Nikloa Tesla (20th Century Inventor)


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A handy powerpoint on Nikola Tesla. One of the most prolific inventors of all time.

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Nikloa Tesla (20th Century Inventor)

  1. 1. Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)By Keval Vashi
  2. 2. Introduction Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and physicist. He is mostly known for contributing to making electricity commercial Inventor of AC (Alternating Current) A long term rival to Thomas Edison
  3. 3. Personal Life Born in 1856 in Smiljan, Austrian Empire (Modern-day Croatia) Died in Manhattan, New York, USA Had one brother and three sisters Born as a Serbian but later becoming a naturalised American citizen. Raised as an Orthodox Christian
  4. 4. Education Attended Primary School in Smiljan, Austria studying German, arithmetic and religion. Tesla moved to Karlovac, Croatia Higher Real Gymnasium graduating in 1873. He later attended Graz University of Technology passing nine exams, but not able to graduate due to dropping out
  5. 5. Inventions and Achivements Tesla invented AC (Alternating Current), AC is the form in which electric power is delivered to businesses and residences. AC is still used in present day Tesla also established Tesla Coil – A type of transformer circuit Wireless Communication – The transfer of information without the use of enhanced electrical wires. The Tesla electric car – An electrical motor prototype that inhibited a brushless design Wins a contract to power the Niagara Falls with his Alternative Current system
  6. 6. United States On the 6th of June1884 he arrived in the USA in New York City On 30th July 1891, at the age of 35, Tesla became a naturalised citizen of the United States In1893 at Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago he popularised alternating current. In 1886, Tesla forms his own corporation ―Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing‖
  7. 7. Tesla – Edison rivalry In 1882, Tesla began working for Thomas Edison at the Continental Edison Company in France Tesla claimed that he could redesign Edisons inefficient motor and generators Edison remarked, "Theres fifty thousand dollars in it for you—if you can do it‖ Tesla fulfilled the task and inquired about payment, however Edison was only joking and had agreed to increase Tesla payrise, though Tesla resigned immediately. In contention, Edison had created DC (Direct Current) to rival Tesla’s AC electrical system, however would soon diminish to AC. Both refused ever to accept the Nobel Peace Prize award if any of them received it first
  8. 8. Legacy and Honors In 1931, on his birthday, he was on the cover of the Time Magazine, receiving congratulatory letters from more than 70 pioneers in science and engineering, including Albert Einstein A lunar crater on the far side of the moon is named after him ―Tesla‖ A monument to Tesla was established at Niagara Falls, New York An electrical car company ―Tesla Motors‖ named their company in tribute to Tesla The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Serbia’s primary international airport was named after him The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade Nikola Tesla appears on 100 Serbian dinar banknote.
  9. 9. Death He died in 1943 on the 7th of January, in Manhattan, New York, USA at the age of 86 He died unmarried Tesla’s funeral took place on the 12th of January 1943 at the Cathedral of Saint Joint His body was taken to Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1957
  10. 10. ―The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire toharness the forces of nature to the service ofmankind.‖