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50 things part 3 in word


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50 things part 3 in word

  1. 1. PART 3 (Page 1 of 2) The five things that I am going to do today. INTERVIEW DEVELOPMENT SKILL PROGRAMTake responsibility for your life: You blame a bad job, a bad childhood,a bad relationship or a bad whoever for whoever you are, but if you are, you are not helping your chances of making yourself consistentlyhappy. Don’t call yourself helpless, if you are not taking control of yourlife. You will be significantly, statically and scientifically less happy. Sotake responsibility for the things in life that you cannot control.Meditate: Slow down, Breathe, quiet down for a moment give yourbody and your mind a little space ,so meditate be it for two minutes ortwenty minutes, anytime during the day or night. Inhale and exhale.Be here right now : The present moment, we hear about that quite abit, technically , that’s all we have, one moment after the next afternext, we can worry about the future or look back all we want, but atsome point you have to consider the fact that life is right here, to belived right now.Turn of your TV: Please, better.Reduce the time you spend in front ofit. This is actually for you. Ok guess the average emotion of the averageTV viewer? Did you guess mind depression? If so ,u are correct, isn’tthat frightening? Your soul knows that when you sit down to watchsome fictional drama, or distract yourself with the numbed selection,you are not living your own life. So turn off your TV and open a bookand read it. Your Brain will thank you. Take some time and its fun.Learn out Loud : Learn out loud, Yes! Audio Learning is Hot. Listen toPodcasts. It’s amazing how much you can learn in a day. Takeadvantage of your situation and use the options that you have.
  2. 2. Exercises for this Session:- 1) Five participants from the class who will undertake explanation of the 5 things to do today. 2) Five participants who will give their feedback to the class on the explanations. 3) Five participants who will judge the first five feedback analyst on the areas of improvement. 4) Five participants who will enact the same roles of the first five participants with required changes. 5) Five participants who will record the entire session on paper.