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Preview MOA Campaign Communications Plan Book in Full Screen


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Preview MOA Campaign Communications Plan Book in Full Screen

  1. 1. 2011 Holiday Campaign MADDEX Integrated Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary………… …………………………………………………..………….2 SWOT………………………………… … …………………………..………………...….3 - 4 Competitors………………………………… …………………………..…..……….....5 - 7 Primary Research………… ……………… …………….………………………….8 - 10 Target Audience…………… ………………………………..………………..……11 - 12 Objectives……………………… …………………………………………..…………………..13 Creative Brief…………………… ……………………………………..……………………...14 Advertisement…………………… ……………………………....……………..….15 - 20 Public Relations…………………… ……………………………………..……..….21 - 23 Digital…………………………………… ……………………………………….……….24 - 32 Media and Budget…………………… ……………………………………………33 - 34 Evaluation………………………………… ……………………………..……………………..35 Conclusion………………………………… ………………………………..………………....36Maddex 1
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn the 18 years since it opened, Mall of America has become the retail and entertainment center of the Midwest; some even calling it the―Hollywood of the Midwest.‖ In its time, it has become a tourist attraction and a well recognizable brand. MOA‘s wide range of retail,dining and entertainment outlets is unmatched by any other retail shopping center in the United States. The major concern forprospective shoppers is that they don‘t want to go from mall to mall in to find all of the stores, entertainment and dining options they arelooking for. With over 520 stores, over 50 restaurants, and several great attractions, we are out to convince our consumer that Mall ofAmerica offers a variety of stores and is their one-stop shopping center.Extensive primary and secondary research revealed that the Mall of America is perceived as the premiere Twin Cities holiday shoppingdestination. Research also revealed that today‘s shoppers are no longer satisfied with mall hopping and they prefer to be able to get all oftheir holiday shopping done under one roof. Shoppers are growing to expect malls to accommodate beyond diverse product selection;they want malls to cater to their needs for entertainment and dining. This is especially the case around the holidays, when consumers arespending more time and money in malls - as they try to find the most convenient and rewarding way to wrap up their holiday shopping(Pun intended). Today‘s shoppers want a shopping experience that is both, convenient (diverse product offerings), and gratifying (offersthem a shopping experience that goes beyond just retailers).The primary and secondary research conducted confirmed the ideal target markets for the 2011 MOA holiday campaign are women age25 to 34 and 35 to 54 with household incomes greater than $100,000. These demographics not only enjoy shopping, but are also keyholders when it comes to the ―holiday shopping list‖. In other words, they are often the ones in charge of getting all of the gifts foreveryone in their family. These target markets also account for a large portion of Mall of America‘s current target audience.By 2011, this campaign aims to position Mall of America as the ultimate destination for holiday shopping. This campaign wants to secureMall of America‘s positioning by increasing its association with diverse product offerings (convenience), and great dining andentertainment options. MOA also wants to position itself as the premier luxury shopping destination in the metro area.In order to kick off the holiday campaign, we created a tagline that underlines our mission and vision – ―More Ways to Check Things offYour List.‖ This tagline reinforces one of the current tag lines, ―More Ways To Be You,‖ that the mall has already found to be successful. Tohelp us achieve our objectives we plan on utilizing strategic media placement, traditional advertising, social media, timed promotions, andvarious events to communicate our message efficiently and effectively.2
  4. 4. SWOT To begin planning a marketing campaign for Mall of America, we researched and analyzed the current retail environment, competing retailers, and Mall of America‘s current marketing strategies. We looked at consumer database Simmons and economic statistics to understand the consumers‘ situation. Information on competitors was found through their websites, news articles, and public audit disclosures. To asses Mall of America‘s current situation and efforts, we viewed MOA‘s advertisements, news articles, social media, web site, and past campaigns. After completing initial research, we chose a target audience to further research that meet‘s MOA‘s current marketing efforts and will be a beneficial and effective audience for this 2011 holiday shopping campaign. Strengths •Offers a shopping, dining, and entertainment experience all under one roof. •Strong social media foundation and execution. •Most diverse product offering in the area. •Significant brand recognition and growing brand equity. •Aside from offering a unique experience, MOA also caters to niche markets by offering high end stores (designer, boutique style, etc.) •Easy transportation (light rail, buses, shuttles, etc.) to the mall. Having many low cost options available for transportation allows MOA to be increasingly accessible, especially for area professionals who commute. Weaknesses •MOA‘s quantity of retailers may be thought of as daunting, intimidating, or excessive. •Challenging to brand and market because of broad range of service and product offerings. •Vulnerable in customer service due to its size and high traffic of shoppers. •Parking congestion and frustration. •Large floor space and amount of stores makes mall navigation difficult.Maddex 3
  5. 5. SWOTOpportunities•Growth of luxury product sales.•Some shoppers enjoy spending an entire day shopping and dining, which MOA is well equipped for.•MOA also offers a huge selection for holiday gifts (that other malls just can‘t compete with.)•The cold climate is a bonus for MOA because it drives consumers to the mall for an all day experience.•There is always something new coming to MOA. Currently, there are new restaurants, new retailers, and new attractions beingadded to the diverse selection already at MOA. This keeps MOA fresh and exciting because it is constantly innovating itself and thuscreating buzz and building its brand equity.•Attracts consumers to come to the mall beyond shopping (events, dining and entertainment options.)•Growing population of social media users gives MOA a cost effective marketing platform and increased reach.Threats•Proximity of other malls (see competition.)•Convenience and growing comfort of online shopping, especially holiday offers from online retailers including low or no shippingcosts.•Though MOA continually adds new stores and attractions, the mall itself is considered well established and no longer new to TwinCities residents. Some locals consider it more of a tourist destination and therefore, stigmas have been established around mallcrowds and stores.•An economic downturn can certainly be seen as a big threat to MOA. When the economy is suffering, disposable income is oftenthe first thing that is affected. In other words, economic hardships cause people to significantly cut down the size of their shoppingbudget and reprioritize thus changing their spending and shopping habits.4
