Indo Us Nuke Deal


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The real facts and figures behind Indo-US nuclear deal

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Indo Us Nuke Deal

  1. 1. Indo-US Nuclear Deal What it means What it costs! Collected from articles/talks from Arun Shourie, P.K. Iyengar, A.N.Prasad etc.
  2. 2. Nuclear Power Essential for future − High cost of oil − Limited fossil fuel resources − Dangerous effects on climate − Nuclear power undoubtedly imp. − Growing needs of growing(?) country
  3. 3. Nuclear Deal Is Nuclear Deal= Nuclear Power? − Cost Benefit Analysis − Involves science − Not a piece of cake for politicians − Scientists jump in P. K. Iyegar, A.N. Prasad Chosen by Bhabha (father of Indian Nuclear Programe) 30-40 yrs in DAE Headed BARC Chair Atomic Energy Commission etc. What do they say?