Despite the eccentric dourness, he remained popular with his chosen audience, perhaps because, as he once said, he refused to lie to children. Who?10. (Visual) When a great artist passed away in 1863, the establishment barely 10. Eugène Delacroix. acknowledged his passing. This caused a younger painter, Fantin Latour, to produce this tribute featuring himself, Charles Baudelaire, Whistler, and Manet ranged around a portrait of the departed genius. Which lover of liberty inspired this tribute?Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 2
  3. 3. 11. (Visual) Joan Acocella made this bemused response to his early forays into 11. Khalil Gibran. art. ―Often in the foreground, one saw a... pile-up of faceless humanity, while in the background there hovered a Greater Power—an angel, perhaps, or just a sort of milky miasma.‖ Some people might say that this judgement is equally valid as a description of his prose. Identify this artist and writer who arrived in the US during the 1890s from another continent and made it big.12. The French artist and photographer Nadar was fascinated by balloons and 12. Jules Verne. set up The Society for the Encouragement of Heavier-than-Air Locomotion to further this interest. It was thus that he met a young man whose early effort as a writer was titled Five Weeks in a Balloon. Who was this young man?13. Originally titled Francesca da Rimini, it depicts a 13th century Italian 13. The Kiss by Auguste Rodin. noblewoman from Dante‘s Inferno who falls for her husband‘s younger brother Paolo Matalesta. The couple are eventually killed, while still reading Lancelot and Guinevere in an implied last act of love. What work of art?14. U. S. Steel developed the product in the 1930s and trademarked it as Cor- 14. The Angel of the North or Antony Ten; it was used primarily in railroad coal wagons. The insulating patina Gormley. resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather-proofing, and doesn‘t compromise structural strength. It contains some copper to allow for the formation of a red brown patina as part of the weathering process. Its most famous use was perhaps in a 1998 sculpture unkindly dismissed as ―Flash Gordon with wings and the feet of the Beast from the Black Lagoon‖. Identify the monument or the creator.15. On May 8, 1945 the towers of Immendorf Castle in southern Austria were 15. Gustav Klimt. blown up by retreating Nazis. Thirteen of whose paintings were lost forever as a result of the brutal explosion?16. Named after a vegetable this award satirizes a famous prize and was 16. Turnip Prize. conceived in 1999 as a response to Tracey Emin‘s work called My Bed that had been one of the nominees for the prize. Name this spoof award.17. Which artist claims to have changed his ―style‖ while he was hiding from 17. Banksy. the police under a rubbish lorry, when he noticed the stencilled serial number? The additional benefit was the reduced time it took to complete a piece.18. (Visual) Who created the cover of the 1977 Aerosmith album aptly titled 18. Al Hirschfeld. Draw the Line?19. ―He does not appear intimidated by gravity‘s divine suction... His arms are 19. The Falling Man. by his side, only slightly outriggered. His left leg is bent at the knee, almost casually. His white shirt, or jacket, or frock, is billowing free of his black pants. His black high-tops are still on his feet.‖ Tom Junod coined the term by which we refer to an eleven-year-old artefact in this piece that he wrote for Esquire Magazine. What was this term?20. (2 points) This scientist, whose eponymous contraption was immortalized in 20. Robert Boyle; Air Pump. a Joseph Wright of Derby oil-on-canvas, described the experiment on an avian thus: ―… the Bird for a while appear‘d lively enough; but upon a greater Exsuction of the Air, she began manifestly to droop and appear sick, and very soon after was taken with as violent and irregular Convulsions, as are wont to be observ‘d in Poultry, when their heads are wrung off: For the Bird threw her self over and over two or three times, and dyed with her Breast upward, her Head downwards, and her Neck awry‖. Identify the scientist and his creation.Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 3
