Apple Tree Hospitality Presentation for Myanmar


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Apple Tree Hospitality Presentation for Myanmar

  1. 1. 1 Myanmar
  2. 2. 2 Message from the Group General Manager ............................................................... 03 The Philosophy ........................................................................................................... 04 The Epitome of Asia Hospitality .................................................................................. 05 The Management System ........................................................................................... 06 The Business ............................................................................................................. 07 The Clients .................................................................................................................. 09 Company Affiliates ..................................................................................................... 12 The Organisational Chart ........................................................................................... 14 The Team .................................................................................................................... 15 The History .................................................................................................................. 19 Table of Content
  3. 3. 3 Dear Partners Welcome to the world of Apple Tree Hospitality Management. In today’s competitive business environment, it is extremely important for us to maintain a leading position by benchmarking our businesses thus creating a marked difference in the business settings to attain sustainable growth and profitability. When it comes to planning, development and the management of a food and beverage outlets or hotel or any hospitality facilities, no one does this better than Apple Tree Hospitality. We pride ourselves on our persistent dedication to our stakeholders, partners and guests. Our expertise lies in the full spectrum of the development and management of premium- branded, chain and independent properties. Our portfolio includes properties located throughout Vietnam and Laos from consultancy and our expertise ranges from pre-opening to managing existing properties in the areas of management, finance management, human resources management, sales & marketing management to IT support development. We invite you to join us in making your products and property a leading example in the industry to promote human talents towards sustainable growth and profitability. Kurt Walter Group General Manager Message from the Group General Manager
  4. 4. 4 To be a leader in the service and hospitality industry, the Apple Tree Hospitality owns and operates some of the finest properties in this region by continuously exceeding guests expectations and making a positive difference to the stakeholders everyday lives. The successes result in positive investment returns, which are consistently among the best in the service and hospitality industry. The Apple Tree Hospitality maintains high level of professional integrity, fairness and honesty in both its internal and external relationships by living up to its commitments to its guests, people and stakeholders. TheApple Tree Hospitality emphasises the importance of teamwork to maintain consistency in its services and products delivery. By working together as equal partners and treating each other with mutual respect and trust, the management brings out the best in its diversified people through effective training and meaningful career and personal development The Philosophy
  5. 5. 5 The name of Apple Tree Hospitality is synonymous with quality food and beverage catering & outlets, hotels, personalised service, traditional Asian hospitality and a caring concern for the people, cultures, heritage and environment where it operates. Started by the Merlin family in Vietnam, it now has extensive operations in the Indochina regions, with offices located in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. By providing quality leadership to its clients, the Apple Tree Hospitality is able to maximise sales, operational profits and creates asset value for its clients. Over the last decade, the Apple Tree Hospitality has received numerous awards and independent media endorsement from guests, tourism organisations, tour operators and international associations for the quality of its services and products. The Epitome of Asia Hospitality
  6. 6. 6 Over 2,500 personnel are employed in the Apple Tree Hospitality, making it one of the most significant employers in the service and hospitality industry in this region. The various initiatives, including both lateral and vertical business expansion and integration, results in a most cost-effective management solution. The Apple Tree Hospitality is also a well- known name in the leading tourism schools and universities in Vietnam. To demonstrate its commitment to sustainable business initiatives, theApple Tree Hospitality opened Kamu Lodge on the Upper Mekong and supports the local communities where it operates. This unique showcase the generic and uniqueness of the Apple Tree Hospitality caring commitment for the people, cultures, heritage and environment where it operates. The Management System
