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Powerpont x


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Published in: Education
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Powerpont x

  2. 2. SPORTS Football Basketball• Throughout my freshmen • Basketball is my favorite year I played the position sport and I’ve ben playing it ever since I was little. of right and left tackle. • This season was great with• This was my first year in my outstanding three football and was pointers. fascinating. • I knew I did good when coach gave a compliment• The first time I went in after the game. coach put me as nose • But I play not just to win, but guard although I did do to enjoy the sport of better as tackle. basketball.
  3. 3. ACHIEVEMENTS• I have accomplished many things throughout my years in school such as:• Junior honor society• President of student Council (made one thousand dollars)• President of School store (made one thousand dollars)• Creator of my school’s mascot FAA• Third place for design in solar panel car racing (out of over twenty cars and I made it to the finals)
  4. 4. CAREER CHOICE• I am a student at Monty Tech and I choose the shop plumbing. This is a great shops for me and I love what I do even with the friends around me making the job more fun than it already id. Although I like having fun , I have limitations. I am a hands on guy and I like getting the job done right even if I have to do it again. I’m definitely not a person who stays sitting down, I always have to do something productive.