  4. 4. MindSweep 2012 Literature 1. Palaeontologist Krill Yeskov‘s The Last Ringbearer is an unauthorized 1. Mordor. sequel to a popular book series based on the premise that the original text needs closer examination to generate alternate views. The book is narrated from the perspective of the residents of which land? 2. A slim crime novel titled Crusher by Niall Leonard has been in news— 2. E.L. James. (Accept Erika largely due to the fame of his writer wife. Identify the better-half (literally?). Leonard or Erika Mitchell.) 3. This landmark comics series, serialized in the 1990s, takes its name from 3. Sin City. its setting, a fictional town in the American west. The town‘s apt nickname can be obtained by dropping the letters ―BA‖ from its name. Identify. 4. Complete this Clerihew by E.C. Bentley with two literary stalwarts: ―The 4. Cervantes, Dantes. people of Spain think ____ / Equal to half-a-dozen ____; / An opinion resented most bitterly / By the people of Italy.‖ 5. ―In the country of Westphalia, in the castle of the most noble Baron of 5. Candide. Thunder-ten-tronckh, lived a youth whom Nature had endowed with a most sweet disposition. His face was the true index of his mind. He had a solid judgment joined to the most unaffected simplicity; and hence, I presume, he had his name of X.‖ Which fictional character‘s name is glossed thus, early on in the novel that he lends his name to? 6. In 2000, he was posthumously awarded the Order of Stara Planina, 6. Georgi Markov. Bulgarias most prestigious honour, for his ―significant contribution to the Bulgarian literature, drama and non-fiction and for his exceptional civic position and confrontation to the Communist regime‖. Rather belated recognition for a writer whose critical attitude earned him more than the occasional pinprick from the establishment. Which writer? 7. Among Jews, this book is recited at Shabuoth, the Spring Harvest festival. 7. Book of Ruth. The book, which is also part of the Bible, seems to counter priestly prohibitions against Jews and non-Jews marrying each other. Which book? 8. The Titans ate the young god Dionysus, and this caused Zeus to destroy 8. Man. (Accept humans or human them with a thunderbolt. He then put the ashes to good use, and the end- beings.) result had both the grossly physical nature of the Titans, but also an immortal spark from the fact that they had eaten Dionysus. What did Zeus use the ashes to make? 9. Which character bearing the Latin name for ―auspicious‖ or ―lucky‖ has 9. Faustus or Faust. become synonymous, by virtue of being the protagonist of several works of literature, with poor bargaining skills?10. The winner of this prize is usually never an author, but a ‗spotter‘ who is 10. Diagram Prize for the Oddest given a bottle of claret for his pains. The publisher Bruce Robertson Book Title. (Accept Oddest Book suggested this prize as entertainment for bored visitors at the Frankfurt Title or the Strangest Book Title..) Book Fair in the 1970s. Since 2000, the decision has been taken not by panel but by public vote at a website. What is the prize given for?11. The ‗orse ‗e knows above a bit, the bullock‘s but a fool, / The elephant‘s a 11. The camel. (Kipling used ―cam-u- gentleman, the battery-mule‘s a mule; / But the commissariat ____, when all el‖.) is said an‘ done, / ‗E‘s a devil an‘ a ostrich an‘ a orphan-child in one. / O the oont, O the oont, O the Gawd-forsaken oont!‖ Kipling pays tribute to a baggage animal in this poem, and insists on using a six-letter variant on the spelling in these lines. What baggage animal?Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 4
  5. 5. 12. Seized in 1880 and now considered a national treasure, they were made 12. Ned Kelly‘s/The Kelly Gang‘s from the steel mouldboards taken from ploughs, covered the head, armour. shoulders, neck and torso and weighed about 90 pounds. Of the four that are known to exist, at least three are on display in and around Melbourne. The people who used it figure in a novel that won the 2001 Booker Prize. What are we talking about?13. The Sheikh, The Honeymoon, Prisoner of War, The Noose Tightens, Mouse 13. Maus by Art Spiegelman. Holes, and Mouse Trap are chapter titles in the first volume of which Pulitzer-winning work of the early 1990s?14. Literally meaning ―drawn strips‖ and abbreviated as BD, comic strips written 14. French. (BD stands for ‗Bande in which language have a huge worldwide following? Dessinee‘.)15. Isabel Allende records her countrys misadventures in Isla de Pascua in My 15. Easter Island. Invented Country. For the islanders, contact with her countrymen was fatal. Most of the males were taken off to Peru to work like slaves on the guano deposits. After an international outcry, the last fifteen survivors were re- united with their families. These men brought back smallpox with them, and it exterminated eighty percent of the population. Imported sheep ran through the vegetation turning the island into a barren husk of lava. How do we know this territory better?16. Literally ―the lower new town‖, this Russian city was known by