  7. 7. 7 The Apple Tree Hospitality has a wide array of services ranging from General Management and Consultancy, Operational Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Finance Management and Human Resources Management. General Management The Apple Tree Hospitality is a full service management company ranked among the top hotel companies in Indochina. Management services include Pre-opening and on-going management. It owns and operates food & beverage outlets and hotels and is actively pursuing additional management consultancy contracts. It has assembled a motivated and professional team to effectively manage and evaluate the various aspects of the business to maximise bottom-line potential and sustainable growth. Themanagementconsistsoffinancialandoperationalbudgets,marketing&salesstrategies, cost controls, training and development, preventative maintenance and safety issues. Sales and Marketing Management Our sales and marketing team provides the following services: - Monitor cluster sales pace, assist properties in market segment and to help staff attain maximum sea sonal revenue through yield. - Monitor weekly and monthly sales reports to ensure property sales staff is working to their potential and achieving the results. - Share a broad spectrum of industry knowledge, online travel websites and related marketing and adver tising opportunities. - Assist staff in executing targeted sales plan, follow up with qualified sales leads, make personal sales calls on properties behalf. The Business
  8. 8. 8 - Provide an annual marketing plan outline as well as conduct review and follow-up of each property plan. - Ensure listing and participation in appropriate national, regional, state and local publications. - Assist in design and printing of property brand and tactical materials. Accounting and Payroll Management The Apple Tree Hospitality operates with a centralized accounting office to maximise efficiency and reduce operating costs for each property. Each property is responsible for generating the monthly financial statements, maintains its own general ledger and set of bank accounts. The payables are authorised at the property and forwarded to the Apple Tree Hospitality (optional) for payment, allowing the advantages of a decentralised system but maintaining centralised control from an internal control standpoint. The department is also responsible for the filing and payment of taxes. The centralised accounting system is more efficient and allows us operate with fewer accounting personnel on property saving payroll costs. Human Resources Management With many years of experience in human resources and benefits, the Apple Tree Hospitality provides support in human resources management. The human resource management team provides general employment support in the area of administration and generation of personnel policies and procedures, production of associate standard operating manuals with related forms; support and guidance from unemployment hearings; as well as complying with local labour law. The Business
  9. 9. 9 Vietnam Press Club The sensation of splendid surroundings, fine food and impressive services is easily satisfied at the city’s most prestigious location, the Press Club. All in all, the Press Club Hanoi offers you a magnificent mix that can be summed up in one word - exemplary. Designed by French architect Brigitte Dumond de Chassart, Press Club is an impressively radiant 6-story property with interiors reminiscent of Hanoi of the prospering 20s. Emeraude Classic Cruises Every day, the Emeraude journeys through one of the world’s most dazzling natural wonders and into the sepia realm of a dream. Named for a cruising vessel that plied these waters between 1906 and 1937, the Emeraude aspires to the magnificence of the bay itself. Its air- conditioned cabins, en suite bathrooms, award-winning cuisine and spacious deck space set the stage for the voyage of a lifetime. La Résidence Hôtel & Spa by Accor Step back in time. Indulge in the comforts. Bask in the serenity. La Résidence Hôtel & Spa in Hue, Vietnam. An enchanting boutique hotel on the banks of the Perfume River overlooking the former Imperial Citadel. Distinctive art deco design reminiscent of colonial Indochina. Discover a world where ancient traditions mingle with sophisticated style. Tan My Design Café The café features some of Vietnam’s finest designers - Fashion, Accessories and Homewares as well as its own brand. It combines the traditional Tan My values of quality, service and value, with a new and exciting design focus, from the unique design of the shop, spread over 3 floors of spacious and bright shopping, to the modern and relaxing café inside. The café offers Hanoi’s finest espresso coffee, with wonderful light meals, or a glass of wine, looking the artworks of a number of Hanoi’s best artists. The Clients
  10. 10. 10 Laos Villa Maly In Southeast Asia, the great divide between the colonial and modern eras opened in the 1950s after the colonial French decamped for Europe, leaving Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to fend for themselves as independent nations. The remains of the former colonies from before the 1950s is as captivating as relics from another age. And so it is with Villa Maly. Kamu Lodge On the banks of the mighty Mekong, Kamu Lodge is a deliberately rustic retreat. Beyond WiFi. Beyond satellite television. Beyond an unlimited flow of electric current. But upon the threshold of serendipity. From a base camp set with 20 safari tents, the possibilities are as close as a neighbouring Kamu Village, or as distant as your legs will carry you. Nava Mekong Dining on the mighty Mekong is to being in Luang Prabang what walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is to being in New York. Essential. To ensure you do not ‘miss the boat; we’ve launched the Nava Mekong, the foremost regular dinner cruise opportunity in the royal capital. The Clients
