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Da Vinci War Machines


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Da Vinci War Machines

  2. 2. Leonardo Da Vinci is a real Renaissance man. He was one of the most amazing genius man in world and his designs gave inspiration to mankind.
  3. 3. He is famous with his paintings such as Last Supper and Mona Lisa. But Leonardo worked in many areas. He worked as a sculptor, architect, military engineer. He made also anatomical studies with corpses
  4. 4. He designed a lot of castles, bridges and sewerage drains. Especially with war amchines he became famous in Europe.
  5. 5. HIS WAR MACHINES He designed many machines for military purpose or other purposes. But most of them couldn’t have produced, because of lack of technology .
  6. 6. TANK This is the Da Vinci’s most famous machine. He designed this for go ahead of pedestrians and bombard from its cannons.
  7. 7. MACHINE GUN This machine designed against line of advancing troops. It is quicker to load other guns and easy to move around.
  8. 8. WALL DEFENSE This is a genius design which levers quickly and easily push the enemy ladders.
  9. 9. HELICOPTER Da Vinci the first person who thinks vertical flight and he designed this helicopter for throwing bombs over the enemies
  10. 10. SCYTHED CHARIOTS This chariot has turning blades like helicopter blades. It would cut the enemies and leave them helpless.
  11. 11. CATAPULT Da Vinci developed basic catapult into more improved one. This catapult produces great amount of power throws stone over great distance.
  12. 12. THE GIANT CROSSBOW Crossbow is one of the main weapons of Leonardo. It was not for firing huge arrows, It was for firing rocks or flaming bombs.