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Social Media Revolution


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This is a report prepared by me & my team on the growing trend of social media. It tells how even education sector can adopt Social Media.

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Social Media Revolution

  1. 1. Aids to Trade  The hindrance of place: Goods are produced at few places, but consumed at different places. This geographical distance between a manufacturer and a consumer can be eliminated by transport & Internet.  The hindrance of persons: There are limited numbers of producers as compared to consumers. These producers and consumers are linked to each other through various intermediaries such as wholesalers, retailers, Internet etc.  The hindrance of time: There are some products that are produced during a particular season, but are in demand throughout the year. These products are needed to be stored and released at the time of requirement. This obstacle is eliminated by warehousing.  The hindrance of finance: There is a time gap between the production and sales of goods. If there is a need for finance to conduct trade activities during this period, it is met by banks. Banks and financial institutions help a businessman by providing overdrafts, loans, etc.  The hindrance of risk: Risk can be in the form of fire, theft, accidental loss, human error, etc. This risk can be eliminated by insurance companies.  The hindrance of knowledge: When a new product is produced, it should come into the knowledge of consumers. This can be eliminated by advertisements and salesmanship, Internet.
  2. 2. The Proof For this... Google was the Company to have the highest brand value, that shows the dominance of Internet.
  3. 3. The fight is on for getting your name in the TOP 10 search Results of “GOOGLE”
  4. 4. Internet Marketing Display advertising E-mail marketing E-mail marketing software Interactive advertising Social media optimization Web analytics Affiliate Marketing Cost per action Contextual advertising Revenue sharing Search Engine Marketing Search engine optimization Pay per click advertising Paid inclusion
  5. 5. The traditional Marketing on Internet is replaced by the new dominance of social media Marketing. So lets today learn more as to what these tools are and how they are a boon for the modern day marketers.
  6. 6. How to use Blogs, Social Media sites, video sharing, Podcast to grow your business?
  7. 7. There is every solution to promote your product with least cost involved. That is why, this is a boon for Marketers. It actually removes the deficiencies of Traditional Marketing and Bridges the gap between the customer and the company.
  8. 8. “It’s time to show your face and have an online Reputition” “Kyunki yeh Internet ka Zamaana Hein” Don’t
  9. 9. Lets Begin our Journey into the new planet of social Media.
  10. 10. facebook
  11. 11. • 200+ million Facebook Users, growing @ 5 million a week globally • Only 50 million in the US • 9 million in the UK = >30% of UK Working Population. • Under 25 age group < 25% of entire Facebook population • The fastest growing group on Facebook is 35-44 year olds ……………………followed closely by the 55+ age group
  12. 12. Ten ways to use Facebook for business.... 1. Meet your industry peers. 2. Find and source industry contacts. 3. It opens doors previously closed. 4. Build and develop business relationships. 5. Raise your profile in your sector. 6. Develop your brand. 7. You can be niche and proud of it. 8. Create a business page. 9. Place very targeted adverts. 10. Cost effective marketing, branding and recruiting – FREE! (apart from adds).
  13. 13. How to use your Blog to reach your Target :- 1. Build a base of regular readers | subscribers | customers | job seekers 2. Human face for your business. 3. Engage with your readers. 4. Fresh content – SEO – Google blogs 5. Traffic generator for your website 6. Cost effective marketing tool.
  14. 14. A small glimpse of the blog of our class :- “”
  15. 15. Twitter “If you haven’t heard about this, then you must probably think in which age you are living?”
  16. 16. What to do with this twitter A/c?? Tweet: An update message with a maximum length of 140 characters, visible by everyone including Google Following: you see the tweets when people you follow update them Followers: they see your tweets when you update Twitter @replies: you reply with @username, and engage in conversation Direct Messages: if you follow each other, you can send private direct messages to each other – DM’s
  17. 17. Why people won’t follow you in return ? 1. You have a picture of your dog as your image. 2. According to your bio, you don’t exist. 3. You are obviously going to try and sell me something. 4. You are not playing by Twitter rules. A Glimpse of twitter A/c of “TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES” India’s leading companies use Tweets to keep in touch with customers & Employees.
  18. 18. A Glimpse of twitter A/c of Our Class
  19. 19. Ten reasons to use for business 1. Branding 2. Hiring people 3. Traffic 4. Networking 5. Notify customers | job seekers 6. Latest news 7. Find prospects 8. Get feedback 9. Make friends with peers 10. Track your competitors 11. SEO – your @name – inbound links – Google 12. Mobile – everywhere
  20. 20. Well, We talked a lot about Social media and its impact and being a boon for marketers, has it really had any impact? Is it worth concentrating on this form of Marketing?
  21. 21. TESTIMONIALS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA Companies Promote their Visions through a viral videos. “Viral videos are the most effective in reaching the customers the fastest & create an impact.”