another name 16. Nizhni Novgorod or Maxim from 1932 to 1990, derived from that of the famous writer who was born Gorky. here. Name either the city or the writer.17. In some versions, he died at home, surrounded by his people. In later 17. Ulysses. myths, he is killed accidentally by Telegonus, a son from a short-lived liaison who then goes on to marry our hero‘s wife in uncanny parallel to the Oedipus story. On descending into the Inferno, Dante meets this character among the Counsellors of Fraud on account of a long list of sins, including the spiriting away of the Palladium from Troy and the luring of Achilles from Skyros. Which restless hero from mythology?18. It takes one of its names from the fact that it is simply the largest artefact 18. Codex Gigas or Devil‘s Bible. created in medieval times that is available today—620 pages by length and 165 pounds by weight. The other name that you might hear comes from the fact that it has two illustrations facing each other: the devil and the City of God. Somebody once described the devil here as looking rather like a cartoon character in an ermine diaper. It was put together at a Bohemian monastery in the 13th century, and was taken from Prague to Stockholm as booty after the Thirty Years War. What artefact?19. While this form of narrative is normally referred to in the plural, variations in 19. Comics or Comix. spelling may be indicative of content. When the plural is six letters long, one may assume that the content is safe, while a shorter plural may indicate subversive political or sexual content. Name either form.20. Auguste Le Breton used this slang term meaning ―bust-up‖—he may even 20. Rififi; Jules Dassin. have coined it—in the titles of a series of novels, each set in a different city. An American-origin director helmed the production of one of those books, and himself played a bad guy in the film under the name Perlo VIta. What was this slang term? Who was this Connecticut-born director who went Europe-wards after getting into trouble during the McCarthy years?Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 5
  6. 6. MindSweep 2012 Cinema 1. Truth in 24 is a 2008 documentary movie about the Audi team‘s efforts to 1. Jason Statham (from the prepare for and win the 2008 Lemans race. Fittingly, the movie is narrated Transporter series). by which action star who drove an Audi A8 in a now famous trilogy of films? 2. The 2005 documentary Magnificent Desolation was narrated by Tom Hanks 2. Buzz Aldrin. and a voice star cast including Morgan Freeman, John Travolta and Paul Newman. Its title comes from someone‘s awestruck two-word description of a famous landscape. Years later, he would use the same for the title of his autobiography. Identify the personality. 3. Tampopo (Japanese for ―dandelion‖) is a 1995 comedy film that chronicles 3. Ramen Western. the quest to make an irresistibly delicious noodle soup. When released, the movie marketed itself as the first in a genre, whose name was a Japanese counterpoint to the genre of American Westerns made by Italian production houses. What was this new genre? 4. His first feature film as director was set in a fictional town where the 4. Peter Weir. inhabitants profit by staging accidents with cars that drove through the town. This film, titled The Cars that Ate Paris is believed to be partly responsible for another cult-hit titled Death Race 2000. Name the director. 5. In 1973, a young courier took a print of the film Badlands from Los Angeles 5. (Terence) Malick. to Manhattan for submission to the New York Film Festival. After the screening, festival chief Richard Roud told the messenger, ―Would you please tell Mr. ____ that we loved Badlands and want it as our closing-night film?‖ The unassuming fellow replied, ―I am Mr. ____‖. Fill up the blank. 6. Russian film-maker Dziga Vertov used the term ‗Kino Pravda‘ for the 6. Cinema Verite. newsreel films he made. Years later, this approach inspired the French film- maker Jean Rouch, and he translated the term that Vertov used to describe his own style of film-making. What was the term? 7. In 1923, about a year after the project that eventually made him famous, 7. Played Nanook of the North. Allakariallak ran out of food while hunting on the tundra, built a snow house, and crawled inside to die. His face was later used to sell ice-cream, and another name arising from the project became, according to rumour, a synonym for ―strong man‖ in Malaysia. What was Allakariallak‟s claim to fame? 8. His grandson Tancred made the first Norwegian talkie, and is remembered 8. Henryk Ibsen. to this day for a film titled Fant (Tramp in English). Tancred bid farewell to film-making in the 1960s with a film titled The Wild Duck, based on a play by his grandfather. Who was his grandfather? 