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My Aim of Life


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Made by Janvi,Afrin & Anmol of Class-VII K.V.Dahod

Published in: Education, Self Improvement

My Aim of Life

  1. 1. Why should everyone have an aim in life? What is your aim? Would it do any good to the society? Everyone must have an aim in life. Life without an aim is like bicycle without handle and a ship without sail. You can give a proper shape to your life only if you know your aim. Different people have different aims .my aim in life is to became a teacher. I would train my students with great care .they would became dutiful sons and daughter of mother India. They would be useful to the society in various fields of life. So as a teacher, I can do a great service to the nation.
  2. 2. The name of my school is k.v.s dahod. It is one of the the best schools in the district. I am a student of this school. It is a big school. The classrooms are clean and airy. There is a play ground too. It has a computer lab. My school has loving teachers and a principal. I like my school. My school which is located at parsi colony is clean and pollution free.
  3. 3. Foods like ice cream , jam, patato chips are called junk foods. They are a fun to eat and children are fond of them too. Junk food contains mostly carbohydrates and fats. They contain these two elements more than our body needs. Ice-cream is made from milk and sugar. Milk is good for us. But ice cream contains fat and much of sugar.besids these foods do not contain much of vitamins minerals and roughage.
  4. 4. Sports help to maintain a healthy Mind in a healthy body. They provide rest and rerlaxtion For the mind and help to maintain help and build a healthy body.
  5. 5.  There was a villager. He was illiterate. He did not know how to read and write. He often saw people wearing spectacles for reading books. He thought, if I have spectacles I can also read. I must go to a town and buy a pair of spectacles for me. He went to a town. He entered a spectacles shop he asked the shopkeeper to give him various pairs of spectacles for reading.
  6. 6.  Exam! Exam ! Exam !exams are a headache for students. The name the person who founded exam  Is not mentioned in the human history but if it would have been then most of the students would have considered him as ravana.
  7. 7.  Parents are the best gift of god, nothing is beautiful without parents, when we are in trouble, our parents help us, they help us, in everything we should love our parents.
  8. 8.  We live in a small  Flat. It is bright and airy. It has three rooms and small kitchen. We are four – father mother brother and I brother and I have our own rooms in the house sometimes we have guests. We have good neighbours. I like my house very much
  9. 9.  India loves to celebrated each and every festivals and I also love to celebrate each and every festivals. The various festivals India celebrate are uttarayan, republic day, mahashivratri, holi, ramnavami, good Friday, independence day, janmashtmi rakshabandhan ganeshchaturthi, navratri, ramzan idd,diwali and christmas
  10. 10.  Trees –a very important part in our life. Trees are essential for sustenances of life on this planet. Plants help us maintain a proper balance of oxygen supply in the atmosphere.