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Much has been tried to address one of the most basic challenge we face today - English Language Learning. While the challenge has grown in size, the existing solutions in the market fail to address the actual challenge. English on Mobile is Applied Mobile Labs first attempt to solve the problem of spoken englsih. Visit http://englishonmobile.in for more details.

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English On Mobile

  1. 1. APPLIED MOBILE LABS PVT LTD12th December, 2012
  2. 2. English On Mobile Anytime, AnywhereRe-defining Learning
  3. 3. English On Mobile Q. Need of Learning Spoken English? A. Majority of the people looking for jobs have been found to struggle with communication skills
  4. 4. English On Mobile 17.6 million people enrolled in English classes, which would be 3.2 percent of the population of India according to the seventh all India education survey. According to the most recent education survey, only 1.3 percent of primary schools, 3.4 percent of upper primary schools, 3.9 percent of middle schools, and 13.2 percent of high schools use English as a medium of instruction. source : http://www.indianchild.com/english_in_india.htm 2)
  5. 5. English On Mobile Q. What are the solutions Present? A. Physical Classes Online Learning Books/Cd’s / DVD’s • Inlingua • Lets Talk • tcyonline • British Council • englishleap • Lets Talk • Bafel • talkenglish Rs 1500+ Rs 1000+ Rs 150 to Rs 1500 Duration – 3-4 months Limitation: Limitation: Limitation: • No time to physically • No Guidance once • No Guidance once the go to the center the purchase is made purchase is made • Requires daily • Requires • Requires commitment Computer/Internet Computer/Internet • User feels conscious to ask questions and go to the center
  6. 6. English On Mobile Q. Is Mobile the Best Medium ? A. 400 million population illiterate 500+ million mobile phone users Location of Mobilephone Usage
  7. 7. English On Mobile Q. Is Mobile the Best Medium ? 70% people A. use phones for whiling away time Location of Mobilephone Usage
  8. 8. English On Mobile Q. Is Mobile the Best Medium ? A. The maximum number of people in India can be reached through mobile phones, no branded players have yet made their mark in this market.Reach to people Online Mobile Phones Physical School India World’s Largest Illiterate Population World’s Second Largest Mobile Population Mediums over the years 3)
  9. 9. English On Mobile Q. What is the Solution? A. English On Mobile : Convenient way to learn Spoken English Language, anytime, anywhere at your convenience. You decide when to learn, Where to Learn. English On Mobile (A chance to learn/ get tutored on mobile anytime, anywhere) While Traveling ; While Sitting Idle; During lunch; While sleeping 4)
  10. 10. English On Mobile Made by 30 English ExpertsCumulative experience of 200 Years Over 900 minutes ofContent (does not includes the test/assessments) 5)
  11. 11. English On Mobile Q. How you Learn Spoken English On Mobile? A. English On Mobile equips the user to learn English through his native language. Divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, primarily an IVR product which will guarantee that you know how to speak in English should you complete the lessons. 1) Dial a Number 2) Give an Assessment Test 3) Start learning with a particular module based 1) Beginner 2) Intermediate 3) Expert on your assessment Main Features 2) Pre-Recorded content 1) Directly talk to to be heard anytime, expert and peers anywhere 3) Regular assessments 4) Pronunciation and reminders practice exercises 7)
  12. 12. English On Mobile Q. Benefits of English On Mobile? A. Mobile frees education from the constraints of classrooms, libraries, and expensive urban areas. Adds new dimensions to learning, making it a more engaging, interactive experience. Interactive: • LIVE interaction calls with English Experts • Practice sessions with Interactive IVR (Correct pronunciations/Grammar/Practice of Speaking English) Intelligent • Assessment of their skills at any given point of time { + English On Mobile } • Tracking Mistakes for improvement Convenient • Portal that lets user have access to study material and training 24*7 from anywhere. Cost Effective • Cost less than other alternatives that require much more investment in term of time as well 8)
  13. 13. English On Mobile Q. How is this benefiting? A. • • Anytime Anywhere Fluency in Spoken English • Competitive Prices • Certification • Easy Purchase o Retail o Cash on Delivery • Maintain personal anonymity 9)