  22. 22. Every Person’s dream to be on the cover page of the time magazine, what better testimony for a product like “TWITTER”
  23. 23. Hired over Linkedin Kaushik Ray, Senior Director, HRD, Dr Reddy’s Labs Ray, an alumnus of Jamshedpur’s XLRI, got an invite to join the LinkedIn network of fellow XLRI alum Prabir Jha who happened to be the Senior VP and Global Chief of HR, Dr Reddy’s Labs. The two started exchanging messages over the site and five months after the two connected over LinkedIn, Ray found himself working with Jha. “My link with Dr Reddy’s started with LinkedIn,” says Ray. “On the verge of completing one year in the company, I look back at how it all happened, and all I can say is that it is pure serendipity.” Today, he spends at least an hour on the weekends on LinkedIn and is in the process of joining Facebook. He feels that apart from networking and building contacts, it is a good medium that allows professionals to share knowledge. “We have got some profiles from LinkedIn and maybe we will formalise this as a channel (for hiring) now,” says Ray. Social media junkie Jessie Paul, CMO, Wipro Paul joined the LinkedIn service quite a few years ago, and as a marketing professional in Bangalore, a city with few marketing forums, she also set up a “CMO Roundtable” on the service. The “by invitation” group is a bona fide hit, and members have begun making deals with each other. In fact, Paul says that she has not just learnt a lot but also managed to find her US marketing chief using this group. Paul runs her own blog and also actively maintains her Twitter and Facebook accounts. She also ensured that Wipro has a Twitter account to reach out to the world at large and to monitor what is being said about the company. “I don’t think social media is the best business to business medium, and I hate being sold stuff on LinkedIn, but it is an amazing business to consumer or business to employee medium,” says Paul.
  24. 24. Funding over social media Deepak Srinath (R) and Uday Disley, Viedea Capital Advisors, Bangalore Deepak Srinath and Uday Disley, both 34, had no background in investment banking till they floated Viedea Capital Advisors in Bangalore two years ago. But for financial backing they had from the Microsoft MD Rajan Anandan and immense personal faith in their business model, they had little support infrastructure to lean on. Funnily enough, this wasn’t a problem— LinkedIn made up for their shortcomings. The duo recently advised a Mumbai-based digital media firm, which was on the lookout for a strategic investor. They zeroed in on three potential suitors from the media space in Europe with the help of LinkedIn’s networks. The Bangalore boys who arranged capital for ace tennis star Leander Paes’s sports startup and advised industrialist Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s buyout of Axis-IT&T, among others, say it would have taken them a decade to reach the present level of networks and relationships had their approach been conventional. “Even now, more than half of our business development happens through this social networking site. Investment banking, as you know, is a relationship-driven business,” says Srinath. Consumer outreach over social media Maruti Suzuki Maruti Suzuki has been a pioneer in the digital marketing space, but somewhere around 2007, it started to get actively involved with social media. Recently, the company actively seeded forums, and social networking sites with news about the upcoming launch of the Ritz. The Tata Nano team has been even more social media savvy—interacting with large member groups— both official and non-official—on both Orkut and Facebook. “Right now the actual number of users on media might be low, but their influence is far- reaching. Besides, who can predict how many and who will use it tomorrow,” says Shashank Srivastava, GM, Marketing, Maruti Suzuki.
  25. 25. Nokia Finnish mobile company Nokia has made social media a cornerstone of its marketing strategy in several markets for its Eseries and Nseries premium devices, according to Vineet Taneja, Director, Marketing, Nokia India. To promote its new E75 device with its own e-mail service, the company set up a community website where members could contribute and talk about e-mail and help each other. Nokia also created accounts on Orkut, Twitter and Facebook to promote its device. In addition, the company set up a “shoutbox” where people could write comments and send queries to it, which would then be answered by experts. “Many people do a web search before they buy a product, and this is why we feel having a social media outreach where we can intervene and answer queries helps,” says Vineet Taneja, Director, Marketing, Nokia India. Image management Vishal Mehta, Group CEO, Vaishnavi Advisory Services Nowadays we do an audit for companies about their perception on the web—just as we have been doing a media perception study for clients over the years. The web study looks at everything—what is written about the company in blogs as well as social networking media, etc. Apart from that we also do a constant monitoring service for what is being written about the company on the web on an ongoing basis,” says Vishal Mehta, Group CEO, Vaishnavi Advisory Services. “Hospitality companies are particularly vulnerable —as people check on the web for hotels or resorts that they are planning to visit,” says Mehta.
  26. 26. If a Person can be named the best marketer of the year and become the president of the USA, “WHY NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA?”
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