9. He directed an under-rated noir film in German titled The Lost One, played a 9. Peter Lorre. bunch of seedy characters in Hollywood films, tried a comic turn in Fox‘s Mr. Moto series, and lent his talent to a series of directors ranging from Fritz Lang, Pabst and Hitchcock to Roger Corman. Who?10. At 229 minutes, this 1983 epic was the director‘s last film, his longest and 10. Once Upon A Time in America. anything but a spaghetti western. Adapted from Harry Grey‘s novel Hoods, it featured a bunch of Italians playing Jewish ghetto gangsters, a decision vehemently defended by the director. What movie, which was disastrously shortened to 139 minutes to cater to an American audience?Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 6
  7. 7. 11. A large portion of the $14 Million budget of the 1981 WWII drama Das Boot 11. Raiders of the Lost Ark. (The Boat) was spent on building 3 scale model U-boats. The same year, these boats were rented off for filming the first movie in a franchise that involved Nazis hunting a religious artefact that would make their armies invincible. What movie?12. Legend has it that this actor was involved in a bar fight the day before 12. Mel Gibson. auditioning for this role. His black and blue face stuck in the mind of the director, landing him the role of Max Rockatansky, a motor cop trying to maintain order in a disintegrating society. Which actor?13. Between 1961 and 1963, Ingmar Bergman released three films—Through a 13. Chamber Trilogy. Glass Darkly, Winter Light and Silence—all to do with the futility of faith in God, family or love. The title of this series, _____Trilogy, comes from a form of minimalistic cinema with small cast and limited sets, which in turn takes its name from music composed for a small set of instruments. What term?14. When this song writer moved to the United States in the 1890s, he bought 14. Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for with him a vehicle, for which he was charged import duty. His friend William Two). Jerome is said to have used a particular phrase to jokingly explain that it was lucky that the vehicle did not have an additional seat, inspiring the ending words of a poem. What song, part of the famous last words voiced by Douglas Rain in a 1968 movie?15. The 1962 Oscars saw two of the youngest nominees in the history of the 15. To Kill a Mockingbird. awards competing for the Best Supporting Actress Award. Patty Duke, just 16, won the award for her role as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker while Mary Badham, just 10, lost out for her role as an honest, outspoken tomboy in 1930s Maycomb, Alabama. Which movie did Mary star in?16. The documentary Lightning Over Water is a tribute by Wim Wenders to this 16. Nicholas Ray. (The 1955 movie director. The documentary features extracts from the director‘s movies was Rebel Without a Cause.) including his unfinished work We Can’t Go Home Again. Name the director best-known for a 1955 movie with a happening star.17. His 1997 film Ayneh (The Mirror) was inspired by a fleeting glimpse he 17. Jafar Panahi. caught while in Busan to attend the 1996 film festival—a young girl sitting alone on a park bench and staring into space. Name this director who has been jailed for his opposition to the regime in his country.18. This studio, now owned by Moravia Steel, was used for the filming for 18. Barrandov. Operation Daybreak, Yentl and Amadeus, and much later for Soderbergh‘s Kafka. They were also listed as the producers of Jiri Menzel‘s Closely Observed Trains. They are housed at buildings designed by the architect Max Urban and take their name from a locality where a French geologist once dug up a bunch of trilobites. Name the studio.19. (Visual) This term is applied to the sword-and-sandals genre of 19. Peplum films. internationally successful Italian films—either historicals or costume dramas. The characters were usually sourced from the ancient world--often Hercules, or Spartacus, and were more often than not played by body- builders. Name this genre that shares its name with the short flare at the waist seen in this photograph.20. (Visual) Known popularly by the nickname Nannarella, she was the 20. Anna Magnani; Rome, Open City inspiration for the Tennessee Williams play The Rose Tattoo. She acted in (Roma, Citta Aperta). the film of the play and won her only Oscar thus. The Italian finance ministry issued a special silver 5-euro coin bearing her profile on one side and on the other an image from the 1945 film that she is remembered for. Who? Which film?Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 7