  6. 6. COMPETITORS Ridgedale Shopping Center Galleria Shopping Center Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota Location: 69th and France Avenue in Edina, Minnesota. Stores: 140+ Stores: 60+ USP/Tagline/Promise: Merrier Shopping. USP/Tagline/Promise: Shop. Eat. Experience. Strengths: Strengths: •Easy and convenient layout. •Diverse selection of unique retailers (Tumi, Tiffany & Co., •Strong online presence (holiday blog, Facebook, Twitter, Louis Vuitton, Crate & Barrel, etc.) Yelp, etc.) •Strong exclusive personality and strong emphasis on •Offers great promotional tactics. experience. Weaknesses: •Specialty dining (Good Earth, Kozy‘s Steak and Seafood.) •Poor entertainment outlets and small selection of dining •Spacious and relaxed ambiance. options. •Well defined audience. •Quick retail turn-over. •Strong partnerships with non-profit organizations. •Fleeting product selection due to frequently vacant stores. •Exceptional customer service. Weaknesses: •Specific target audience may alienate some shoppers. •Lack of entertainment options. •No anchor stores. •High-end retailers make the shopping center expensive.Maddex 5
  7. 7. COMPETITORS Nicollet Mall (Downtown Minneapolis) Rosedale Shopping Center Location: Between 5th and 7th street downtown. Location: Roseville, Minnesota. Stores: 60+ Stores: 130 + USP/Tagline/Promise: Discover Downtown. USP/Tagline/Promise: My World, My Mall, My Style. Strengths: Strengths: •Offers a wide variety of retailers (Saks Fifth Avenue, •Great dining and entertainment options. Neiman Marcus, etc.) •Appeals to a broad range of demographics because of •Well-rounded holiday shopping experience (Holidazzle strong research and development. Parade, Macy‘s Display, etc.) •Highly targeted communications with an emphasis on •Surrounded by trendy restaurants, bars, and building a sense of community. entertainment outlets (Brits Pub, Barrio, Dakota Jazz Weaknesses: Club, Orchestra Hall, etc.) •Not differentiating enough from similar shopping Weaknesses: centers. •Shopping and entertainment outlets are spread out. •Outdoor layout of the mall can be confusing. •Parking is expensive and a hassle. •Lack of big name retailers. •Small selection of retailers. •Hustle and bustle can be stressful.6
  8. 8. COMPETITORS Southdale Shopping Center Secondary Competitors: Location: France Avenue in Edina, Minnesota Stores: 120+ Internet Retailers USP/Tagline/Promise: More Choices. More and more people turn to internet retailers every year. These Strengths: are either solely e-commerce sites such as and •Offer specialty stores (Len Druskin, Marshalls, H&M, or multi-chain retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Coach, etc.) •Offer a diverse selection of dining options (The Strengths: Cheesecake Factory, P Chang‘s, etc.) .F. •Convenient for consumers . •Downloadable mobile application. •Shopping from the comfort of their own home 24/7. •Strong partnerships with non-profit organizations (Susan •Browse multiple retailers while comparing competitor C. Komen Race For The Cure and Simon Youth prices. Foundation.) •Offer minimal or no shipping fee during the holiday. Weaknesses: •Provides in-depth product information. •Difficult to navigate due to outdated internal mall layout. Weaknesses: •Old fashion brand personality. •Not everyone has access to the internet. •Limited entertainment options (AMC Theatres.) •Intangible shopping experience. •Shopping experience lacks instant gratification. •Shipping time, costs, and return policies are a hassle.Maddex 7
  9. 9. PRIMARY RESEARCHWe conducted extensive secondary and primary research to find out as much as wecould about the mall industry, shopping behaviors, and shopping preferences.Research Objectives1. Identify target audiences‘ shopping habits and decision making process when choosing where to shop.2. Identify shoppers‘ media consumption and information seeking process when planning holiday shopping.3. Identify shoppers‘ attitudes and opinions on holiday shopping and Mall of America.Research Analysis:To better understand the target markets, a survey and in-depth interviews were conducted. Among the women who took thesurvey, the most agreed upon opinion was ―I enjoy going out to eat while shopping.‖ When the results were divided betweenwomen below 35 and those above 35, it was found that the women above 35 most disagreed with the opinions ―I like to shop withmy spouse or significant other,‖ and, ―I think holiday shopping is stressful.‖ Younger women were slightly different. On average theywere neutral or in agreement with those opinions. The opinion younger women disagreed with most was spending the entire dayshopping.Over ten in-depth interviews were conducted with members of the target market. One of the most important factors of where theyshop, was product offering. Many women said they seek ―unique‖ products for holiday gifts, specialized items that can‘t be foundat large retailers like Target or Wal-Mart. People want to give gifts that are special and out of the ordinary. One interviewee saidshe often looks to mall kiosks for these kinds of items. Many women shop with lists, and the products on those lists determinewhich stores they go to. For example, many women must go to clothing stores like American Eagle because their nieces,daughters, or grandchildren ask for specific brand name clothing for holiday gifts.Price and sale promotions are effective in driving women to stores during the holidays. Many actively search for deals innewspapers and online ads. The interviewees said coupons are a great motivator to get them to make purchases at particularstores. For women whose households are struggling with finances or unemployment, price and sale considerations are top of mind.Many look for sales information in newspaper pullouts or direct mail.8
  10. 10. SURVEY DATA 60 50 40 Percent 30 Strongly Disagree 20 Disagree 10 Neutral/ No Opinion 0 Agree Female 18- I enjoy I like to I like to I like to I like to do I like to I like to go I think I do most of Strongly Agree 34 holiday shop with shop with shop alone holiday spend an out to eat holiday the holiday shopping family my spouse shopping at entire day while shopping is shopping members or malls shopping shopping stressful for my significant household other 60 50 40 Percent 30 Strongly Disagree 20 Disagree 10 Neutral/ No Opinion 0 Agree Female 35- I enjoy I like to I like to I like to I like to do I like to I like to go I think I do most of Strongly Agree 54 holiday shop with shop with shop alone holiday spend an out to eat holiday the holiday shopping family my spouse shopping at entire day while shopping is shopping members or malls shopping shopping stressful for my significant household otherMaddex 9
