Change management overview slides


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The Change Management overview presentation is a comprehensive walkthrough of what Change Management is and how you implement it at your company or your customer company. The nice looking slides are easy to incorporate into your own presentation and are designed by professionals to both give you an inside into the subject and give a professional presentation to your stakeholders. The PowerPoint slides are:

Slide 1: What is Change Management

Slide 2: Change Initiative Examples – what we change

Slide 3: Reasons why change efforts typically fail

Slide 4: The Change Emotion Curve

Slide 5: Phase characteristics

Slide 6: Reduction of the “Valley of tears”

Slide 7: Steps of Change Management

Slide 8: Eight-Stage Change Process

Slide 9: Common reasons why Change Leaders don’t communicate

Slide 10: Typical setup process

Slide 11: Setup CM Charter (Change Charter)

Slide 12: Change Charter template

Slide 13: The Change Management Roadmap/project plan

Slide 14: Example of high level Project Plan

Slide 15: Organization and roles for Change Management

Slide 16: Role description “Change Manager”

Slide 17: Role description “CM Core team member”

Slide 18: Role description “Change Agent”

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Change management overview slides

  1. 1. Change Management Overview
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  3. 3. The Change Emotion Curve Productivity Integration Time Shock and denial Shock Anger and depression Acceptance and integration Denial Anger Depression Acceptance 3
  4. 4. Linking organizational and individual change Shock and denial Anger and depression Acceptance and integration • Help individuals to let go of past and accept change • Minimize shock • Communicate intentions as early as possible • Expect resistance • Help individuals to change – listen, sympathize, support, encourage, coach, debate, give and take feedback • Put in place education, training, personal development, new working practices and systems • Support individuals in their new roles • Encourage reflection on change and learning • Celebrate success and reinforce new ways of behaving 4
  5. 5. Change Management Steps 1 2 3 4 5 8 6 7 Source: Kotter 5
  6. 6. 8 Stage Change Process Sense of urgency Sense of urgency Create coalition Empower people Short term wins Consolidate gains Anchor change 6 1 Create coalition 2 CCleleaar rv visiisoionn 3 SShhaarere v visiisoionn 4 Empower people 5 Short term wins 6 Consolidate gains 7 Anchor change 8 • Getting people to examine seriously the competitive realities • Identifying crises, potential crises or major opportunities • Creating a vision to help direct the change effort • Developing strategies for achieving that vision • Getting rid of blockers • Changing systems or structures that seriously undermine the change vision • Encouraging risk taking • Using increased credibility to change all systems, structures, and policies that do not fit the transformation vision • Reinvigorating the process with new projects, themes and change agents • Putting together a group with enough power to lead the change • Getting the group to work together like a team • Using every vehicle possible to constantly communicate the new vision and strategies • Role modeling behavior by the guiding coalition is important • Planning for some visible performance improvements • Creating those wins • Visibly recognizing and rewarding people who made the wins possible • Articulating the connections between new behaviors and company success • Developing means to ensure leadership development and succession
  7. 7. The Change Management Roadmap/Project plan On the basis of the stakeholder analysis the information needs are determined for each stakeholder group. Depending on these results adequate communication measures have to be planned Training must be planned on the basis of the training requirement analysis Adequate controlling has to be planned Regular updates are necessary 7
  8. 8. Example of high level Project Plan 8
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