  8. 8. MindSweep 2012 Music 1. (Visual) The use of this appendage to a musical instrument is usually 1. Soft pedal. denoted with the Italian ―uno corda/due corde‖ meaning one or two strings with the effect of softening the note and tone quality. In the metaphorical sense, the English term for it has come to mean playing down an incident or proceeding in a subdued manner. What two-word term? 2. (Visual) The Panasonic Platinum series of boom boxes benefited for many 2. Earth, Wind and Fire. years by the endorsement of this path breaking American band that combined elements of jazz, soul, rock and disco in their music. Their print endorsements for this stereo recorder buttressed the 70s-80s stereotype of the music fan blasting his music on the go, carrying his box with him on his shoulder. Which group? 3. The Second Great Quintet was formed in the early 1960s with Herbie 3. Miles Davis. Hancock on piano, Wayne Shorter on sax, Ron Carter on bass and Tony Williams on drums. The quintet disbanded in the late 60s. Name the missing member. 4. Which popular song composed by Hoagy Carmichael and covered by 4. Stardust. (The film is Stardust Louis Armstrong inspired the title of a 1980 Woody Allen film? Memories.) 5. The Southbank Centre will begin a year-long music festival devoted to 20th 5. The Rest is Noise. century music in 2013. The name of the festival comes from a best-selling work about such music that takes its title by playfully modifying the words spoken by the most famous Dane in English literature. What is the title of the festival? 6. The collage band Negativland pioneered the use of a term that today 6. Culture jamming. denotes a disruption of mainstream corporate-controlled communication with the 1984 album JamCon ‘84. A part of the term is derived from the strategy of taking over public frequencies for radio communication. What term? 7. ―You gave yourself to each of us in / some manner. You were wrapped in / 7. Below the Eternal Flame, at Elvis thoughtfulness and tied with love. / May this flame reflect our never / ending Presley‘s grave in Graceland. respect and love for you. / May it serve as a constant reminder / to each of us of your eternal presence.‖ Where, specifically, would you find this ‗poem‘? 8. It is the main avenue in Storyville, the red-light district of the city‘s French 8. Basin Street or Basin Street Quarter and took its name from the reservoir created for ships to manoeuvre Blues. in the Carondelete Canal. In 1926, Spencer Williams immortalized it in a romantic hit that was further popularized by Louis Armstrong in 1928, followed by Ella Fitzgerald and Liza Minnelli giving it their own renditions. What location/hit? 9. Guest of Honour was the first opera created by this musician based on the 9. Scott Joplin. 1901 White House Dinner hosted by Theodore Roosevelt for Booker T. Washington. A copyright application filed in 1903 did not include the score and when the musician went into bankruptcy, the score was confiscated and lost forever. Who was the composer, well known in the context of a 1973 caper movie?Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 8
  9. 9. 10. In 1964, they named themselves after the American holiday tracing its 10. Mothers of Invention. origins to women‘s peace group movements and celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May. Later, Verve records suggested adding the suffix ‗Auxilliary‘ to avoid negative associations, after which it was modified further to resonate with half of a pithy English proverb. What band name?11. Though a well-known composer during his lifetime, he is mostly recognized 11. Johann Pachelbel. today for Canon in D which is believed to have been composed for Johann Christoph Bach‘s wedding in 1694. Name the composer.12. According to the members Goldman, Stanton and Wink, ―The personality is 12. The Blue Man Group. seen both as a hero as well as an innocent person; and the baldness helps evoke both the traits. And the colour seems just right.‖ Which group?13. In popular music, what famous remedy would you associate with Madame 13. Love Potion No. 9. Ruth, a gypsy with a gold-capped tooth?14. ―It used to be a neighborhood up on a hillside above the town where there 14. Buena Vista Social Club. were nice breezes and it was cool and pleasant... I don‘t have any idea where it was, but everybody swears they know... We‘d been in there seven weeks and were recording; everybody was hanging out and we had rum and coffee around 2 in the afternoon. It felt like a club, so let‘s call it that. That‘s what gave it a handle.