  11. 11. PRIMARY RESEARCHThe interviews contained mixed feelings about Mall of America. Many thought of the mall having one of the best product offeringsin the area, but were turned off by its size and difficulty of shopping there. Some would go to MOA because they simply could notfind particular stores anywhere else. To others, MOA is a shopping destination rather than just a mall because of its dining andentertainment options. One of the biggest deterrents to shopping at MOA was parking.When holiday shopping, this audience is looking for specific attributes in products, services, and experience in a retailer. All arelooking for sales during the holidays, but many times quality and individuality of product offerings can be more important thangetting a bargain. In conclusion, with the groups researched, MOA‘s is its breadth of product and retail offerings in one location,exclusivity of certain retailers in the area, and services outside of retail including dining and entertainment.Quotable Insights:"I love getting to the mall early in the day, doing some shopping, getting a snack, doing more shopping, and then having a nice lunch followed by a little more shopping." –Tabitha, 25.―MOA is more than a one-stop shop.‖ –Olga, 27.―I like to go out with a list and be able to have a plan.‖ –Linda Olson, 57―I am exposed to most ads through TV, Magazines and billboards. I also pay attention to deals through online and direct mail.‖ - Maya Pevzner, 26―I am more likely to go to the mall if it is paired up with a dining promotion.‖ –Lena Garbachova, 28―It is a miniature city under one roof.‖ –Marina Kuznetsova, 5210
  12. 12. TARGET AUDIENCE Women 25-34. HHI $100k+ Name: Naomi Watson Age: 29 Occupation: Accountant College Grad, Married, No Kids Lives in Minnetonka, MN Apartment Owner Insights: -Optimistic and indulgent -Exudes her endless self confidence through her savvy fashion sense -Grew up in a generation of self-absorbed status seekers Indulgent Professional -Personal success is important -Social butterfly, both online and in person -Offering and receiving advice is an important factor in buying decisions -Searches for entertainment options on the internet -Social status is expressed through appearance and clothing -Frequently accesses the internet from her phone -Web savvy and regularly visits blogs she is interested in -Quality and convenience are key -Coupons are a major factor in influencing purchasing decisions Purchase Behavior: Shops at Nordstrom‘s, Burberry, Coach, J. Crew, Apple Store Favorite Websites are: Facebook, Google, Amazon Top online activities are: online shopping, connecting on social websites, blogging Best ways to reach Target online: blogs, apps, plug-ins on Facebook, giveaways Top 3 Channels Watched: TLC, HBO, MTVMaddex 11
  13. 13. TARGET AUDIENCE Women 35-54. HHI $100k+ Name: Maureen Johnson Age: 46 Occupation: Orthodontist Dental School, Married, 2 Kids Lives in Prior Lake, MN Home Owner Insights: -Appreciates convenience -Comparative shopper -Primary decision maker in household decisions Experienced Decision Maker -Values family time -Price conscious, looks for bargains -Willing to spend more for high quality products -Brand Loyal -Technologically literate, but not dependant on new media -When marketing to this group, both mom and family should be included Purchase Behavior: Shops at Macys, Club Monaco, Swarovski, William Sonoma Favorite Websites are: Yahoo, Google, CNN Top online activities are: comparative online shopping, email, keeping up with news sources Best ways to reach Target online: coupons, promotions, giveaways, e-mails Top 3 Channels Watched: Bravo, Food Network, TLC12
  14. 14. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES Marketing: • Increase total traffic of the Mall of America of women, 25-54 with annual household incomes above $100,000 by 8 % from November 1st, 2011-December 31st, 2011 (in comparison to the 2010 holiday season.) • Drive 20% of unique mall visitors to make a transaction at Mall of America dining or entertainment tenants from November 1st, 2011-December 31st, 2011. • Increase total Mall of America sales by 10% from November 1st, 2011-December 31st, 2011 (in comparison to the 2010 holiday season.) Communication: • Reach 80% of the primary target audience three or more times each week with message reinforcing Mall of America as the top retail destination in product diversity and specialty—―Something for Everyone‖ –during the 2011 holiday season. • Reach 70% of the primary target audience three or more times each week with message reinforcing Mall of America as the top Twin Cities area mall for entertainment and dining options during the 2011 holiday season. • Establish the Mall of America as the premier luxury retailer among the primary target audience during the 2011 holiday season.Maddex 13
  15. 15. CREATIVE BRIEFKey Fact: MOA offers diversity and luxury.Problem: Shoppers do not want to go from mall to mall to find everything they are looking for during the holiday season (notenough diverse shopping, dining and entertainment options in other malls.)Objective: To convince shoppers that MOA is a destination for variety and luxury (a one-stop shopping experience.)Consumer: Women 25-54, who are holiday shoppers.Product Usage: Shops at Target twice a week for basics and spends $100 a month. Shops at large chains or discount stores one aweek and spends $100 a month. Shops leisurely for fun at a mall or other shopping destination and spends $500 on self and family.Demographics: Women 25-54 years old, full-time job, skewed married, skewed 1.5 kids, HHI $100,000+, skewed homeowners, Aand B counties.Psychographics: Busy, hard-working, enjoys quality, appreciates down time, craves family time, gets e-mail and phone updates aboutrelevant interests, keeps up with news and trends, uses retail as therapy, social butterfly, easy-going, values convenience.Competition:: Southdale, Rosedale, The Galleria, Ridgedale, Nicollet Mall, Online Retailers.Promise: If you shop at the Mall of America you will find a variety of stores with everything you are looking for on your holidayshopping list.Reason Why (Support): Selection.Tagline: More ways to check off your list.Mandatorys: Mall of America of, MOA.Tone: Joyful, stress-free, satisfying.14
  16. 16. ADVERTISEMENT Magazines: Our print creative will be placed on the inside and back outside cover of regional and state magazines from November - December in (Minnesota Monthly, Minneapolis/St.Paul) to effectively reach our audience segments, who do not necessarily engage in online media and to maintain our presence in the minds of our core consumers. We chose these two magazines due to their high readership (index) among our regional target audience. With significant reach, Minnesota Monthly and Minneapolis/St.Paul are ideal placement for our messages. Newspapers: Promotional newspaper inserts (full color, full page) will be placed in the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press on Sundays, during the 2nd week of November - December, and once a month throughout the year. These ads will feature a variety of timed sales promotions and a hot item‘s list.Maddex 15
  17. 17. ADVERTISEMENTOutdoor Media (billboards, bus king kong‘s,transit shelters):Out of home media is increasingly catching theattention of on the go, busy consumers. Thesurprise of unique advertising is memorable andconnects with our target audience on a deeper,more emotional level. Being omnipresent in thedaily lives of our target audience, keeps MOAtop of mind as the primary one-stop shopduring the holiday season. We chose to displayour key message and grab commuters attentionby placing 5 units of 3D extension billboards, 25units of bus king kong‘s, and 40 units of transitshelters in high visibility areas from September –December. To account for tourism, out of homemedia will also be displayed during the summer.These ads will reinforce the selection of retailersand entertainment options MOA has to offer.16
