Mr. Ali Mekhail - Kuwait as a Logistics Hub


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Mr. Ali Mekhail - Kuwait as a Logistics Hub

  1. 1. Developing Kuwait into a Regional LogisticsHubKuwait Supply Chain & Logistics ConferenceDecember 14, 2011
  2. 2. What I Will Cover Today– Potential and opportunity– Kuwait a regional logistics hub– Considerations to be addressed
  3. 3. Kuwait: Ambitious Plans, Great Potential– Ambitious goals for economic growth, development and diversification– $104.9 billion allocated for its development plan– $23 billion of which is earmarked for transport infrastructure– Improvements in infrastructure, transportation and the utility sector are essential– Kuwaits population is expected to reach 5.4 million by 2030
  4. 4. Kuwait: Major AdvantagesFactors underwriting Kuwait’s growing significance as a regional focal point forlogistics:– Current logistics scenario– Proximity to Iraq– Planned infrastructure development
  5. 5. Kuwait: Logistics Overview– Extensive port network– Road links with the GCC– Airfreight services connecting Kuwait to the globe
  6. 6. Kuwait: Potential to Grow with Iraq– Kuwait has become a focal point for activity into Iraq– Iraq is now attracting considerable attention, both globally and regionally– Unique phase of reconstruction and modernization, with massive foreign direct investment– Boubyan Island – corridor for goods from across the world into Iraq– Opportunity for sharing experience, and mutual economic benefit– Opportunity for public and private sector– Huge opportunity; developing the infrastructure of Kuwait is critical to realizing the potential role that we can play in the future development of Iraq
  7. 7. Making Kuwait a Logistics Hub for the RegionTwo things to turn Kuwait’s potential into reality:1. Use earmarked investments of more than $23 billion and move ahead on planned transport infrastructure projects without delay2. Economic diversification
  8. 8. Kuwait: Infrastructure Development– Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar – making good progress in improving infrastructure– Airport development: our neighbors are leaving us behind– Kuwait continues to lag behind its neighbors in the GCC– To address this, the following infrastructure projects have been announced: – Road: KWD 3 billion (USD $10.6 billion) to be invested in infrastructure in the next five years – Airport: Two new airports – Ports: effort to boost the efficiency – Rail: trans-gulf railway project– These developments will go some way to position Kuwait as a leading logistics market in the region
  9. 9. Economic Diversification– Growth in the logistics sector central to Kuwait’s long-term plans– Currently the non-oil economy relies heavily on real-estate and banking– Continued investment in infrastructure development combined with Kuwait’s strategic location will put the country in a good position to capitalize on the regions growing logistics market
  10. 10. Thank