‖ This is an edited account of an archivist talking about the discovery of a tune, a tradition, and of arrival at the title of an album. Which album?15. The Appian Way stretched from Rome to this town with an 8-letter name in 15. Brindisi. southern Italy. This name, by no etymological route, is also the term for operatic appeals to partake of liquid refreshment, to toast or, sometimes, to drink before you become toast. What 8-letter name?16. ―I lost nine brothers of the same mother and father... it‘s a custom in Africa 16. Ali Farka Touré. to give a child a strange nickname if you have had other children that have died.‖ The nickname thus given to him was the Songhai word for donkey—a reference to his stubborn hold on life. Who?17. ―The river flows / It flows to the sea / Wherever that river goes / That‘s 17. Easy Rider or Ballad of Easy where I want to be / Flow, river, flow.‖ One musician scribbled these words Rider. down and another turned it into a song that plays over the fiery denouement to a 1969 film. Name either the film or the song.18. Originally the name for a pleasant and indolent dance from the French 18. Bouree or Borreia. Auvergne region, it was famously adapted as a composition in E minor by J.S. Bach with Handel following suit in the seventh movement of his Water Music. It is also the name of a ballet step while Jethro Tull fans will remember it as the name of a song from the Stand Up album. What dance/song?19. He devised a technique called cantometrics—a way of correlating singing 19. Alan Lomax or Lead Belly. styles and anthropological data. We also remember him for a fairy-tale ‗discovery‘ made in the company of his father at the Angola Prison Farm in Louisiana in the 1930s. Who or what „discovery‟?20. The first beneficiaries of a family secret featuring copper, tin and traces of 20. Zildjian and Cymbals. silver were the Janissaries who put these objects to good use in daily calls to prayer, religious feasts, royal weddings and in sundry military purposes. Name the family and the objects.Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 9
  10. 10. MindSweep 2012 Sports and Leisure 1. In 1981, this American won both the Wimbledon and the US Open junior 1. Zina Garrison. titles, became Junior World No. 1 and was labelled the ―next Althea Gibson‖. In 1989, she defeated Chris Evert in Evert‘s last Slam appearance and created a stir when she defeated both Monica Seles and No. 1 Steffi Graf at the 1990 Wimbledon Championships. Who? 2. While popular etymology links the origin of the phrase ―rub of the green‖ to 2. Bowls. golf, the earliest mention is actually in another game where it refers to the vagaries of an uneven playing surface. It travelled thus to mean luck either going ones way or against. What game was biased thus originally? 3. Murderball is a 2005 American documentary about the fierce rivalry 3. Wheelchair Rugby. between the US and Canadian teams leading up to the 2004 Games. The sport chronicled the extreme violence and collisions that affected already incapacitated athletes. What sport was this documentary about? 4. He almost did not go to the 1960 Rome Olympics, because of a fear of 4. Muhammad Ali. flying but was eventually convinced by trainer Joe Martin. A mostly fun Olympic campaign where his outgoing nature earned him the title ―Mayor of the Olympic Village‖ culminated in a gold medal win against Ziggy Pietrzykowski that would launch a career of epic proportions. Who? 5. Duke Ellington likened playing bop to a particularly tough set piece in this; 5. Scrabble. Douglas Adams uses it to find the answer to the meaning of life while Gerry Adams believed that the British obsession with perfecting the wording on peace treaties was linked to this. What game? 6. The Crip Walk is a dance move that started in the 1970s in a suburb of Los 6. Serena Williams. Angeles. Which sportsperson performed it after winning a gold medal at the London Olympics and brought attention to it? 7. Charles Vinci of the United States found himself 200 grams too heavy 7. Cut his hair. despite some last-minute running and sweating before the weigh-in for the bantamweight (56 kg) category in weightlifting at the 1956 Olympics. He did something that helped settle the scales in his favour, and went on to win the first of two straight gold medals. What did he do? 8. When Real Madrid signed this footballer in 2003, the Spanish government 8. David Beckham. was in the process of drafting a decree that changed the rules regarding the taxation of foreign workers in Spain. In effect, it let wealthy foreigners pay less tax than Spanish citizens. Name this footballer after whom the law is named. 