  18. 18. ADVERTISEMENTMaddex 17
  19. 19. ADVERTISEMENT In order to keep MOA‘s USP of diverse product offering top of mind amongst our core consumers, our television creative will be centered around the campaign‘s key message, ―more ways to check things off your list.‖ Television ads will be featured 2nd week of November - December, Monday - Sunday, during peak prime time, news, and early and late fringe. This will allow our message to successful fulfill our objectives of reach and frequency. Ads will also be featured every other week of June & July to account for tourism season. The following networks indexed high within our target market and thus will be some of the main networks to run our ads: WE TV, TLC, Lifetime, E, HGTV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, Disney, Style, VH1, MTV, Bravo, ABC Family, Food Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. TV Commercial Sample: Naomi (mid to late 20‘s) and her friend (Sasha) are walking through the front door of their home, with handfuls of holiday shopping bags. The camera zooms in on Naomi, who is holding a holiday check list. The camera then cuts on both of the women from chest up. Sasha: Bare Minerals starter kit? Naomi: Check. Sasha: Nine West Pea coat? Naomi: Check (as she holds up the Macy‘s bag). Sasha: Godiva chocolate sampler? Naomi: Check (with a mouthful of chocolate she answers). (They continue to cross things off of their long holiday list.) Sasha: Bose headphones? (Naomi looks at her bags, looks back the list and gives Sasha a look of discontent as they realize the mall they went to did not have all of the stores they needed to finish their holiday shopping (at the same time, Naomi‘s mom enters the front door with all of her holiday shopping bags.) Mom: Should have gone to Mall of America SUPER: MOA. More ways to check things off your list.18
  20. 20. ADVERTISEMENT To get the attention of our busy commuting target audience, 30 second spots, reinforcing product selection will be featured 2nd week of November - December, Monday - Sunday, 6am - 7pm on 6 metro radio stations (that indexed the highest amongst our demographic.) The following radio stations will run our spots: K102, KS95, KDWB, 102.9 FM, 97.1, KQ92. Radio Jingle Sample: (12 Days of Christmas) Script: Female Voice: -On the day before Christmas you still have quite a list -IPod for Joey -New coat for Jenny -Build-A-Bear (5 Golden Rings) -Coach Purse for Sam -SpongeBob Pants -Lego‘s for Kim -And an MOA gift card -No matter how you carol this holiday season, Mall of America has more ways to check things off your list. Radio Commercial Sample: Female Voice: Swarovski earrings, champagne flutes, hem dress slacks, bake pumpkin pie, iPod shuffle for Joey, oil change, pick up in-laws from Humphrey Airport, etc. (The list builds up and comes to a culmination and then cuts out) Female Voice Over: With so much to do this holiday season, you can rest assured knowing that Mall of America can help you check more things off your list. We can‘t help it if your mother in-law still insists on serving her own pumpkin pie.Maddex 19
  21. 21. ADVERTISEMENTDirect Mail:In order to remind our target audience of everything that MOA has to offer, a direct mail piece will be sent to theirhomes on the 2nd weekend in November. 10,000 MOA shoppers (on one of MOA‘s mailing list) will receive the directmail piece. Several items included on the mailing list, are featured as a way to keep MOA top of mind.PR/Events Calendar:This calendar will be for the months of, November and December. The events calendar will inform our target marketabout various ongoing events during the holidays. It will include guest appearances (12 Stars of Christmas), BlackFriday, mall decoration completion, mall hours and any other inclusive events or PR during that time.Magnetic Wish List:This holiday themed magnetic wish list is the perfect addition to our target markets fridge for the holiday season. It isbased around our tagline for the campaign, ―more ways to check things off your list‖ and will feature a notepad,formatted as a blank shopping list, allowing the consumer to add/check off items as they complete their holidayshopping.Mall Guide:This mall guide will be our target audiences‘ go-to book for the entirety of the shopping season. 30 pages of mallmaps, mall directories, hot dining, trend tips, featured stores, coupons, information about parking and smart shoppingat MOA during the holidays will make our target audience feel prepared for the holiday season and ensure that theywill have a satisfying experience while shopping at MOA.Hot Holiday List:This holiday list will mimic our newspaper ads that will be sent out during Black Friday and through the rest of themonth of December. It will feature the MOA logo, selected stores, and hot products for the season. To keep in tunewith the campaign, the hot list will also include boxes to check off these hot items as they are purchased from variousretailers.20
  22. 22. PUBLIC RELATIONS Press Releases Regular press releases will be sent out on any upcoming mall events, news on the holiday Media Relations shopping season from MOA, and alerts that MOA As the largest mall in the country, Mall of America should be one of the best staff are available for interviews on specific topics. news sources on retail and holiday shopping. Mall of America should be the go to source for local press and be sought after by national press. One of the best Web Press Center ways MOA can increase its news hits, is by providing reporters and media outlets MOA‘s online press room will expand its content easy access to MOA staff and representatives for quotes, interviews, update the and information. All press releases will be posted media on all planned mall events, and generate possible topics about the mall or there, along with any information contained in the topics mall representatives are knowledgeable about for stories. media kit. The press room should provide reporters with news story prompts and a list of Media Kit (sent to all local and larger national media) MOA representatives that could be used for Mailing media kits to news organizations will give reporters incentives to include interviews. MOA in holiday shopping, retail related stories, and encourage news outlets to do stories specifically on MOA. The more information that can be provided to MOA press features the press, the easier it will be for them to do these stories. MOA is the largest mall in the country and one of the most iconic businesses in Minnesota; PR will A media kit will include: leverage this positioning to encourage news -General mall info (retailers, restaurants, services) organization to do news features on MOA during -A calendar of mall events the holiday season. PR will pitch media to do -PR contact information stories on MOA‘s retailers, restaurants, events, -List of MOA representatives and their area of expertise fashion, and specifically luxury retailers. Other -Topic ideas for general holiday shopping stories pitches could include topics like transportation -Gifts and parking at MOA during the holidays. -Shopping trends -Black Friday Possible topics include: -Mall specific story topics -General holiday shopping advice -Fashion -Gift ideas and trends -Events -Black Friday -Multimedia -Dining out when holiday shopping -Images (logos, mall interior/exterior, staff photos) -Video (B-roll of MOA and pre-produced interviews) -Audio (pre-produced interviews)Maddex 21