  11. 11. 11 Thailand Calisto Built in 1944 for the US Navy, CALISTO was originally an YMS-1 class minesweeper that was transferred upon its completion to serve the Royal Navy of Great Britain. After World War II and a decade of glorious service, her voyage soon charted a new course. Myanmar Bagan Lodge Construction work is underway in Bagan, with the first ‘mockup’ room due for completion in October 2012. Boasting 82 rooms with unique tented roofs, Bagan Lodge is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2013. The Clients
  12. 12. 12 Tourism Management Exotissimo Travel The leading inbound Destination Management Company and tour operator in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Building & Construction Management Archetype Group The leading construction consulting firm in South East Asia with offices in Vietnam, Cam- bodia, Thailand, India and France. Food & Beverages Wholesale & Distribution Annam Annam is an exclusive importer and distributor of major European and American brands in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Hospitality Equipment This division imports & distributes professional light kitchen equipment and glassware in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Company Affiliates
  13. 13. 13 Premium Retail Annam Gourmet Market Our store stocks the best selection of premium imported and local products. The Warehouse The Warehouse offers a comprehensive portfolio of the worlds most renowned Wine Brands. Yves Rocher Annam Group has the exclusive distribution agreement and plans to open a network of shops in the main cities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for Yves Rocher. Company Affiliates
  14. 14. The Organisational Chart
  15. 15. 15 Our commitment to guests’ satisfaction is notable. The Apple Tree Hospitality team is dedicated to provide outstanding services and products. Its hands-on approach instils guests’ confidence through the actions of its people. It promises quality services and sustainable business growth to stakeholders. Kurt Walter Group General Manager The 29 years experience in the field of hospitality have allowed Kurt to travel the world and work in some of the top hotels and private members clubs including the Regent Hotel of Hong Kong, which was rated the world’s finest hotel for 2 consecutive years, as well as properties in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Singapore, Beijing - China, Durban - South Africa, London - United Kingdom, Paris - France, Moscow - Russia before finally returning back to Hanoi - Vietnam once again. Shane McKirdy Bagan Lodge General Manager Shane’s hotel life began in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics at The Grace Hotel. From there, he moved on to the East Coast of Tasmania at Freycinet Lodge, followed by a new role as Resident Manager in the Red Centre of Australia at Ayers Rock Resort. Attracted by the prospect of gaining international exposure, Shane’s next move took him to Vietnam as the General Manager of Life Resort Quy Nhon, then onto the Life Resort’s managed Blue Ocean Resort in Mui Ne as General Manager. The Team
  16. 16. 16 Marcel Isaak Group Executive Chef Marcel Isaak is a native Swiss who has started his career in Lucerne in 1975 as a young chef apprentice. He left Europe a few years after completion of his training and joined Hilton in countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, Venezuela, Colombia, China, Singapore, Indonesia and India. He moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1995 to work at the Saigon Floating Hotel and in 2004 returned for the second time to take over all food and beverage operations for Apple Tree Hospitality. Tran Minh Ngoc Human Resources Director & Legal Advisor Well versed in local labour laws and practices, investments laws, court procedures and government regulations, Ngoc plays a key role in giving constructive and practical resolutions when faced with any challenges. Her perceptive and proactive skills are highly regarded in an environment where legal systems are evolving. Ngoc also manages costs & benefits, labour relations, health & safety and develops training & develop programs for all clients. Ngoc graduated from the Hanoi University with a BSc in French and Russian and the Foreign Language University with a BA in English. Hoang Le Anh Finance Controller Le Anh manages and offers consultancy in the areas of taxation, general accounting from reconciling internal accounts to reconciling or analysing balance sheets, book keeping and preparing journal entries. She is also responsible for preparing all financial statements and reports, payroll and deductions management. She assists clients to prepare budgets from management to creating budget templates. Le Anh graduated from the National Accounting University in Accounting and Finance. The Team
