Max Security: Intelligence Reports for MENA & Africa and Executive Protection


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Max Security provides risk mitigation solutions, emphasizing a proactive approach. Our professional assistance enables our client’s business continuity in unfamiliar and volatile operating environments. Clients choose Max because of our dedication and flexibility to adapt to their ever-changing operational needs, while maintaining a close and direct business relationship.

In addition to intelligence reports and close protection services, we offer comprehensive security consulting and have an advanced security training academy.

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Max Security: Intelligence Reports for MENA & Africa and Executive Protection

  1. 1. Proactive Security Solutions‘Enabling your business around the world’ 2012
  2. 2. Our approachMAX Risk Management is comprehensive, combining: Seasoned Personnel A Client Oriented approach Special Operations methodologies  Strong Intelligence basis  Meticulous planning  Operational readiness  Flexible execution
  3. 3. What we do Security Consulting Travel Security Security Surveys Travel Management Facility management and loss prevention Executive ProtectionFull Security Plans including "Safe City" projects Secure Transportation Contingency Planning & Evacuation Archangel Global Locator Crisis management Emergency Response and Evacuation Proactive Risk Management Intelligence Max Academy Stability Assessments Tactical Courses Tactical and Itinerary based Reporting Educational Seminars Customized Assessments and analysis Counter-Terror Training Subscription based packages Establishment of specialized units Dynamic Mapping
  4. 4. Where we do itMax offers services globally through a world-wide network of representatives, basedout of four regional operating hubs:Max Security Middle-East, Tel-Aviv, Israel(Headquarters)Max Security Asia, Mumbai, India (Regional Office)Max Security Europe, Vicenza, Italy (Regional Office)Max Security Africa, Lagos, Nigeria (Regional Office)
  5. 5. Intelligence Providing clients the tools to prepare and plan instead of merely react to events effecting Business Continuity. Tactical and Strategic reporting Wide Scope, Not ‘just’ security, covering: Natural disasters, social unrest, political instability, emphasizing business continuity Multiple sources, traditional OSINT, Social Media and multiple On-Ground sources. Concise reporting- Separating the essential from the ‘white noise’• Actionable assessments and practical recommendations• Integration - Local knowledge, Max methodologies & experience Visualization of intelligence through Max Dynamic Maps Supporting decision makers with proactive information
  6. 6. Intelligence Products and ServicesOngoing Coverage • Tactical Incident Alerts • Strategic Bi-weekly reports • Daily regional summaries • Special Coverage Reports • Elections, emerging trends, etc.Custom Reporting • Specific to client needs • Tailored reports, analysis, risk assessments • Investigations support • Custom Dynamic Maps • Crisis management support • Arab Spring, Japan Nuclear Crisis, Mali coupTactical Capabilities • Itinerary based Intel monitoring • Event Monitoring • Location monitoring
  7. 7. Personal protection & Travel Management A one stop shop for business travelers and official delegations A wide range of services designed to meet the many cultural, safety, logistical, and security challenges facing today’s business traveler. Regional branches and a global network of professional security and medical assistance vendors covering over 50 countries. Services include: • Secure Transportation • Executive Protection • Search and Rescue • Evacuation • Medical assistance
  8. 8. Travel Management (con) Archangel Locator Locate and monitor your assets globally Monitor through a secure website with global access Featuring: Panic button, Journey player, Geofencing, internal messaging, Check-in feature and more. Full privacy control options – customized to your needs Cell applications, personal trackers, vehicle solutions
  9. 9. Security Consulting Identifying the Risks – Providing practical solutions• Security Surveys• Threat and vulnerability analysis• Security planning and implementation• Facility and personnel security procedures• Blast mitigation and physical security• Contingency plan design and implementation• Investigations • Due diligence • Background checks • Special investigations
  10. 10. Contingency Planning and Execution Assess – Plan – Implement – Evaluate – ExecuteMax has the tools, knowledge and experience tosupport the client through the entire process ofcontingency planning and executionConsulting DivisionAsses and prepare a specific customized risk,threat and vulnerabilities assessment.Intelligence DivisionAssist corporate decision makers to separatethe coincidental from the incidental.Operations DivisionExecute plan according to scenario, improviseand respond to specific complications.
  11. 11. Max Security Academy Max Academy provides security training solutions for the private, corporate and official sectors. ‘Tailored Courses’ - to match each clients needs Elite instructors – International training exp. Integrating vast field and training experience • Executive protection • Security Management Seminars • Surveillance Detection • Protective driving • Special Forces Training • Aviation Security • Custom courses
  12. 12. What our client’s are saying “It is not just what you do, but how. Your professionalism, response time, flexibility and delivery are unique in our industry. Thank so much guys”. (Regarding ongoing MENA support and following a complex logistical assignment). Regional Security Director, International Investment Bank. ”I have been very impressed with the quality, content and tone of your reporting and analysis. It’s the best commercial work I’ve seen.” (Regarding Max Intel) - Chief Security Officer, Global Management and Consulting Firm. “Outstanding work guys! Thanks for the quick response and thorough support, highly appreciated.” (Regarding Intel and ground support in the Middle East) Regional Security Director, International Investment Bank. “I want to express my sincere gratitude for your thorough work on the XXXX safe city project. Your unique outlook, professionalism and timely delivery were refreshing and are are already providing results. We will definitely retain your services for the next stages.” (Regarding a Safe City Project, consulting since the preliminary city planning stages). Mayor, A newly established elite high-tech city, in the Far East. “I would recommend this to absolutely anybody worldwide, whoever wanted to get into this training. I think Max is the sure way to go.” (Regarding the Max Academy, an Executive Protection course participant.) Former Sheriff and Firearms Instructor (Canada).
  13. 13. Integrity, Professionalism, Discretion, Excellence