9. Charles Gaines, famous for the Pumping Iron project, claims to have 9. Paintball. created a pastime using the Nel-Spot devices which were used by ranchers for marking trees and livestock. Which pastime?10. His father rose to be manager of the Hispano-Suiza factories. He showed a 10. René Lacoste. completely different bent of mind, coming up with inventions such as a ball throwing machine (1927), an anti-vibration pad (1960), a metal racket (1963) and the 1936 apparel creation that famously bears his name. Who?11. The maximum allowable length of these is calculated as the mean of the 11. Prosthetic limbs for athletes. following: the length of the elbow bone and the distance from the top of the chest, near the throat to the middle finger when the arms are stretched out. Despite the prescribed calculations, recent allegations during the Olympics have ignited speculation that the length ought to be measured prior to competitions. Length for what?Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 10
  11. 11. 12. The eruption of Mount Tambora caused crop failures, and eventually a 12. The bicycle. He invented the dwindling of horses due to their being slaughtered for meat in Europe. It is Draisienne. speculated that this may have spurred the aristocrat Karl von Drais de Sauerbron to create an alternative that came to be named after him. Many believe that this was the precursor to what clean-energy driven contrivance?13. It was founded in 1913 by a group of amateur golfers from Philadelphia who 13. Pine Valley. purchased 184 acres in New Jersey and gave George Crump the opportunity to design the area. Crump set about designing it subject to idiosyncratic principles, and for many years the never ending course was called Crump‘s Folly. What iconic sporting venue?14. Wellington Mara, who spent 81 years with the New York Giants and made 14. Official ball used in NFL is called numerous contributions to the NFL, was named by his father after the Duke ―The Duke‖. of Wellington. Nicknamed ―The Duke‖ by Giants players, how did the NFL honour him in 2005 when he passed away?15. (Visual) Formerly a 400 m sprint and 4 x 400 m relay champion, his most 15. Derek Redmond. famous moment was in defeat at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The incident has been used in various sports motivational videos with the voice over ―he and his father finished dead last, but he and his father finished‖. Who?16. (Visual) In 2004 Pele drew up a list of Top 100 greatest footballers (called 16. Gerson. FIFA-100) that was controversial. Which team-mate of Pele, a member of the 1970 World Cup winning team, tore up a symbolic list on a Brazilian TV channel to protest the fact that his name was not on the list (along with other greats in his opinion)?17. He lost the 1932 finals to Ellsworth Vines and the 1938 finals to Don Budge. 17. Henry Wilfred ‗Bunny‘ Austin, the Supposedly the first player to introduce shorts in the Wimbledon, his last British player to play in nickname came from the comic strip Pip, Squeak and Wilfred—trio of Wimbledon finals before Andy orphaned animals consisting of a dog, penguin and rabbit. Name the Murray equalled the record in player. 2012.18. Dieter Fischer wanted to get the big names in tennis down to Filderstadt- 18. Porsche Tennis Grand Prix or a Platternhardt and was able to persuade Lars Schmidt, marketing honcho at Porsche car. a company, to offer a distinctive prize. The first tournament was held in 1978, and Tracy Austin beat Betty Stove to walk off with the $35,000 purse and the other prize. Name either the tournament or the prize.19. General Choi Hong Hi who is today considered one of the founders of South 19. Tae Kwon Do. Koreas Army left the country during the 1970s after bitter disagreements with the dictator Park Chung Hee--Choi did not care too much for something he had created being deployed in anti-communist propaganda. He eventually returned home after having done quite a bit to popularise his creation internationally. What did Choi create?20. One of the two brothers was awarded a PhD for his doctoral thesis on talent 20. Vitali and Wladimir Klitscko and sponsorship in sports. The other was awarded a PhD for his thesis on (accept Klitschko) nicknamed Dr. teaching young athletes between the ages of 14-19 years. Hence the word Ironfist and Dr. Steel Hammer. Dr. in their nicknames. Identify the brothers. (Both names needed.)Karnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 11
  12. 12. 2. The Arts 10. The Arts11. The Arts 18. The Arts 19. Cinema20. Cinema 1. Music2. Music 15. Sports and Leisure 16. Sports and LeisureKarnataka Quiz Association MindSweep 2012 12