Teambuilding ideas


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Overview of some of the more popular team building events conducted by The Lantern Group.

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Teambuilding ideas

  1. 1. Electronic Maze<br />THE AMAZINGR A CEOak Ridge<br />For more info contact:<br />Kurt Nelson <br />612-396-6392<br /><br /><br />Popular Teambuilding Ideas<br />The<br />Commercial<br />Challenge<br />The Amazing Race is a fun pact race across the Oak Ridge grounds where teams need to complete different challenges to score as many points as possible. <br />15 – 200 participants <br />2- 4 hours <br />$75 - $140 / person <br />The Commercial Challenge has teams develop and film a 60-second commercial that highlights an important organizational initiative or theme. <br />20 – 250 participants <br />1.5 - 3 hours <br />$65 - $100 / person <br />Film a Dream is like the commercial challenge except the commercials are about local non-profits. Winning commercials earn those non-profits donations. <br />20 – 250 participants <br />1.5 – 3 hours <br />$65 - $100 / person + Donation $<br />Team Medley is a combination of a number of experiential activities that get’s your team up and working together. <br />10 – 200 participants <br />1 - 4 hours <br />$75 - $140 / person <br />Film a Dream<br />Helping<br />Working<br />Sharing <br />Treasure Hunt has teams searching across the Oak Ridge grounds to find hidden treasure – which could be physical, information or relationships. <br />10 – 200 participants <br />1- 2 hours <br />$50 - $85 / person <br />The Electronic Maze has participants work as a team to find their way across an electronic carpet that is laid out like a checker board – except some squares beep while others don’t. <br />10 – 200 participants <br />1 – 1.5 hours <br />$65 - $100 / person <br />Gold has been discovered on Mars. Quest for the Red Planet is a team board game challenge that pits teams in a race to fly to Mars, mine as much gold as possible, and make it back alive. <br />20 – 200 participants <br />2.5 – 3.5 hours <br />$100 - $150 / person<br />The Food Challenge is both fun and helps out those in need. Teams go through a variety of challenges in which they are trying to collect the most food – which at the end of the day will go to a local food shelf. <br />10 – 200 participants <br />1 – 2 hours <br />$75 - $110 / person + Donation $<br />
  2. 2. For more info contact:<br />Kurt Nelson <br />612-396-6392<br /><br /><br />Some other sessions that we conduct:<br />Boat Building – using just cardboard, plastic wrap, duct tape and their creativity teams build a boat that floats with two people in it. They then must race the boat in a final challenge – competing against the other teams. <br />Build a Bridge – using cardboard, duct tape and their creativity teams build a bridge that supports the weight of the team (the whole team!) <br />Communicate – one team member gets to see a Lego model that he or she needs to get the team to replicate – however, they need to convey the design verbally though an intermediary<br />Custom design – based on your needs, we can come up with a special event just for you <br />Million Dollar Idea – teams are given a challenge of coming up with a new product/program/cost saving idea that will be judged by a panel of senior executives on it’s merits.<br />Reality Team TV – teams/departments create a 5-minute “real world” documentary that highlights what the team / department does, how it works, and what others need to know about how to work with it.<br />Team Profiles – using Team Social Styles or DiSC® we help identify the key traits of individuals and how they can improve their team performance<br />Team Olympics – a series of easy challenges which teams conduct in rotation including three-person sling shot, the obstacle course, and sand sculptures <br />Trust Fall – Team members must trust their team mates as they fall backwards into their outstretched hands from an 8 foot scaffolding<br />Igniting Brilliance Workshops:<br />Change Anything At Work – participants learn the six influencers of changing behavior and how they can use it to succeed at work<br />Creating High Performing Teams – this workshop makes sure your team is operating at it’s highest level <br />Understanding Styles and Influence – this session focuses on how interpersonal styles affect work and what individuals can do to improve their work style<br />4-Drive Model of Motivation – participants learn how to use the 4-Drive Model of Motivation to improve their teams and improve performance<br />See our blog for more info<br />