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Kushagra bajaj


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There are many entrepreneurs that easily synchronized commitments and achievements. Every business stated with respective losses and pr

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Kushagra bajaj

  1. 1. There are many entrepreneurs that easily synchronizedcommitments and achievements. Every business stated withrespective losses and profits but Kushagra Bajaj has turned hisbusiness nurturely to the worth of billions.
  2. 2. Whenever entrepreneur or entrepreneurship is concerned the kushagra bajaj of BajaHindustan Group is on the top of the list. It is always majestic and amaze to read aboutwhat actually thought and did by Kushagra Bajaj while making its strength of billions inshort span of time. After getting his education in USA in 2002; he entered in its familybusiness as a chief executive that was a turning point for Kushagra Bajaj and for Bajaj groupas whole.When we have a company arises almost paternal feeling. Our organization is like a childthat we saw from its gestation, birth and development. The road crosses it also partlyreflects us as entrepreneurs, the successes and achievements mark a before and after. Wewant the company to grow stronger and expand just similar we want to have with ourchildren or, in other words subsidiaries. Well, is that what followed by kushagra bajaj; whilereaching to the worth of Rs 1,800 crore from Rs 300 crore in just 5 years; while tagging itsbusiness with biggest contributor of sugar business.Thus, as the organization grows, the entrepreneur also adapts his driving and plan. Thetransformation entrepreneur - entrepreneur is imminent, yet complex. Why? Becausealong with the changes in the organization, it must evolve in the form of leadership andculture of the company, are assumed biggest challenges, therefore, problems are alsohigher.When this transformation is achieved? When the entrepreneur is really capable ofgenerating new work habits and a new way of looking at the company? The way to achievegood transformation is as simple and complex as exercising. Differences betweenentrepreneur and businessman below are a number of differences between theentrepreneur and businessman.
  3. 3. An entrepreneur works hard all day and thinks the entrepreneur works hard all day.The entrepreneur must solve problems and be good at it. When an entrepreneur knowswho delegate control problems and results.The entrepreneur knows how to solve problems. The employer anticipates problems.The entrepreneur is surrounded by working people and submissive, do not have time toargue. The employer, however, surrounds himself with people capable and thorough debateevery decision.An entrepreneur does many activities. The entrepreneur generates valuable.The rewards entrepreneurial efforts of their employees. The employer rewards results of histeam.The companys machines are known for the entrepreneur. The numbers of the company areknown by the employer.The entrepreneur controls the operation of the enterprise operating wheel. The employer islooking at the company, market changes and the changing environmentFinally, the entrepreneur is essential when creating a business. The employer becomesimperative to steer once it works.
  4. 4. On the above statements and facts; Kushagra Bajaj too has been showed with his fulleffort how to explore nurtureful paths while proving its capabilities likewise how to dealand safe sinking ship. There are extreme examples in this corporate world that depictsabout how toughest was to face new competitive phase of growing business. Thanks & Regards Kushagra Bajaj