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Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.                                                                                              Pres...
Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.                                                                                           Press R...
Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.                                                                                              Pres...
Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.                                                                                           Press R...
Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.                                                            Press Release

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Yamaha 102251 Fz8 Fazer8 Press Release English


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Yamaha Fz8 Fazer8 Press release

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Yamaha 102251 Fz8 Fazer8 Press Release English

  1. 1. FZ8 / Fazer8 Press Information
  2. 2. Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Press Release The Yamaha FZ8-series Yamaha is proud to announce two new motorcycles that open up a whole new class within the popular FZ sportsbike range – the FZ8 and the Fazer8. The FZ8-series is based on the idea of a high-performance all- rounder with the power and character to make every ride an exhilarating sports ride. Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful FZ6-series – which, since 1998, has sold over 250.000 units – both bikes offer serious sports bike looks, outstanding handling and a flexible, powerful, torquey engine that encourages riders to explore its full potential. It’s an accessible kind of adrenaline: a shot of sportsbike energy, designed to be enjoyed every day. These dynamic new sports machines are built on a new 779cc engine and all-aluminium frame. The engine offers a balance of middleweight accessibility with big-bore power and instant grunt throughout the rev range. It steers fast and effortlessly, and handles with surefooted confidence - whether it’s cranked right over on a tight, smooth corner or slicing its way through traffic on a congested commute. The naked FZ8 is a machine with attitude. Muscular, aggressive design gives onlookers a hint of this bike’s serious intentions. Not a bike for beginners, the FZ8 is a pure expression of performance and quality craftsmanship. With the semi-faired Fazer8, the emphasis is placed firmly on getting out there and enjoying the roads, whatever the weather. Discover sportsbike performance and handling, with the aerodynamics, wind and weather protection of a front cowl and screen. It’s a solid step up in performance and quality.
  3. 3. Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Press Release 779cc, liquid cooled, inline 4-cylinder engine In order to arrive at the perfect power and torque spread for a mix of high performance and all-round usability, Yamaha threw out all preconceptions about engine size. The 1000cc and 600cc categories that largely divide the market are imposed by racing regulations, not road riding considerations. Many riders find 600cc supersport engines to be hard work on the open road – and 1000cc superbike engines to be overkill. Yamaha’s engineers selected a 779cc engine displacement to provide the perfect balance between the accessible performance of a 600 and the broad, instant torque and power of a litrebike. The new FZ8-series engine is fuel injected, and uses both a throttle valve and an electronically controlled sub- throttle valve to provide additional control over intake airflow volume. The cylinder bodies have a bore and stroke from 68.0x53.6mm. Readings on engine rpm and throttle opening are processed in real time by the ECU, which operates a new stepping motor to control the sub-throttle valves and optimise volumetric efficiency in each part of the rev range. This is one of the many design considerations aimed at boosting low-middle drive. Another key to the FZ8-series motor’s flexibility is found in the large-capacity 7.8 litre airbox, where the air intake funnels are two different lengths – cylinders 1 and 4 have 125mm intake funnels, where 2 and 3 are 150mm in length, producing an excellent spread of torque throughout the rev range. The FZ8-series engine produces 106.2PS (78.1kW) at 10,000rpm, and a generous 82.0Nm of torque at 8,000rpm – with a character that feels light, torquey and responsive down low but builds to a signature Yamaha top-end power rush. It easily clears EU3 exhaust emission standards, using a short, side mounted muffler and a 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system with a honeycomb type catalytic converter fitted at the point where the header pipes meet. An oxygen sensor feeds real-time exhaust information back to the ECU, allowing the bike to constantly adjust its air/fuel mixture for optimum efficiency and clean emissions.
