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Stress management through yoga


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India is already Diabetic capital of world and about to lead in heart diseases, a little has been done to cope with the growing problem of degrading health.

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Stress management through yoga

  1. 1. managementthrough yogaand beyond_ Yogesh Patel _Yogesh.patel1976@gmail.com09925043211,
  2. 2. Corporate survey ofhealth Report based on the survey of 500corporate employees from 300 variouscompanies/organizations across 18 broadsectors of the economy revealed thatnearly 75% of the respondents sufferedchronic/lifestyle or acute disease. Out ofthe 65% ill corporate employees, 32%were afflicted to lifestyle disease,followed by 21% suffering from chronicdisease and remaining 12% have an acuteailment. (assoc ham) India is already Diabetic capital of worldand about to lead in heart diseases, a
  3. 3. Corporate problems Can be divided grossly on twolevels At company level On individual level
  4. 4. Company level Turnover ratio Improvement in Efficiency of theemployee dissatisfaction of employee Health problem of employee Productivity of employee
  5. 5. Individual level High level of stress Disorders because of irregularlifestyle Imbalance between physical andmental work Time management between familylife and professional life
  6. 6. Stress All this problem are intensified bystress Stress can be divided into twotypes1 EUSTRESS- stressors(opportunities) ---- growthenhancing reaction---- strength----resistance2 Distress- stressors--- stressoverload--- weakness----
  7. 7. Effects of Distress Distress is Frankenstein oF one’slife. It ruins all the possibility ofindividuals growth, potential,relation and health. The effect of distress can bedivided into three layers1- Socio economical level2- Psychological level3- Physical level
  8. 8. Stress at socioeconomical levelRuins relationships with near andStress results into addiction, diminFrequent job change results into swell as company’s growthDecrease efficiency and productivMore medical need and costingLess time for family and friends
  9. 9. Stress at psychologicallevelIrritationAngerlethargyLonelinessDepressionFrustrationAnxietyHatredLower concentration and memoryInability to work properlyDependency
  10. 10. Stress at physicallevelConstipationAcidityHeadacheIndigestionBreathing problemBlood pressureFrequent cold and coughLower back pain
  11. 11. Anatomy of stressstressBlurred AwarenessNot doing justice to your valueNo continual GrowthGuiltDulling Self doubtPotentialsLoss of self-confidenceLearned helplessness /DependenceLoss of Freedom
  12. 12. Anatomy of StressManagementstress managementComprehensive awarenessDoing justice to your valuesStimulating Continual GrowthPotentialsCreativitySelf ConfidenceSelf-dependenceFreedom
  13. 13. Yoga is solution By the way of yoga all this problemcan be tackled very effectively Nature of yoga is physio-psychogical,neuro- muscular, and cortico- limbicProblem---------------- solutionSocio- economical---- cortico-limbicbalance - Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga,Yam- NiyamaPsychological------------physio-psychological harmony- jnana yogaPhysical problem----- neuro muscular
  14. 14. Nature of yoga Yoga is integration. Itssynchronize body, mind and soul. Nature of yoga is not only physicalbut psycho physiological, cortical-limbic, and neuro-muscularbalance. Approach of yoga is to remove theroot cause and establishedpersonal and interpersonaladjustment
  15. 15. maximizing one’s own resourceschanging the perceptionImprove alertness and awarenessIncrease physical stamina and strBetter concentration and memoryRemoving diseaseIncrease immunityHow yoga is helpful
  16. 16. what’s unique in ourworkshop A scientific approach A unique combination of four majorpath i.e.Jnana yoga+ raja yoga+ Bhaktiyoga + Hath yoga A chosen meditation techniquefrom Osho and Vigyan BhairavTantra A unique blend of chakra andMudra therapy
  17. 17. Advantages of ourworkshop Stress and pain relief - back, neck and shoulder pain Increased energy levels - improving mood and stamina Enhanced creativity and maximum productivity Increases physical fitness and flexibility Improves concentration skills Self discipline Relieves tension Improves overall health and posture Improves concentration, memory and focus Creates a positive attitude and increases team bonding Creates a sense of harmony in the workplace Reduces excessive absenteeism of employees Reduced risk for diseases, including cancer Reduced staff turnover More respect for senior management of companies
  18. 18. Sense of harmony..
  19. 19. What is in seminar Seminar consist simplified and easyyogasana practice Residence seminar consist cleansingprocess. Breathing and Pranayama practiceto combat stress Yoga Nidra and Meditation forbetter ideas and concentration Theoretical concept of stress motivational ideas Yogic Practices which they can
  20. 20. Feel yoga and feel thedifference in your life….
  21. 21. Om Shanti Shanti Shantih