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Piano Media - product-overview


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Piano Media - product-overview

  2. 2. WHO ARE WE?¦ Piano Media is the expert on paid content.¦ Company was founded in 2010 by former newspaper executives and online publishers.¦ Among our customers are 60 online media brands and 25 media groups including Ringier Axel Springer, Mecom, and others¦ We have offices in Bratislava (HQ), Warsaw, Ljubljana, Prague and Brussels.¦ We are privately owned. Monogram Ventures (information technologies), Etarget (online advertising), NextBig (new media consultancy), and 3TS Capital Partners (investment fund) are among shareholders.
  3. 3. WHAT IS UNIQUEABOUT PIANO?¦ We are operating hundreds of paid services and serving 12 million visitors per month. This gives us unique insight into the behaviour of paying customers.¦ Unlike companies providing just the technical solution, we can provide everything you need to start with paid content: we help you choose the right paid content model, set the policies, choose the content to be paid (and kept free!), make necessary changes in editorial processes, set the price and marketing strategy.¦ We have a proven track record of launching paid content services without negatively influencing the traffic to the publishers’ sites.¦ We are the only company providing combined freemium+metered model, allowing you to choose the optimal monetization method for all kinds of content and services.
  4. 4. OUR TWO PRODUCTSPIANO NATIONAL PIANO SOLO¦ Typically 3 or more publishers ¦ Solution for individual publishers launch paid content at the same time on the single market ¦ Allows for inclusion of different services into one paid content¦ Single login and single payment solution. allows access to all paid content. ¦ Possible combination of freemium and metered paid content model.¦ Piano takes care of the joint marketing, customer ¦ Individual support for publisher management and support, including advice on paid content payments processing, building strategy and type of content to new sales channels. charge for.¦ Typically operated on revenue- ¦ Full ownership of data by publisher share basis. ¦ Business model typically based on license and operating fees.
  5. 5. PIANO TECHNOLOGY¦ Flexible system: possibility to charge for text, video, audio, any special features and services¦ Proven scalability: Already serving tens of millions pageviews per day, offering 45 different payment methods.¦ Cookie-less authentification: we are able to identify the user even when cookies are deleted or browser is in private mode¦ Advanced content protection: all the paid content is encrypted¦ Works on all platforms: Out-of-the-box responsive design for mobile web, flexible API to integrate with your mobile apps.¦ Integrates with any CMS, quick and easy to implement: Typical integration takes only 3-5 mandays.
  6. 6. SEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCE Piano bar sits on top of the site, motivating users to subscribe even before they hit the paid content.
  7. 7. SEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCESEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCEEasy payment, all ittakes is one window. Seamless registration: just type in your email address. User never leaves your site.
  8. 8. SEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCESEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCE Access to user account. Quick always-on access to renewal options.After successful paymentthe user can immediatelyenjoy the content.
  9. 9. [ WHAT DO WE OFFER? ]
  10. 10. Understanding the consumer Understanding the publishers Multi-platform customer support for end users Payment processing with wide variety of different payment options Sharing the key learning’s and providing feedback on Content encryption & protection customers behaviour to the publishers Single sign-in secure user authentication Constantly working on all possible improvements to all Scalable redundant infrastructure areas of expertise Integration with legacy systems 24/7 support for publishers Integration with mobile and tablet devicesExperience with many sales channels Detailed content analysis, closeboth online and offline cooperation with publishers in identifyingBundling with other products potential for increased subscriptionsWholesale best practices Monetizing any forms of content (text, video, audio, pdf/flash, etc...)Special offers for government andbusiness Protecting ad revenue Protecting online traffic Mobile including Kindle and iPad How to communicate the value of content to customers Setting the right price Proven marketing campaigns Content performance Customer email management system User behaviour Paid content site optimization Payment structure insights Real-time payment data User segmentation
  11. 11. THE PROCESS HOW DO WE WORK1. Contact us at, we will send you a document with more detailed information2. We can discuss our offer and your plans over the phone or on meeting in person.3. We will be happy to prepare a customized offer for you.4. After signing the contract, you can typically start collecting payments from your users within 6-30 weeks.
  12. 12. IN THE MEDIA¦ “Central European start-up may have found the formula to successfully charge for online content” [Tatiana Bednarikova, Agence France Press, Aug. 27, 2012, Cutting-edge Slovak media paywall seeks to expand abroad]¦ “Without Piano, our individual solutions would be much less effective” [Stefan Hrib, publisher of Tyzden Newsweekly Magazine, BusinessWeek, Aug. 26, 2011 by Felix Gilette]¦ “Studies...showed that a simple one-time payment for several information outlets is crucial for sales of news online” [Leos Rousek Wall St. Journal, April 27, 2011, Slovak Entrepreneurs to Test Charging for News Online]¦ “Piano pulled off a neat trick in bringing together competing publishers” [Robert Andrews, editor at]¦ “Piano’s persistent championing of news as an important service, part of any functioning democracy, and one worth paying for, is a boon to a demoralized industry” [William F. Baker, Columbia Journalism Review, Feb. 14, 2012, A National Paywall that works, Lessons from Slovakia]¦ “Media now understand that we have to find a way of making people realize that newspapers online cannot be for free“ [Matus Kostolny, Editor-in-chief, SME Slovakia, Associated Press, April 19, 2011, by Karel Janicek, Slovak Media team up to charge for online access]¦ “Publishers Stateside should pay attention to how things go for the company as it moves into larger markets” [Andrew Beaujon, Poynter Institute, July 18, 2012, Why Piano Media is worth watching]¦ “Piano offers a lifebuoy for an industry in disarray that needs fresh capital” [Marius Dragomir, Transitions Online, Aug. 13, 2012, How Piano could save Central Europe’s Newspapers]
  13. 13. [ CONTACTS ] HQ | Piano Media, a.s. Štefánikova 14, Bratislava | Slovakia | T: + 421 221 028 871 Poland | Piano Media Poland Sp. z o.o. ul. Sienna 72/6 | 00-833 Warszawa | Polska Slovakia | Piano Media, a.s. Štefánikova 14, Bratislava | Slovakia Slovenia | Piano Media, d.o.o. Celovška cesta 228 | 1000 Ljubljana | Slovenija