  23. 23. PUBLIC RELATIONS Events To drive traffic to Mall of America during the holiday season, MOA will hold special events featuring celebrity guests. There will be 12 different guests over 12 days. The campaign will be called ―MOA‘s 12 Stars of Christmas.‖ Guests will come from six different categories, appealing to a wide range of preferences. Stacey London Tim Gunn Fashion Icons These guests will highlight MOA as the premier mall for fashion and luxury. The guests events could contain showcases of their fashion lines, or discussions on current fashion. Suggested guests are: -Stacey London -Tim Gunn Musical Artists These guests will perform in holiday concerts for MOA shoppers. These events will target fans as a way to draw traffic to the mall. Musical artist appearances will also enhance the holiday shopping experience for other Jeremy Messersmith American Idol Contestants holiday shoppers. Suggested guests are: -Jeremy Messersmith -American Idol Contestants Authors These guests can do readings, book signings, discussions, and meet-and- greets. Authors will appeal to our target demographic. Suggested guests are: -James Patterson -Jodi Picoult James Patterson Jodi Picoult22
  24. 24. PUBLIC RELATIONS Local Athletes MOA already has done work with local athletes, and using them in events would broaden the appeal of the holiday shopping campaign. Athletes could sign autographs and talk with shoppers. Suggested guests are: -Jared Allen Kevin Love Jared Allen -Kevin Love Children‘s Characters This guest category is already heavily featured at MOA with Nickelodeon Universe. It would be easy logistically, since similar guests are already included year round. Guest could interact with children and pose for photographs. Suggested guests are: -Santa Claus -SpongeBob Squarepants TV Chef Personalities Santa Claus SpongeBob Squarepants These guests will help the public associate luxury and fine dining with MOA. These guests will also make for great entertainment for shoppers as they could host cooking shows in the mall, sign cook books, and talk with shoppers. Suggested guest are: -Rachel Ray -Bobby Flay The 12 Starts of Christmas will run December 1st – December 12th 2011. This will allow the campaign to cover two weekends. It will be promoted with in store displays, across all social media, on MOA‘s website, and PR will pitch Rachael Ray Bobby Flay media and press to promote and cover the events.Maddex 23
  25. 25. DIGITALThis campaign will leverage MOA‘s digital resources toshow customers everything it has to offer, from the best Website Redesigngifts, widest range of products, dining and entertainmentoptions, and overall best shopping experience.Coordinate retailer sales and promotions information (Internet site content)The main goal of should be to drivemall traffic. It should show the visitor why MOA is theplace to check more things off her list. Rather than tellingvisitors what retailers MOA has, it will show them. Themall directory will entice people to physically visit the mallby showing them the retailers and products available. Itwill show them the restaurants and food the mall offers. Itwill show them what they can expect when they visit Mallof America.Mall of America‘s website should contain informationpertinent to shoppers needs. Shoppers will get moreutility from the website if they can view morecomprehensive information on retailers, products, andservices at MOA. can be the bestplace for shoppers to plan out their holiday shopping andget ideas for gifts.This can be done by consolidating individual productand sale information from tenants‘ respective websiteson A holiday sale page could haveinformation from multiple retailers, highlighting MOA‘svast product offering, sales, and luxury gifts. Morespecific information can be provided for each individualretailer on separate pages or on the mall map page.24
  26. 26. DIGITAL Retailer Page RedesignMaddex 25
  27. 27. DIGITALHoliday Shopping BlogA holiday shopping blog will serve several purposes for the campaign. Blog articles provide a reason for visitorsto come back to the site, create content to share across social media platforms, and help leverage search engineoptimization.Mall of America‘s blog will be updated in November and December with holiday shopping related posts. Articleswill aim to meet campaign objectives by focusing on MOA‘s diverse product and retailer selection, luxuryofferings, and MOA‘s entertainment and dining experience.Possible topics include:-Hot gifts-Dinning and entertainment favorites-Holiday event highlights-Parking and commuting advice during the holidays-Black Friday stealsArticle LinksWhen articles about Mall of America are posted on blogs or on traditional media websites, webmasters should be contacted and askedto include a link to on the page or embedded within the article. These pages are generally of high quality contentand thus rank high. Links from these pages will bolster‗s overall search results and rank, and will improve results forlongtail keyword searches. Aside from SEO, these links will also help drive organic traffic to the site.26
  28. 28. DIGITAL Organic Search Engine Optimization Increase holiday shopping related content Search engines are the most popular sites on the In addition, more content should be offsite about holiday shopping. internet and a great marketing tool. Mall of America Much of this can be achieved through the blog. Geo specific longtail should be competitive in both organic search and paid keyword combinations like, ―Minneapolis, Minnesota,‖ and ―mall, search.‘s current page rank by holiday shopping, etc.‖ will be incorporated in related offsite pages. Google is 5 out of 10 and has 617 sites linking in (according to Alexa). Most common search terms are Specific keyword groups that will be included: brand name (Mall of America, MOA). Mall of America -Retailer names (Macy‘s, American Eagle, Best Buy, etc.) can improve its organic search rank and visibility by -Holiday shopping keywords (Black Friday, Christmas gifts, etc.) optimizing relevant content, creating more off site -Location keywords (Minneapolis, Minnesota, Twin Cities,) content, and being more competitive in tenant related -Popular product keywords (iPod, Ugg, Gucci, etc.) search terms. Onsite: Onsite optimization will be done by creating more content with more effective and relevant keywords. Optimize MOA‘s holiday gift guide page Mall of America‘s current holiday gift guide page is a PDF. This should be converted into HTML so it can be read more easily by search engines and should contain more relevant text and keywords, including product names and retailer names. Increase holiday shopping related content In addition, more content should be offsite about holiday shopping. Much of this can be achieved through the blog. Geo specific longtail keyword combinations like, ―Minneapolis, Minnesota,‖ and ―mall, holiday shopping, etc.‖ will be incorporated in related offsite pages.Maddex 27
