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2020 lantern group company overview 2 11-20


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The Lantern Group is a behavioral design and communication agency that ethically uses behavioral science to help companies improve their employee motivation, enhance their corporate culture and reduce unwanted employee friction.

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2020 lantern group company overview 2 11-20

  2. 2. We design behavioral interventions that help you get the most out of your employees. 85% of Employees are disengaged, costing companies $7 trillion annually worldwide (Gallup) 1.8 Trillion is lost each year in the US alone due to barriers in workforce productivity (Newtonix) 85% 88% 88% of execs believe their company has the wrong culture, costing as much as 2x in hiring costs (Deloitte) $1.8T By not maximizing employee potential, organizations are missing out on financial opportunities.
  3. 3. Driving Performance What Makes Us Unique? Behavioral Science We apply scientific principles to increase employee performance Behavior Experts We have over 20 years’ experience in driving organizational behavior change Alignment We help align all your programs & stakeholders to amplify the motivational power of each other Holistic Approach Our focus is on all the drivers of behavior – applying insights from across different fields and industries
  4. 4. ORGANIZATIONAL FRICTION Are environmental or social barriers limiting your employees’ performance? EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Are your employees as motivated as they could be? CORPORATE CULTURE Is your culture holding your business back? We ethically apply behavioral science to complex organizational problems & create interventions that drive improved employee behavior. We diagnose the issues, design solutions, communicate them to your employees, & train your people for success.
  5. 5. EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Are your employees as motivated as they could be? In today’s fast-paced business world, having motivated and engaged employees is a necessity, yet, according to Gallup, 85% of employees are disengaged. This is no small issue. Employees who are disengaged are psychologically unattached to their work and cost employers almost 35% of their salary through lost productivity, lack of motivation, chronic tardiness, toxic emotional contamination, and a host of other negative behaviors. 1. We ethically apply behavioral science to diagnose complex motivational problems, understand the underlying human drives, and tap into those drives to increase employee engagement. 3. We get your employees excited about coming to work, motivated to make that extra sales call, enthusiastic to enhance the business, and to feel psychological ownership for both their individual success and the success of the business. 2. We use these insights to help you design better reward programs, communicate to your employees, and train your leaders.
  6. 6. CORPORATE CULTURE Is your culture holding your business back? 1. We ethically apply behavioral science to diagnose your cultural needs and design custom programs that make that culture a reality. 3. These reshaped cultures will positively influence the way your people interact, how they behave, how knowledge is shared, and how people embrace strategy and their own willingness to change. 2. We help mend broken cultures, establish positive new cultures, or create cultures for your unique environmental needs (i.e. safety). Culture is the social fabric of your organization and it guides the behaviors and attitudes of your employees. If it is positive, it can lead your company to great heights. If it is toxic, it will sideline even the best strategy and programs that you put in place. A study by Russell Johnson at the University of Michigan found that bad culture on average costs companies around $14,000 per employee due to lost productivity.
  7. 7. ORGANIZATIONAL FRICTION Are environmental or social barriers limiting your employees’ performance? 1. We ethically apply behavioral science to diagnose the friction points inside your organization and the impact that they have on productivity. 3. We help you find those convoluted, time wasting, complexity adding processes, behaviors and systems that keep your workforce from maximizing its potential. We look at and help solve these key points that drag your organization down when it needs to speed up. 2. We use these insights to help you remove the friction points that create barriers to positive behaviors or design new friction points that stop negative behaviors. Knowledge workers spend over 80% of their time in meetings and responding to requests. The average time an employee works before being interrupted is around 12-minutes. For an average company, each email that is sent costs roughly a dollar in labor costs – a midsize firm can easily spend over $1 million dollars a year, just in email. Each of these factors are considered “friction” and they have a cost to them. They reduce employee productivity, increase their stress level, lead to disengagement and increase turnover – inevitably costing your organization money.
  8. 8. Kurt Nelson, PhD President & Founder / Applied Behavioral Scientist Ben Granlund VP of Marketing & Communications / Behavioral Designer Kurt is a sought-after speaker and recognized leader in human motivation and behavior change. For over 20 years, Kurt has worked with global companies to apply behavioral science principles to drive change in their organizations. His work is focused on understanding how positively influence human behavior and drive motivation. Ben is a detail-oriented designer who applies his knowledge in human behavior to craft communications that drive performance. For 10+ years Ben has integrated behavioral science principles with graphic design, crafting communications that change the way employees behave. His work drives increased understanding, improved motivation, and higher individual and group performance.