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Country's Biggest Sugar Policy Led By Kushagra Bajaj Under Bajaj Hindusthan


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In  an  incredible  basis  of  the  growing  Indian  economy  sugar policy is  one  of  the  major undertakers. There is none that can ever match up to its grand profile as being the country's biggest producer  of  sugar.  To  make  it  reach  it  apex  in  business  there  is  none  other  than kushagra bajaj  the  iconic  man  behind  the  growth  and  its  transformation. He  is  one  of  the major players who heads bajaj hindusthan group in among the board of directors as the Vice Chairman & joint Managing Director (Promoter).

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Country's Biggest Sugar Policy Led By Kushagra Bajaj Under Bajaj Hindusthan

  1. 1. Kushagra Nayan Bajaj (MBA - Northwestern University) (BSc. - Carnegie Mellon University)
  2. 2. Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd.
  3. 3. Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd. - Snapshot  Largest sugar manufacturer in India with 14 sugar mills with 136,000 TCD crushing capacity across 14 locations  Amongst the top 10 sugar companies in the world  India’s largest green fuel - Ethanol manufacturer with a capacity of 800 KLD  Strong relationships with over 7 million farmers whose incomes have more than doubled from Rs.57 billion in 200809 to around Rs.135 billion in 2012 This pre-eminent position is the result of rapid greenfield expansions during 2003-2007. The Company has made the largest investment in the agriculture sector in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
  4. 4. BHL: Eco-friendly Company  POWER GENERATION: We recycle bagasse residue to generate 428 MW of power. After meeting our captive needs, we supply 105 MW to the UP state grid  ETHANLOL: We have made pioneering efforts in the area of renewable fuel and are India’s largest and the world’s sixth largest producer of ethanol.  BIOGAS: Our biogas plants for distillery effluents at Kinauni, Palia, Gola, Gangnauli, Khambarkhera and Rudauli are setting standards for distillery facilities across the country
  5. 5. BHL: Eco-friendly Company  IMPROVING THE SOIL PROFILE: We innovatively use sugarcane residue to complement chemical fertilizers. Low cost biocompost manufactured from press mud – a water waste product – improves soil texture and the carbon / nitrogen ratio.  EMISSION CONTROLS: BHL has installed wet scrubbers to restrict emission and a third of the plants are developed as a green belt to mitigate the effects of any emissions.