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Free iPad Apps for ELA & SS


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Free iPad Apps for Middle School ELA and Social Studies

Published in: Education
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Free iPad Apps for ELA & SS

  1. 1. Free iPad Apps for ELA & Social Studies Karen Vitek Computer Teacher Spackenkill Schools Poughkeepsie, NY March 26, 2014
  2. 2. iPad Apps for ELA 4 Voice Dream Lite1 2 3 5 Total Recall Dictionary Free Books Google Drive 6
  3. 3. Voice Dream Lite NavigatingAudioFile Types • Features • Change voice and reading speed • Continues to read when screen is locked • By sentence, page paragraph, chapter, etc. • Bookmarking, highlighting and note taking This app is a text-to-speech reader app. It works beautifully with Bookshare and other documents. • PDF, Plain Text, Word, PowerPoint • DAISY, Bookshare and Gutenberg
  4. 4. Total Recall PlatformsAppearance • Features • iPad, iPhone and iPod This app is a mind mapping tool. • Unlimited size - expands automatically • Various shapes, colors, sizes and arrows
  5. 5. Dictionary ReadabilityMoreContent • Features • Audio pronunciations • Spelling suggestions • Custom font sizes for better viewing This app is from and includes a Thesaurus • Over 2 million definitions, synonyms and antonyms • Word of the Day • Word origins & history
  6. 6. Free Books FormatLiteratureReading • Features • Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, and more • 23,469 books • Author pages, reading statistics, night mode This app provides access to public domain content. • Includes notes, highlights, bookmarking and dictionary support.
  7. 7. Google Drive StorageEditing • Features • Access files that you have saved to Spacknet This app provides access to Spacknet Google Docs • Documents and Spreadsheets can be created and edited in the app • Always have access to the latest version of files
  8. 8. More ELA Apps to Explore • iTooch Middle School • Simplenote • Penultimate • Idioms Illustrated • Poetry from the Poetry Foundation • Inspiration Maps Lite • Dragon Dictation • firefly • Word Stack Free • Shakespeare
  9. 9. iPad Apps for Social Studies 4 DocsTeach1 2 3 5 This Day in History Constitution My Congress American History
  10. 10. DocsTeach Students/TeachersActivitiesContent • Features • Focusing on Details • Making Connections • Finding a Sequence • Mapping History •Weighing the Evidence • Seeing the Big Picture • Students can complete activities designed by teacher • Teachers can create their own activities at the website This app was developed by the National Archives and Records Administration. • Choose by topic or historical era • Activities based on primary source documents
  11. 11. This Day in History Type of ContentContent • Features • Photos, illustrations, music and speeches • National anthems for country birth dates This app was created by World Book • Interactive multimedia calendar that displays historical events • For the current day or any selected day
  12. 12. Constitution NavigationContent • Features • Menu: by Articles and Amendments • By Signers Created by a professor at the University of Mary Washington • Full text of the US Constitution • Includes notes
  13. 13. MyCongress ContentNavigation • Features • Description of elected official • Ability to link to their website and contact them through the app • Twitter feed This app is a portal to information about elected U.S. Congressional officials. • By name, state, party or chamber • Locate elected officials by zip code or auto location
  14. 14. American History Games GamesContent • Description of the contents • Whacky History • Clues to the Past • History Hunter • Say What? This app was created by Pearson Education, Inc. • Games, puzzles and interactive word games. • More than 100 different games • Multiple levels of difficulty
  15. 15. More SS Apps to Explore • The Presidency • Ken Burns • History: Maps of the World • Today’s Document • iAmerica • Early Jamestown • Google Earth • Declaration for iPad • Lincoln Telegrams • U.S. Westward Expansion
  16. 16. Thank You!