  17. 17. 17 Mai Hung Phu Chief Engineer With many years of professional and practical experience, Phu develops, implements and manages emergency programs for the operation and maintenance of all equipment and physical structures and landscaping in compliance with corporate and governmental codes and regulations to protect the stakeholders’asset, guests and employees to ensure optimum operations, cost effective solutions and maximum guests’ satisfaction. Phu graduated from the Belarusian State Polytechnic Institute in Minsk with a professional degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nguyen Dinh Tri IT Manager Tri is responsible for the maximum availability and security of the computer systems throughout the clients’ company, including provision of IT infrastructure from desktop applications, local and wide area networks and telecommunications. Tri works relentlessly with senior management to propose, agree and deliver customised cost effective IT solutions and disaster recovery plan. Tri looks after the hardware, software and maintenance procurement and procedures. Tri graduated fromtheHanoiPolytechnicUniversitywithaBachelorofSciencedegreeinInformaticsTechnology. Duong Thu Nga Brand & Creative Manager Nga maintains the integrity of the clients’ brand from developing and creating brands for new clients to keeping strict adherence to brand guidelines and spirits. In every effort, Nga assists creative media campaigns to collateral material development to sales presentation. She ensures that the visual aspect of each new piece is consistent with clients positioning standards. Nga has also developed clients’ brand manual to ensure that it covers new technologies and strategies for example ecommerce marketing. Nga graduated from the Hanoi Law University with a Bachelor of Art degree. The Team
  18. 18. 18 Brenda Ho Group Director of Sales & Marketing Brenda’s career highlights include launching river vessel La Marguerite, marketing Vinpearl Miss Universe 2008, launching SIF-Standard Chartered Bank African Scholarship program, rebranding Delta Caravelle Hotel to Caravelle Hotel, launching Traumatology Project in Malang, launching Dove Spa for Unilever, launching Kotex White Concert Series for Kimberly Clarke, just to name a few. She has worked in the UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Brenda graduated from the National University of Singapore with Economics and now pursuing MA in Leading Innovation and Change with York St John University UK. Nguyen Hung Son Sales & Marketing Manager Upon graduating from the university, Son joined Hanoi Club, set up by ClubCorp, the first international private club in Hanoi, in 1995. Son’s passion for the hospitality industry sees him joining the Press Club in 2003 as a sales executive. His superb relationships with clients were effectively translated to bottom-line. His performance earned him trust from the management and he now led a sales force of eight to achieve maximum revenue and members’ acquisition. Son graduated from the Hanoi University with a major in English language and the Hanoi National Economic University with a major in Accounting. Trinh Hong Ngoc Marketing Communications Executive Ngoc is responsible for developing and executing marketing communications programmes that help promote and create awareness around the clients’ brand. She oversees the development of offline and online advertisements, direct email campaigns and websites. She also works with media agencies to identify media outlets for company press releases, enforcing brand guidelines and tracking budgets and creating reports that measure the success of various marketing programs. Ngoc holds a Business and English degree from the Foreign Trade University. The Team
  19. 19. 19 Les Frères Merlin. The Roque Brothers. The Morin Brothers. The 1860s. The 1920s. The 21st Century. In Vietnam, the same spirit that propelled French entrepreneurs halfway around the world in the 19th and early 20th centuries is grooming the current redevelopment of Vietnam. The Merlins, legacy of French business in Vietnam and the resuscitation of a country from the economic dungeon 1970s and 1980s, exemplify this spirit. From scratch, they have built a portfolio of businesses in the Apple Tree Group. Their story is part adventure, with a calculated risk propensity, part bright lights big city, and altogether compelling. It starts in 1990. Eric Merlin. A newly minted undergrad, cruising the world on Wandrejaher, fascinated by Far Eastern cultures. Meanwhile, his slightly older brother, Jean-Marc, returns from the States with an MBA from Duke to work on financing of Euro Disney, then in investment banking. When Eric comes back from the Far East, he realises that his call is not in old Europe. Throughout the 1990s, Eric follows his bliss in Vietnam. He launches a travel company that develops into the premier tour operator in former Indochina; followed by a multi-pronged subsidiary in real estate and architecture, import and distribution. With the expansion, Jean-Marc relocated with his family to Saigon. One of the benchmarks is the Roque Brothers, whose entrepreneurial star blazed through the former French colonies for nearly 100 years. A family history recounts the Roque’s diverse interests as they ramped up their business: “Soon, they touch everything: towing, sugar, public works.” Similarly, the Merlins are creating their own history in this era. They launched a replica colonial paddle wheel steamer, The Emeraude. They restore an historic hotel in Hue. They open the Press Club in Hanoi. They import and distribute major American and European brands of food and wine at Annam They wholesale wine out of the Warehouse, the most trendy wine and gourmet food shop in Vietnam. The Bamboo Factory exports bamboo flooring for IKEA. The Lacquer Factory fuses traditional techniques and contemporary designs in household décor. Archetype is the leading design and construction company in Southeast Asia, with offices as far away as India. The last addition is a real estate development company. They have named the parent company Apple Tree Group after their family home in the Beaujolais region of France. The History