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Nist leaf pressclub_032911


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National Press Club presentation on cloud computing by Dawn Leaf

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Nist leaf pressclub_032911

  1. 1. Moving to the Cloud: NIST Vision, Initiatives & Collaboration part of the US Federal Cloud Computing Strategy Dawn Leaf NIST Senior Executive for Cloud Computing March 29, 2011Information Technology Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology
  2. 2. NIST Cloud Computing Program Goal • Accelerate the federal government’s secure and effective adoption of NIST Mission: cloud computing* To promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, – Build a USG Cloud Computing standards, and Technology Roadmap which technology focuses on the highest priority USG cloud computing security, in ways that interoperability and portability enhance economic requirements security and improve our quality of life ©Robert Rathe – Lead efforts to develop standards and guidelines in close consultation and collaboration with standards bodies, the private sector, and other stakeholders * REF Technology Laboratory 2 National Institute of Standards and Technology
  3. 3. Universal Challenges Rule Book • Adopters need a “Rulebook” from the Chicago, • cloud model is emerging -- there isn’t a large Milwaukee, St. Paul and installed base Pacific Railroad • mainly commodity & infrastructure Company dated 1959., antiqueradio • Providers need to understand the specific issues and barriers – not just general security, interoperability & portability concerns Improve our, Musicians are Expert Mind Readers, Mark Gibson, January 2009 • Detailed cloud computing services are defined in the eye of the beholder – hard to get apples to Copy right free images apples comparisonInformation Technology Laboratory 3 National Institute of Standards and Technology
  4. 4. Universal Challenges Balance -- between advantages of formal standards development processes and market driven defacto “standard” specifications US Library of Congress Backlog of internet driven policy questions & decisions (e.g. privacy and security) now need to be considered in light of cloud roles & responsibilities US Library of Congress The Cloud Computing “space” & community is so broad that it isn’t feasible to cover all relevant work & collaboration opportunities Copy Right Free ImagesInformation Technology Laboratory 4 National Institute of Standards and Technology
  5. 5. NIST Cloud Computing Program Concept & Rationale Strategic Program Tactical Program How to build a USG Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap NIST CC efforts • SDO submissions & support 1. Define • Guidance – Special Publications; Target USG priorities technical advisor to Fed CIO Council risks Cloud obstacles Computing • Standards Acceleration to 3. Generate Cloud Business Use Jumpstart the Adoption of Computing Cases Cloud Computing (SAJACC) -- Roadmap – Interagency Report: through qualitative testing of Translate specifications against interoperability, 2. Define Requirements USG Cloud Computingsecurity, and portability requirements Neutral Cloud & Identify Gaps Technology Roadmap – Computing list of Tactical Priorities & • Complex Computing Reference Deliverables Simulation & Modeling – Koala Architecture & Expand IaaS resource allocation algorithms CC Definition Taxonomy ref. architecture Beneficial bi-product: Identify priorities for Concurrent & Iterative 3-step hand-off to other stakeholders – policy process makers, prototypes, pilots, R&D organizations that drives tactical effortsInformation Technology Laboratory 5 National Institute of Standards and Technology
  6. 6. NIST Cloud Computing Program Timeline May Nov March Oct 2010 2010 2011 S 2011 T NIST CC NIST CC NIST CC NIST CC Forum & Forum & Forum & Forum & R Workshop I Workshop II Workshop III Workshop A Outreach & Fact finding with Launch CC Execute CC Complete T USG, Industry, SDOs Strategic Program Strategic USG Cloud E program Computing Evaluate past models & Initiate Standards G lessons learned Stakeholder Continue Roadmap Meetings Stakeholder Interagency I Define fresh approach meetings Report C Collaboratively to support secure & define working Integrate results Assess effective USG cloud group scope & into tactical Results & computing adoption, prioritize interoperability, resources priorities Replan portability, & security requirements, collaborate, Develop Detailed more quickly respond to Plan NIST operational needs CC Definition Tactical effortsInformation Technology Laboratory 6 National Institute of Standards and Technology
  7. 7. NIST Cloud Computing Forums & Workshops Cloud Computing Forums & Workshops (May & Nov. 2010) – 300-500 attendees with broad industry, SDO, government academia, & international community participants NEXT ONE is April 7 & 8, 2011, NIST Gaithersburg MD campus Goal is continuing dialogue with stakeholders, transparency, and encouraging continued participation in the NIST cloud computing working groups which will inform the content of the 1st NIST USG Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap draft targeted on or around the end of the FY 2011.Information Technology Laboratory 7 National Institute of Standards and Technology
  8. 8. NIST Cloud Computing Collaboration Site each strategic & tactical effort is a NIST-led project & working group Public NIST cloud web site url Technology Laboratory 8 National Institute of Standards and Technology
  9. 9. Questions?Information Technology Laboratory 9 National Institute of Standards and Technology