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2020 lantern group culture - live


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Does your company culture drive the right thinking and behaviors? If not, maybe you need some behavioral science to help you enhance or change it!

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2020 lantern group culture - live

  1. 1. Corporate Culture © The Lantern Group, Inc Is your culture holding your business back?
  2. 2. CORPORATE CULTURE Is your culture holding your business back? Culture is the social fabric of your organization and it guides the behaviors and attitudes of your employees. If it is positive, it can lead your company to great heights. If it is toxic, it will sideline even the best strategy and programs that you put in place. A study by Russell Johnson at the University of Michigan found that bad culture on average costs companies around $14,000 per employee due to lost productivity.
  3. 3. 1. We diagnose your cultural needs and design custom programs that make that culture a reality. 3. These reshaped cultures will positively influence the way your people interact, how they behave, how knowledge is shared, and how people embrace strategy and their own willingness to change. 2. We help mend broken cultures, establish positive new cultures, or create cultures for your unique environmental needs (i.e. safety). CORPORATE CULTURE Is your culture holding your business back?
  4. 4. Behavioral Review Strategic, behavioral and cultural analysis of all relevant data and existing programs Stakeholder Assessment Stakeholder interviews, focus groups and assessments to evaluate current reality and define future success + Behavioral Analysis Review and analyze data to determine required behaviors to achieve desired outcomes and identify current gaps Solution Design Develop behaviorally based programs and interventions to drive desired outcomes Communicate & Train Build behaviorally informed communications and training to maximize the program’s success and drive behavior change + Diagnose Analyze Implement The Behavioral Design Process We diagnose the issues, design solutions, communicate them to your employees, & train your people for success
  5. 5. Behavioral Interventions Cultural Diagnostics Discover how your culture impacts and drives behaviors and identify the behaviors your culture should be driving. Cultural Optimization Design a new culture or improve your existing culture to drive the behaviors aligned with your mission. Cultural Communications Communicate to your employees in a way that helps drive and reinforce your desired culture. Cultural Training Train your leaders and teams to work more effectively together, have more meaningful interactions, and communicate more impactfully. “Determine what behaviors and beliefs you value as a company, and have everyone live true to them” Brittany Forsyth – Chief Talent Officer at Shopify – on company culture
  6. 6. Cultural Diagnostics Is your culture cultivating the right behaviors for your organization? Our diagnostic process provides you with a deep understanding of how your culture drives the behavior of your people and how to maximize your culture to drive the right behaviors and outcomes. Culture shapes your employees' behaviors and attitudes – often profoundly. A good culture can help you soar, while a toxic culture can derail you. Organizations need to get a clear picture of how their culture is influencing their employees in order to know if it is working for them or not. We help identify the behaviors your current culture is driving and determine the gaps between your existing and desired culture.
  7. 7. Cultural Optimization Is your culture designed to help drive your strategy? When your culture is not aligned with your strategic mission it can lead to confusion – causing misaligned behaviors derail your strategy. We work with you to design a new culture that cultivates the behaviors needed to turn your strategy into a reality. We help adjust your existing culture or build a new culture specific to your strategy. This can include building cultures specific to safety, performance, collaboration, and more – the possibilities are endless.
  8. 8. Cultural Communications Our communication process instills world-class graphic design, creative copy, and behavioral science principles into your speeches, webinars, corporate meetings, company- wide emails, and more! Do your communications drive the right culture? Research by Gary Latham showed that adding 12 action words to a president’s email significantly increased performance. Communications can drastically assist or detract from achieving your cultural goals. We craft communications that take your desired culture from an idea to a reality and drive the desired behaviors of your people.
  9. 9. Cultural Training We train your people to work more effectively together, have more meaningful interactions, communicate more impactfully, and better understand the underlying behaviors that guide their interactions with each other, their leaders, and the company at large. Negative team dynamics can permeate up through the organization, impede performance and undermine your culture. We build and facilitate workshops and teambuilding events that increase the effectiveness of your teams and enhance your culture. Are your team dynamics undermining your culture?
  10. 10. Driving Performance What Makes Us Unique? Behavioral Science We apply scientific principles to increase employee motivation Motivational Experts We have over 20 years’ experience in motivating employees Alignment We help align all your programs & stakeholders to amplify the motivational power of each other Holistic Approach Our focus is on all the drivers of behavior – not just money or rewards