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Sun Cloud Chalk Talk


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Dave Douglas, the head of Sun Microsystems Cloud Computing business unit provides an update

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Sun Cloud Chalk Talk

  1. 1. > UPDATE ON CLOUD COMPUTING at SUN Dave Douglas Senior Vice President Cloud Computing Business Unit Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda Org Update • • Cloud Computing • Our Direction • Why Sun Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  3. 3. Sun's Cloud Computing Business Unit • Dave Douglas, SVP Cloud Computing • Lew Tucker, CTO • Jim Parkinson, VP Engineering • Juan Carlos Soto, VP Marketing Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  4. 4. Clouds Share Key Traits “One Service Fits All” Virtualized Resources Self Provisioning Elasticity Pay per Use Programmatic Control Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  5. 5. Cloud Differences Layers Sharing Domains Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  6. 6. Cloud Computing Layers Applications offered on- Software as a Service demand over the network (, iTunes Store) Developer platform with built-in Platform as a Service services (Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure) Basic storage and compute Infrastructure as a Service capabilities offered as a service (Amazon Web Services, Mosso) Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  7. 7. Sharing Public Private Hybrid You don't know who You own the server, You own some parts else is on the same network and disk, and are sharing server, network or and decide who gets some parts, though disk that you are to run on it with you in a controlled way Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  8. 8. Application Domains HPC Medical Web Intelligence Finance Analytics Domains drive differences in hardware and software architecture Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  9. 9. Adding It All Up Different demands = many clouds Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  10. 10. Our Vision Many Clouds (public and private) Open and Compatible Powered by Sun Technology Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  11. 11. Map of Sun's Cloud Offerings Expertise Products and and Products Expertise Services Technologies and and Technologies Services Open Open Community Partners Community Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  12. 12. Why Sun? Open Products & Technology Developer Communities Ecosystem Sun Confidential: Internal Only
  13. 13. > THANK YOU