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Location-Based Marketing: Foursquare + Businesses


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With more and more people "checking in" to the places they frequent whilst out and about, location-based-services like Foursquare are becoming an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Learn the ins & outs of Foursquare and why geo-location is the place to be for businesses wanting to bring people in the door - and keep them coming back.

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Location-Based Marketing: Foursquare + Businesses

  1. location-based marketing: + businesses.kristen vang@kvang
  2. “simply put, location changes everything.” - matthew honan, wired magazine, january 2009
  3. location provides an enhanced user experience.+ discovery + navigation + context + relevance
  4. location is a game changer for social networking. what have you been up to? passive what are you doing right now? real-time where are you? can i join? participatory
  5. how does it work?download the app.
  6. how does it work?build your network.
  7. how does it work?check-in. select your location from the list
  8. how does it work?tell your friends.
  9. how does it work?add & share tips on venues. nearby venue-specific push
  10. how does it work?get the inside scoop. where to go. how to get there. how to pay. what to order.
  11. how does it work?get the inside scoop.
  12. how does it work?create a to-do list. add to your to do list
  13. how does it work?earn points. • +1 for each place you check in during the day • +5 for checking in at someplace new • +5 for adding a new venue to the directory
  14. how does it work?unlock badges. i. general local: check in 3x at the same place in one week swarm: check in at a place with 50+ other users ii. city specific Brooklyn for life: check in 25+ times in Brooklyn iii. event specific CES 2010: check in at the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2010 iv. branded yard bird: check in at 6 of Harvard’s recommended campus locations
  15. how does it work?become a mayor.
  16. how does it work?unlock badges by becoming mayor.
  17. be inspired to do things.
  18. but, foursquare isn’t just a game.
  19. “this one input—our coordinates—has thepotential to change all the outputs. where weshop, who we talk to, what we read, what wesearch for, where we go—they all change oncewe merge location and the web.” - matthew honan, wired magazine, january 2009
  20. business opportunities:offer specials to bring people in the door. venue page places nearby
  21. business opportunities:add incentives to keep them coming back. discounts badges
  22. business opportunities:tie it to your loyalty program.
  23. business opportunities:reward your mayor. discounts products special access
  24. business opportunities:reward your mayor. recognition
  25. business opportunities:take visitors on a tour.
  26. business opportunities:encourage patrons to share tips.
  27. business opportunities:give out product samples.
  28. business opportunities:organise a swarm.
  29. business opportunities:organise a super swarm.
  30. business opportunities:bring in some boats.
  31. business opportunities:connect reality to television.
  32. business opportunities:make broadcast participatory.
  33. business opportunities:support a cause.
  34. business opportunities:drive people within an event.
  35. business opportunities:create a scavenger hunt.
  36. business opportunities:make daily routine more fun.
  37. business opportunities:get to know your customers better.
  38. wanna play? it’s easy.
  39. getting started:try it out for yourself.
  40. getting started:claim & register your business.
  41. getting started:create your first special. • mayor specials • check-in specials • frequency specials • wildcard specials
  42. getting started:let customers know you’re involved.
  43. have fun with it. (after all it’s only a game.)
  44. image credits. aj bombers - artificial ignorance - foursquare - highholburn - miss_hg - msau - naveen - roomjosh - superamit -