Lean Leaders Business Development Pack


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As a complement to the Lean Leaders Meeting brochure, we\'ve added the Business Development Pack for solution providers to review. Since delegates of the Lean Leaders Meeting are Lean practitioners by invite only, this document gives solution providers the chance to participate in the event through direct partnership with IQPC and Lean Leaders. Visit the website for complete details at www.leaders-in-lean.com.

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Lean Leaders Business Development Pack

  1. 1. Proven business strategies to achieve optimal performance and drive customer value with limited resources THE LEAN LEADERS MEETING 5th – 6th July 2010 CCT Venues, Canary Wharf London UK 2010 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PACK Across Europe smart businesses are turning to LEAN as they struggle to dramatically contain costs while optimising business The first NLY ATION O performance in a hugely competitive and cost sensitive market place. With quick wins and cost out at the top of the CEO and INVIT G CFOs’ agenda for 2010, LEAN has fast emerged as the MEETIN ders – organisational change strategy of choice for businesses and public ean lea sector organisations alike across Europe – Enabling them to fo r senior L m to make foru drive out cost, sweat existing assets, free up extra capital The ideal solution to feed into essential growth strategies, streamline end-to- sure y our Lean end service delivery and ensure optimal organisational f mind… performance. is front o However, taking LEAN from a quick win tactical toolkit to a truly transformational business strategy is more complex than it sounds. Although many organisations have dabbled in Lean and WHY LEAN & other Process Excellence approaches over the last decade, very WHY NOW? few have managed to create a sustainable Process Excellence culture that delivers the promised ROI. ✓ 60% of surveyed Process leaders Excellence and operations across the IQPC network prioritised With this in mind, for the first time a LEAN LEADERS MEETING LEAN as one of their top 3 areas for investment and development in will address the organisational wide barriers and 2010 opportunities to successful deployment, allow senior LEAN and business leaders to benchmark their programme and its ✓ LEAN is consistently the firstour and entry point for many of hook results against the global leaders and help formulate individual existing vendors with clients looking strategies for company wide and advanced LEAN programmes. for quick wins and cost out post recession ✓ Because moresuch as NHS, RBS & organisations and more For more information on the LEAN LEADERS MEETING and business Astrazeneca are investing millions in LEAN recruitment, global training development opportunities, email Crispin Glover or Stephen Swarray on and programme development – Just sponsorship@iqpc.co.uk or call directly on +44(0)2073689500 read the headlines… So how do you make sure you’re part of the investment equation… www.leaders-in-lean.com
  2. 2. THE LEAN LEADERS MEETING The LEAN LEADERS BRIEFING is the first forum that will go past the tools and techniques to discuss how business and global leaders in business change can truly enable and embed LEAN within organisation-wide operations and culture, and drive the critical transformations needed during 2010. HERE’S HOW > ATTENDEE PRIORITIES OVER NEXT No standard presentations or 6-12 MONTHS INCLUDE self publicity - only complete 1. Achieving quick and continuous cost out from the information sharing! business without losing critical performance capability 2. Sweating their current assets through more efficient Through a leader-to-leader debate driven format, end-to-end processes across the global business critical challenges addressed by senior LEAN and Business Excellence executives will be: 3. Transforming back office and core transactional processes by leveraging Lean to bring greater cost • How does LEAN fit in with other business transformation savings from operational re-engineering initiatives initiatives? Equipping the business with LEAN as a core business basic to bring faster and greater cost (shared services, outsourcing, restructuring etc) savings 4. Equipping operational leaders with Lean knowledge • Creating and sustaining a LEAN culture across the to run tighter ship and free up more money for value- global business: Moving LEAN away from an operational add activities post recession tool mindset to measurable business change strategy 5. Creating a strategy to successfully up-skill and • Creating a global LEAN infrastructure: Strategies, accelerate results from pre-existing or failed Process frameworks and deployment structures for embedding Excellence programmes through a more accessible LEAN across the business LEAN approach • Do more with less: How to leverage LEAN to sweat 6. Recruit and select the most skilled LEAN leaders to your existing assets and operations at a time when drive sustainable transformation from start to finish efficiency pays off Senior leaders in attendance will fundamentally be looking to • Implementing LEAN control measures and an leverage LEAN from scratch or re-inject life and faster results infrastructure for process governance into an existing Process & Operational Excellence programme. Expect to meet with key operational division leaders • Capability building: Enabling critical, recruitment, training and global transformation programmes including and development for LEAN across the business specifically: • Leveraging LEAN to accelerate returns on end-to-end • COO business transformation and process re-engineering: • CIO Ensuring visibility of the end-to-end business to customer • SVP/VP/Director Operations workflow • VP Business/Process Excellence • VP Lean & Continuous Improvement • VP Service Improvement & Management LEAN ACTIVE INVESTMENT AREAS • VP Strategy & Development • Head of Global Lean programme/Lean leader • Director Global Change Management • Recruitment • Global Recruitment/Talent development/Strategic • Training & development Workforce Planning • Consulting and Advisory • VP/Director PMO office • LEAN office solutions & advisors Bringing together business change and transformation • LEAN and agile solutions programmes from the top fortune businesses and public sector • LEAN supply chain solutions organisations to focus on the accelerating LEAN. • LEAN accounting solutions • Business process re-engineering & process • Financial Services management • Government & Public Sector • Healthcare • Retail & FMCG Plus solutions from Process Excellence, Business • Pharmaceuticals Transformation consultants, Process re-engineering, • Manufacturing Outsourcing and cost reduction providers that leverage LEAN as a critical part of the full change programme. For more information on the LEAN LEADERS MEETING and business development opportunities, email Crispin Glover or Stephen Swarray on sponsorship@iqpc.co.uk or call directly on +44(0)2073689500 www.leaders-in-lean.com