  29. 29. DIGITAL Paid Search Paid search ads are the fastest way to advertise within search engines, and are an affordable and targeted form of marketing. Many businesses ask ―Why pay when we‘re on Google for free?‖ There are several advantages to buying search ads. Paid ads allow a business that does not appear on the first page for a search term to be there instantly without any time consuming organic SEO work. If a site is already on the first page, an additional paid link increases the space one brand occupies on a results page and increases the likelihood of traffic. Most importantly, a paid link on a key search term can drive traffic away from a competitor and towards the ad buyer‘s site. This allows brick and mortar retailers to go on the offensive against online retailers. Buy Google Adwords on tenant name search terms (i.e. Macys, Nike Store, American Eagle) Effective paid ad keywords should be search queries that are relevant to MOA‘s business. The ads are more effective if MOA‘s business is relevant to the searchers needs and will find utility from the site advertised. Retailer name keywords fit both these criteria. Someone searching for a store name is likely looking to shop there or view its product selection. These terms are also not very competitive, so MOA can get a higher ad placement for less money than competitive terms. These ads may either remind a searcher that MOA has that specific retailer, or inform the searcher MOA has the retailer if they didn‘t previously know. Create landing pages for individual retailer ad buys Landing pages will be created for every keyword term buy. These landing pages must be relevant to the visitor‘s needs to decrease bounce rate and increase time spent on site. Each page for the retailer will contain its location in the mall, product offerings, and sales and prices when available. Landing pages should include suggested links for other retailers the searcher may also like.28
  30. 30. DIGITALEmailMost retailers send out emails, advertising their products and promotions.Mall of America can benefit from email marketing that advertisesconsolidated versions of all its tenants‘ sales. To keep MOA top of mind andmaximize exposure, two different weekly emails will be sent out during theholiday season, one specifically advertising product and retailers; the otherinforming about Mall of American events, entertainment, and diningoptions. Separating the two topics will allow MOA to send more regularemails with relevant information for receivers, and keep emails shorter tokeep readers‘ interest and attention.Weekly Product and Sales Email:-Intended to drive sales-Features consolidated information on tenants‘ sales for the week-Features gift ideasWeekly Events and Promotions Email:-Intended to drive traffic-Contain a weekly schedule of events at MOA-Inform of any special guests or promotions at MOA-Maddex 29
  31. 31. DIGITALSocial media platforms are growing quickly in size, and their influence reaches beyond the individual platforms. Mall of Americaalready is well established in many social media sites. During the holidays, this presence will be leveraged to meet marketingobjectives and bolster overall marketing efforts. The main focus of messaging and content over social media will be informingconsumers of MOA‘s product and retailer offerings, specific sales, shopping experience options (dining, entertainment, etc.) andspecial emphasis on MOA‘s luxury retailers and products. Social MediaSearch engines now include social media posts in search results, and social media activity directly affects search engine results forweb sites. Amount of followers and social media ―buzz‖ helps sites in search engine results. Posts that link to pages also tell searchengines what the page is about. MOA‘s social media platforms will improve organic search engine results of mallofamerica.comand blog content by posting about them and linking to relevant pages. Creating content that sparks interest and encouragessocial media users to share across platforms is also beneficial for search rank and visibility.Across all platforms:Feature retailer sales and products in posts. To show MOA has more ways to check things off customers‘ lists, content sharedacross social media will contain information on sales and product offerings from tenants. This will include products hard to findanywhere but MOA, popular seasonal gift items, luxury offerings, etc. MOA will update followers daily on retailers‘ sales and anyspecial promotions happening at the mall.Share internally created content (blog, onsite) and relevant MOA press linksThe blog will contain quality content to share across social media, and in turn social media will drive traffic to the blog. This willshow followers the MOA shopping experience beyond products, like events, entertainment, and dining.In mall displays to follow MOA social mediaThe best social media followers are ones that already visit MOA. In-mall signs and displays will inform mall shoppers of MOA‘ssocial media and encourage them to join.30
  32. 32. DIGITAL Facebook ―Events‖ will be created for all events at MOA. Other events could include large sales such as Black Friday. When someone attends an event, that information will be shared with the Facebook user‘s friends and further promote the event. To encourage attendance and interaction with fans, drawings will be held for MOA‘s Facebook fans. Prizes will include special VIP access to events and guests. Drawings will be held throughout the season for $15 dollar MOA gift cards. Twitter To grow MOA‘s Twitter following and buzz, prizes will be given out similarly to the Facebook initiatives. Drawings will be held among followers who tweet they are shopping at MOA on a weekly basis during the Holiday season for $15 gift cards. Drawings will be held for followers who tweet they plan on attending one of MOA‘s events for VIP access. YouTube YouTube videos are a great piece of multimedia to share across social media platforms and can be featured in blog posts to enrich content. MOA will create videos that highlight diverse product offering and showcase the mall‘s shopping experience with videos of MOA‘s restaurants, entertainment, and ongoing events. MOA will also encourage shoppers to create their own videos and share them. Weekly prompts for topics will be sent through social media and the best video of the week will be shared on MOA‘S blog. Possible video topics include: -Holiday shopping guide videos -Fashion guide videos -Video highlighting new an existing tenants -Videos of events and guests when possible -Videos showcasing MOA‘s dinning and entertainment optionsMaddex 31