  4. 4. Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Press Release Chassis and running gear The FZ8-series features a new engine that is a stressed member in an all- aluminium frame. The design’s high rigidity and low weight minimises frame torsion while providing outstanding high-speed stability and cornering confidence. The FZ8-series also uses a CF aluminium die-cast swingarm, enhancing the effectiveness of the rear suspension. Front-end suspension is a pair of upside-down forks, running 43mm inner tubes. Rear suspension is handled by a linked Monocross unit – the link being designed to provide soft, light suspension near the top of the stroke to deal with bumpy surfaces in comfort, but then to provide firmer cushioning as the shock is further compressed, for sharper handling during hard cornering. Front brakes are twin four-piston monoblock calipers, gripping 310mm floating front discs. Being monoblock designs, the calipers suffer minimal distortion under hard braking, so the stopping force is linear, stable and controllable when the chips are down. Both the naked FZ8 and semi-faired Fazer8 models are available with optional ABS. The wheels are five-spoke cast aluminium rims – the front tyre is a 120/70 ZR17, and the rear is a 180/55 ZR17. This gives both bikes outstanding ride feeling, grip and cornering performance, with access to the full range of sports rubber. The riding position is sporty but comfortable, with a seat height of 815mm and a narrow tank which gives the rider a good ground access. Overall ride experience is compact and light, with generous room for manoeuvring. Steering is quick and responsive, with an extended 33-degree left-to-right steering angle - making tight U-turns and peak-hour traffic busting much easier. Muscular, mass-forward design The FZ8-series consists of two models – the naked FZ8 and the semi-faired Fazer8 with a front cowl and screen. A short muffler, narrow tank and new 3-part tank cover instantly distinguish these bikes from their peers. Visually, the FZ8 series evokes a pure release of energy in forward motion. The black side parts on the tank provide comfortable knee grip, and give the subtle impression that the coloured tank is breaking away and accelerating forward. The headlight unit on the naked FZ8 adds an aggressive-looking detail. In all, the visual impression is of a bike that looks fast even when it’s standing still – and that sensually curved diamond frame and muscular 4-cylinder engine are still the stars of the show.
  5. 5. Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Press Release Accessories A range of genuine Yamaha functional and styling accessories is available to enhance the looks and extend the capabilities of the FZ8 and Fazer8. The range includes : • Higher windscreen for the Fazer8 • Stylish flyscreen for the FZ8 • Seat cover • Subcowling • Rear carrier • 46L Topcase • Passenger backrest for 46L topcase • Innerbag for 46L topcase • Grip heaters MC 120 • Passenger grab bars for the FZ8 • Main stand • Radiator cover • Engine guards • Roller protectors • Stylish license plate holder (available in April 2010) • Tankpad • Stylish LED indicators in black, chrome and carbon look (available end May 2010) • TF Touring tank bag for the Fazer8 • TF City tank bag for the FZ8 Apparel Yamaha offers a wide range of apparel, designed to keep riders and passengers stylish and protected. The apparel range includes the following riding gear among others: • Yamaha Speedblock 1pc and 2pc men’s riding leathers in regular and long sizes, available in blue, black • Yamaha Speedblock men’s gloves, available in blue, black • Yamaha Classic Kiron men’s riding jacket, available in blue, black, red • Yamaha Classic Venturi S2 men’s and women’s riding jacket, available in blue, red, black • Yamaha Classic Venturi S2 gloves, available in blue, red, black • Yamaha Iwata men’s riding jacket and trousers, available in black • Yamaha Iwata women’s riding jacket and trousers, available in black, white
  6. 6. Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Press Release Specifications ENGINE Type Liquid cooled 4-stroke,DOHC Forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder Displacement 779cc Bore x stroke 68.0×53.6mm Compression ratio 12.0 : 1 Max. Power 78.1KW(106.2PS)/10000r/min Max. Torque 82.0Nm(8.4kgf·m)/8000r/min Lubrication system Wet sump Fuel supply system Electronic Fuel Injection Clutch type Wet,multiple-disc coil spring Ignition system Transistorized coil ignition Starter system Electric Transmission system Constant mesh 6-speed Final transmission system Chain Primary reduction ratio 1.512(65/43) Secondary reduction ratio 2.875(46/16) Gear ratio 1st gear 2.692(35/13) Gear ratio 2nd gear 2.063(33/16) Gear ratio 3rd gear 1.762(37/21) Gear ratio 4th gear 1.522(35/23) Gear ratio 5th gear 1.350(27/20) Gear ratio 6th gear 1.208(29/24) CHASSIS Frame Diamond frame Front suspension Telescopic fork Front wheel travel 130mm Rear suspension Swingarm (link suspension) Rear wheel travel 130 mm Caster angle 25º Trail 109mm Front brake Hydraulic dual disc brake, Ø 310mm Rear brake Hydraulic single disc brake, Ø 267mm Front tyre 120/70 ZR17 M/C(58W) Rear tyre 180/55 ZR17 M/C(73W) DIMENSIONS Overall length 2,140mm Overall width 770mm Overall height FZ8: 1,065mm Fazer8: 1,225mm Seat height 815mm Wheelbase 1,460mm Min. ground clearance 140mm Wet weight (full fuel tank) FZ8: 211kg / ABS 216kg Fazer8: 215kg / ABS 220kg Fuel capacity 17 litres Oil capacity 3.8 litres