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GovCloud Network Overview Presentation


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How GovCloud Network uses social media as a sense and respond community management tool.

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology
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GovCloud Network Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Enhancing Your Business Strategy With Social Media
  2. 2. GovCloud Networks Benefits • Enables new business models that attract global revenue streams • Uses active monitoring and management of social media as a sense-and-respond market education and opportunity identification system • Leverages the parallel and global nature of cloud computing to enables marketplace agility, successful solution engagements and delighted customers.
  3. 3. Develop An Integrated Go-To-Market Model Mass Audience Interaction Engine i.e. Twitter i.e. Blogger Targeted Audience Interaction Engine i.e. LinkedIn i.e. Facebook Community Relationship Management & Sales (ie. Service Platform Operations Service Platform Business Management Service Delivery Followers Visitors Customers
  4. 4. GovCloud Executes A Unique Business Model • We do not buy data. We build contacts through building social media relationships. • Data is collected “in real-time” when queried on your target market (Geography, Seniority, Industry, Organization, Recency). We give you the data! • Our Existing Targeted Communities allow us to provide Guaranteed Social Media Metrics allowing us to deliver Guaranteed Return On Investment • Reduced Overhead Cost, Reduced Marketing Cost, Reduced Labor Cost • Vetted Closed Networks drive 150K-250K hits/month through the worlds largest targeted communities • We are International Industry Experts, Not Marketing Gurus (Government, Cyber, Counter Terrorism, Healthcare, Intelligence, Oil & Gas, Energy, Nuclear, Aviation, Aerospace, Information & Technology …) • Flexibility and Agility Through 90-day Terms
  5. 5. GovCloud Network Primary Channels • “Cloud Musings” Blog – 1000+ views/3500+ Clicks mo. • GovCloud on Ultizer – 600,000 views/mo. • Slideshare – 4000+ views/mo • Facebook – 35,000+ Reach (boosted post) • Twitter – 3,000,000+ Mentions/mo
  6. 6. GovCloud Mass Market Outreach…. 2m 4m
  7. 7. … Yields Actionable Data, ...
  8. 8. … Relevant Interactions, …
  9. 9. …and Builds Opportunity Rich Communities.
  10. 10. & Direct Access To Over 1.5 Million Professional Across 20 Industry Verticals
  11. 11. “You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.” ~Patricia Fripp GovCloud NJVC DBT Data Whitepaper DBT Data Strategy Triple I Strategy NGA IC COE NGA Private Cloud Virtustream / Goodyear Vion Strategy NCOIC NGA GCC NATO Private Cloud Study NATO Cloud SETA IT-AAC NGA Agile Env. ITC US Army HQ US Army Europe US Army Korea Vets 360 Sigma 360 Learning Tree Training Learning Tree Strategy $30M+ ~$5M $10M+
  12. 12. Cloud Service Provider Partners Include …
  13. 13. Thank You!