  33. 33. DIGITALMobile AppHaving identified our target market into two categories ―IndulgentProfessionals‖ and ―Experienced Decision Makers‖ we could also simply statethey these women are ―Wired Women.‖ As one of the largest growingcommunities to utilize their cell-phones for added features; such as research,online-shopping, and networking, these women are tech-savvy andappreciate the convenience technology is able to provide for them. Themobile app we have created not only aligns with the campaign‘s initiatives, butit also appeals to the behaviors and preferences of our target market. Features-Customizable holiday gift list that keeps track of your check list and budget-Portable wish list incorporated into search and MOA‘s wish list guide-Wish list is also compatible with email, Facebook, and Twitter-Featured top products, separated by categories-GPS integrated into both list‘s and mall‘s directory-Holiday countdown-Search Foursquare To encourage shoppers to use foursquare and ―check-in‖ at MOA, signs will be posted at entrances reminding visitors to do so. To reward frequent mall visitors who share with their friends that they shop at MOA, weekly prizes of $15 dollar gift cards will be given to the top visitor that week.32
  34. 34. MEDIA AND BUDGET Direct Mail Magazine Public Relations Media and Campaign Budget $25,000 $69,285 $103,900 Digital 1% 1% 2% $300,000 Outdoor 6% $335,000 Broadcast TV 7% Radio $1,555,200 $376,320 30% 7% Total Budget: $5,140,554 Newspaper $845,849 16% Cable TV $1,530,000 30%Maddex 33
  35. 35. MEDIA AND BUDGET34
  36. 36. EVALUATION Prior to the campaign‘s launch, a pre-testing survey will be conducted via phone. This survey will be done as a way to qualitatively examine current perceptions, and various attributes of Mall of America. After the campaign, surveying will be done to evaluate the success of the campaign in terms of reach, retention, and change in perceptions. To evaluate communications objectives, 500 phone surveys will be conducted among Twin Cities metro area residents of the campaign‘s target demographic. Subjects will be questioned about their perceptions of the campaign, if and how frequently they were exposed to advertisement, digital, or PR efforts and their overall feelings towards MOA. Subjects will be asked about the success of this campaign in reaching its communications objectives, specifically whether they think MOA is the top retail destination in product diversity and specialty, the top Twin Cities mall for entertainment and dining options, and the premier luxury retailer. Evaluation of PR efforts will include keeping track of media and news impressions during the year. Success of in mall events will be evaluated on attendance. The agency will keep careful track of digital data, analyzing how online efforts affect The site will be evaluated for total traffic, total unique visitors, time on site, bounce rate, page popularity, referring sites, and other data available through analytics. SEO will be judged on pagerank, number of sites linking in, search engine results, and overall traffic. Paid advertising will be evaluated on click through rates and time spent on site from referring paid links. Social media will be evaluated on change in number of followers, popularity of content, participation in contests and MOA impressions from social media users. To evaluate the success of marketing objectives, MOA‘s total sales and traffic data will be compared to the previous year‘s data. This data will come from MOA and its retailers. A total of $1,000 will be spent on the evaluation process. $500 will be allocated towards each of the two phases of evaluation (pre-testing & post-testing.) A small team of analysts represent the evaluation portion of the budget (their time and resources are accounted for).Maddex 35
  37. 37. CONCLUSION Mall of America‘s greatest advantage over every other retailer and shopping mall in the area is its number of retailer and product offering. A successful marketing campaign should not only make consumers aware of this, it should show them this. While experience is very important, and another advantage of MOA‘s, a campaign that focuses solely on it fails to show consumers the stores and products available at MOA. Though MOA is an institution in the Twin Cities, it should not be taken for granted that all residents are aware of it‘s offerings, especially as the mall continually innovates itself. Holiday shopping is different for shoppers than their normal shopping. They are not just getting items just for themselves and their household. They are shopping for a wide range of friends, family, and coworkers; who may all have a wide range of tastes and gift requests. This campaign recognizes the challenge presented to shoppers when they need to get something for an 8 year old niece, a 17 year old son, a 45 year old husband, all while still having time to themselves. Mall of America can confidently and accurately say it has something for everyone, and this campaign can reassuringly say that MOA has ―more ways to check things off your list.‖ This marketing campaign will brand MOA as the ultimate holiday shopping destination in the Twin Cities. It targets the most lucrative and rewarding demographics for the mall, and reaches them through a vast array of media to effectively convey campaign messages. By sending the message that MOA has the widest range of products and the best selection of exclusive gifts unavailable anywhere else, MOA will attract shoppers looking to check everything off their list. By sending the message that MOA is the premier retailer of luxury products, MOA can draw shoppers from competing malls and retailers. By showcasing dining and entertainment options, MOA will draw shoppers looking for an enjoyable shopping experience (unmatched by other malls.) These are not just messages MOA can say, they are promises MOA can keep. When shoppers see claims made through the marketing campaign were matched by their personal shopping experience, MOA will build a solid foundation for future success and customer satisfaction.36
  38. 38. SOURCES Miscellaneous Q...>< Information Ch... Presentation (Maureen) /7/4666/2/application%2foctet-Mall of America. ―About MOA.‖ October 14, 2010 . stream/ tps:// 6/3/application%2foctet-ory.asp?a=449580 stream/Body%20Heat%20http___www.time.com_time_printout_0%2c881 6%2c1981919%2c00.pdf Market Profile /NOSEQ/rawdisplay/7/4666/4/application%2foctet- stream/Death%20at%20MOA%20http___www.startribune.pdf 2010 Data Leykind, Olga. Haworth Marketing. 2010. aiUSource: 2010 Minneapolis/St. Paul Scarborough Release 1Study Competition & SWOT Analysis Amazon. Annual Data. November 23, 2010. <>Media Spending & Planning Tsai, Jessica. ―Top Online Retailers See Strong Growth.‖ January 6, 2010.SRDS Media Solutions. November 23, 2010. <> <>Parente, E. Donald. ―Advertising Campaign Strategy: A Guide Tally, Karen. DOW Jones Newswires. ―Wal-Mart May Help Usher inTo Marketing Communication Plans.‖ 4TH Edition. May 2005. Permanent Free Online Shipping.‖ < Media Internet Center. ―Media Guru.‖ November 20101111-713756.html.>12, 2010. <> Ridgedale Center. ―About: What Brings You Today?‖ December 4, 2010.Arbitron. Spring 2010. <> <>Arbitron. Spring 2010. <> www.southdale.comJim Romlin, Media Planner - Campbell Mithun, (612)347-1000 www.galleria.comAtomic Props (612)331-1335,, www.rosedalemall.comExtension Billboard www.mallofamerica.com Primary Researcha... 9. Primary Data (see appendix for examples.)t.asp Quantitative Data (surveyed 100 people in our demographic viaolis-stpaul.htm Facebook.) Qualitative Data (conducted 10 in-depth interviews.)
