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Mental Dental


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Star Wars Spoof- Sidious gets his come-uppins

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

Mental Dental

  1. 1. Mental Dental ... beyond all reason
  2. 2. Have you gotten a good look at Palpatine’s teeth lately? Yeah, bad they are. You would think at 800, teeth like that I would have.
  3. 3. Hey have you seen Palpatine’s teeth? Yeah it’s bad but his breath’s worse. Speaking of teeth have seen Dooku’s dental!
  4. 7. Blimy! Now that’s mental!!
  5. 8. Chancellor Palpatine, you are under arrest for having mental dental and taking names!
  6. 9. What?! Are you accusing me of having mental dental master Jedi? I’m not scared of you suckers I told you I ain’t never scared !!
  7. 10. Ha ha! You’re the ones who need to be scared! Feel the power!! The absolute POWER!!!