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Chatbot technology- The innovative enterprise collaboration


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Discussion of how we could leverage Microsoft cloud services and collaboration workspace to improve productivity within teams with innovative chat bots. Will start with lines of code and ended up with an active chat bot who could start communicating with us. If you got to know basics, it will be the starting point towards enabling AI.

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Chatbot technology- The innovative enterprise collaboration

  1. 1. The Innovative Enterprise Collaboration
  2. 2. Lineup! • Teams extensibility options • Tip – Old way of creating Bots • Modern Microsoft way of creating bots for Teams • Setting up environment for Teams extensibility • Enable developer preview • Side loading • Introduction to Teams App studio • Integrate
  3. 3. Kushan Lahiru Perera Solutions Architect – Softhonic Innovations Cloud Engineer – eMazzanti Technologies Passionate about: Enterprise Collaboration - O365/ SharePoint Cloud Services - Microsoft Azure & GCP Client Side Frameworks – Angular & React Microsoft MVP – Office Extensibility
  4. 4. Microsoft Teams App Platform Reach your users in their chats, channels, notifications, and personal workspace Bots Help users get tasks done in conversations Connectors Post rich updates to channels Tabs Surface rich content within Teams Office Store Drive engagement by submitting your app to the Office Store Actionable Messages Add rich interaction to your connector cards Activity Feed Engage users via feed notifications Compose Extensions Allow users to query and share rich cards in conversations
  5. 5. Compose Extension To get command line experience where you could chat alone and query information.
  6. 6. Old way of creating bots… Feb 2018
  7. 7. Familiar with this site?
  8. 8. Lets Try Modern way…
  9. 9. Bot Services Build, connect, deploy and connect intelligent bots to interact with users.
  10. 10. Developer Preview Allow us to integrate extensible solutions 3 2 1
  11. 11. Side Loading Way of uploading app into local MS Teams environment to test experience. 3 2 1
  12. 12. Teams App Studio New released studio for Microsoft Teams Extensibility
  13. 13. Old Practices Bot framework portal Yomen & manual manifest edit Azure web app Offline code edit New Practices Azure Portal Team App Studio (Preview) Azure web app/ Azure Functions In-browser code edit Summary
  14. 14. Thank you!