  39. 39. APPENDIXPre-testing MOA SurveyPlease take a few minutes and rate the following on a scale of 1-7 (with 7 being the most agreeable, and 1 being the leastagreeable.)Mall of America is the top shopping center in the Twin Cities area.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Mall of America is the top shopping center for the holiday season.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Mall of America is the top premiere luxury mall in the Twin Cities.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Mall of America offers a diverse product selection, unmatched by other mall retailers.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Mall of America as the top Twin Cities, area mall for entertainment options.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Mall of America offers ―something for everyone.‖1 2 3 4 5 6 7Mall of America is a pleasant shopping experience.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Mall of America offers a convenient way to complete all of your holiday shopping.1 2 3 4 5 6 79. Mall of America is the top Twin Cities mall for dining options.1 2 3 4 5 6 710. Mall of America is a shopping, dining, and entertainment experience to be shared with somebody else.1 2 3 4 5 6 7Thank you for your time.
  40. 40. APPENDIXPost-testing MOA Evaluation SurveyPlease take a few minutes and rate some of the following on a scale of 1-7 (with 7 being the most agreeable, and 1 being the leastagreeable.) Please also take a moment to answer the rest of the questions to the best of your ability.Mall of America is the top shopping center in the Twin Cities area during the holidays.1 2 3 4 5 6 72. Mall of America is the top premiere luxury mall in the Twin Cities.1 2 3 4 5 6 73. Mall of America offers a diverse product selection, unmatched by other mall retailers.1 2 3 4 5 6 74. Mall of America is the top Twin Cities, area mall for entertainment and dining options.1 2 3 4 5 6 75. Mall of America is a shopping, dining, and entertainment experience to be shared with somebody else.1 2 3 4 5 6 76. On average, do you recall seeing advertisements for Mall of America this past holiday season? If so, where do you recall seeingthese ads?7. On average, how often do you recall seeing each of the above ads during this past holiday season?8. What are your perceptions of Mall of America‘s 2011 holiday seasonal campaign?9. What is your overall perceptions of the Mall of America after its recent holiday campaign?10. What part of your shopping experience was most memorable to you?11. What do you feel Mall of America could improve on for this upcoming year?Thank you for your time.
  41. 41. APPENDIXSurvey Questionnaire1. What is your sex?MaleFemale2. What is your annual household income?Less than $30,000$30,000-$60,000$60,000 - $100,000$100,000 - $250,000More than $250,0003. What is your age?4. How would you describe your relationship status?SingleIn a relationship - not marriedMarried5. How many children do you have?6. Please tell us your views and feelings on holiday shopping.(Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral/ No Opinion, Agree, Strongly Agree)I enjoy holiday shoppingI like to shop with family membersI like to shop with my spouse or significant otherI like to shop aloneI like to do holiday shopping at mallsI like to spend an entire day shoppingI like to go out to eat while shoppingI think holiday shopping is stressfulI do most of the holiday shopping for my household
  42. 42. APPENDIXSample of In-Depth Interview QuestionsName:Age:Gender:Income:Children:1. How do you decide where to do your holiday shopping?2. Where do you typically see ads for holiday shopping?3. What are some of the most important factors in where you decide where to shop for the holidays?4. Is proximity of the store important?5. What are you favorite stores to shop at during the holidays?6. Describe your ideal day of holiday shopping.7. How many stores would you visit?8. Who do you enjoy shopping with?9. Why?10. What do you not enjoy about holiday shopping?11. What kind of stores do you not like to shop at?12. Which kinds of promotions entice you to go to particular stores?13. Where do you usually get coupons or find deals?14. What about radio or TV?15. Do you like shopping at malls?16. What don‘t you like?17. What is your impression of the Mall of America?18. Would you go to the mall if they have a shop and dining combo deal?
  43. 43. APPENDIX- Press Release –Contact: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDan Jasper, Director of Public Relations Nov. 21, 2011Dan.jasper@moa.net952-883-8829 Mall of America Prepares for Black Friday Shoppers Crowds Expected to Flock to MOA‘s Sales from the Largest Selection of Retailers in the Twin CitiesBLOOMINGTON, Minn – The Mall of America (MOA) is preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year. This Friday, MOA‘s520 stores will slash prices on the widest selection of products in the Twin Cities. While other malls are also offering sales onBlack Friday, no competitors can match MOA‘s diverse product offerings, dining selection, and entertainment options.―There is something for everyone on your list, and we mean everyone,‖ said mall spokesman Dan Jasper. ―If you‘re looking forfashion, electronics, or toys, there‘s no better place to find it all than the Mall of America.‖ Black Friday is traditionally the kickoff to the holiday shopping season. Mall of America will open its doors at 3 a.m. ―Shoppers love coming here for Black Fridaybecause they can truly do one-stop shopping. They can find everything without having to drive from store to store.‖Another reason shoppers love going to the Mall of America for holiday shopping is the constant addition of new stores,restaurants, and entertainment. Some new retailers to join MOA this year include x, y, and z. MOA‘s luxury product offeringscannot be matched in the Twin Cities. It is the premier mall for fashion and the only place to find the area‘s top fashionretailers. MOA is also the only place to find some of Twin Cities best restaurants including Crave and Tucci Benucch.―We provide more ways for people to check things off their lists,‖ said Dan Jasper, ―and that doesn‘t just mean the gifts forfamily and friends. Here they can relax while shopping, have dinner or lunch with their friends, and catch a movie if they wantAt MOA, shoppers have an experience that no other mall can match.‖About MOA: Mall of America is the nation‘s largest retail and entertainment complex. At 4.2 million square feet, MOA® ishome to more than 520 world-class shops; Nickelodeon Universe®, the nation‘s largest indoor family amusement park;Underwater Adventures® Aquarium, a 1.2 million gallon walk-through aquarium; Moose Mountain Adventure Golf; Theatres atMall of America™ - a 14-screen movie theater with VIP theatre and more. The Mall opened in August of 1992 and is located inBloomington, Minn., just minutes from downtownMinneapolis and St. Paul. For more information visit ###Representatives from the Mall of America are available throughout the holiday season