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Handshakes and their types


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This was the Infy softskill assignment allotted to me. I made it, don't repeat the mistake :P. Enjoy!

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Handshakes and their types

  1. 1. HANDSHAKES Types And Their Significance Kush Kulshrestha EEE, Section I
  2. 2. Introduction • Handshaking is commonly done upon meeting, greeting, offering congratulations, or completing an agreement. • The purpose of handshake is to convey trust, balance and equality. • Handshaking can give clues about the personality of the person you are shaking hand with.
  3. 3. Types of Handshakes 1.TheWet Fish Few greetings are as uninviting as the Wet Fish, particularly when the hand is cold or clammy. The soft, placid feel of the Wet Fish makes it universally unpopular and most people associate it with weak character. 2.TheVice This quietly persuasive style is a favourite of men in business and reveals a desire to dominate and assume early control of the relationship or put people in their place.
  4. 4. 3.The Bone Crusher The Bone-Crusher is the trademark of the overly aggressive personality who, without warning, seizes the early advantage and attempts to demoralise his opponent by grinding his knuckles to a smooth paste. 4.The Fingertip Grab A common occurrence in male—female greetings, the Finger-Tip Grab is a handshake that missed the mark and the user mistakenly grabs the other person's fingers.
  5. 5. 5.The Stiff-ArmThrust Like the Palm-Down Thrust, the Stiff-Arm Thrust tends to be used by aggressive types and its main purpose is to keep you at a distance and away from their personal space. 6.The SocketWrencher Pulling the receiver into the initiator's territory can mean; first, the initiator is an insecure type who feels safe only within his own personal space; second, the initiator is from a culture that has smaller space needs. Either way, he wants the encounter to be on his terms.
  6. 6. 7.The Pump Handle With strong rural overtones, the pumper grabs the hand of the pumpee and commences an energetic and rhythmic series of rapid vertical strokes 8.The DutchTreat Being somewhat vegetarian in approach, this handshake has its origins in the Netherlands, where a person can be accused of 'Geeft 'n hand als bosje worteljes' meaning 'Giving a handshake like a bunch of carrots'.
  7. 7. 9. Hand Hug This is popular with politicians, as it can present them as being warm, friendly, trustworthy and honest. Involves covering the clenched hands with he remaining free hand, creating a sort of ‘cocoon’. 10. HandWrestler Your hand is taken normally and then twisted under the other person’s. This is usually done aggressively.
  8. 8. The Appropriate HandshakeStand and extend your right hand straight out in front of your body, with your elbow slightly bent, and your thumb pointing to the celling. Lean forward slightly if there is room, but not so much that your faces are uncomfortably close. Keep eye contact and don't glance down at the hand offered as you shake. Keep a pleasant expression. Close your fingers around the other hand with you thumb resting to the side. Grip with a slight firmness as you raise your hand slightly up and down for the shake. Release the
  9. 9. ThankYou!!