Vets 360 Services - Military Dedication - Corporate Success


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Support our transitioning veterans with Vets 360 Services - Military Dedication - Corporate Success

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Vets 360 Services - Military Dedication - Corporate Success

  1. 1. P R O F E S S I O N A L S E R V I C E S V e t e r a n S t a f f i n g & P l a c e m e n t Veterans 360 Services E N G A G E E D U C A T E E M P L O Y H E A L Military Dedication — Corporate Success For More Information Please Turn Overleaf Phone: 877.650.7873 - Fax: 858.256.4008 - eMail: Veterans 360 Inc. is a San Diego based 501C3 # 45-3713823
  2. 2. Services: Ongoing recruitment of Green Collar Veterans: Into Blue Collar jobs. We have boots on the ground to source young veterans who deserve more than minimum wage as they enter civilian life. We will be engaging them on many levels to determine what their long terms goals are and what career path they wish to take. We will then provide education and life skills training to help ensure their success. Matching qualified veterans to the right employers: From personal and skills profiling to in depth discussion we will identify what our veter- ans really want to do with their lives. We will then provide employers eligible veterans who have both the skills and desire to work in their particular industry and on their career track. If our veteran does not have the skills the employer requires, we will facilitate vocational and on-the-job training to ensure they do. Vets 360—Cloud education for our Veterans: Robust Cloud Technology curriculum to give our young veterans a credentialed entry into the emerging employment/technology space that is “The Cloud.” CompTIA, CCC and NCTA credentialed course. Available to veterans under educational support options such as WIA and Post 9/11 GI Bill. Placement services on a national scale will be offered to all graduates. Phone: 858.256.4006 Fax: 858.256.4008 eMail: Veterans 360 Services Inc. 1855 1st Avenue Ste. 103 San Diego Ca. 92101 Veterans 360 Services R e c r u i t m e n t A c c r e d i t e d C l o u d T e c h n o l o g y We can also facilitate on the job training and internship funding for corporate clients who wish to hire our skilled veterans. In short, ask us how we provide fee based business services to corporate America and then use those fees to self-sustain our support programs for young veterans who often struggle to successfully transition to civilian life. C o r p o r a t e T r a i n i n g Cutting edge training for Corporate IT departments: If you are a CIO or IT Director who is considering your companies’ Cloud strategy, why not engage Vets 360 to provide Cloud Training courses to your current IT personnel? We have the curriculum, the delivery methods and the instructors. We can customize the curriculum to your platform and train your team for your specific cloud projects. Ethical hacking and Cyber Security is currently in development. Placing Veterans into the work force with relevant skills and confidence... V e t e r a n S t a f f i n g & P l a c e m e n t